40ft shipping containers for sale

If you have the room, a 40ft shipping container offers the best value when buying containers for residential and commercial purposes. 

Used and new shipping containers are a simple yet sturdy construction built to withstand heavy sea conditions and are in recent years found to be great for storage options, housing, offices, and more.

With 40ft shipping containers you can have a home for two, a personal or profitable gym, a café or restaurant, an indoor farm for crops, and anything else you can think of will most likely fit inside a 40ft shipping container. Your options are limitless.

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40ft Shipping Container Weight and Dimensions

Standard as well as High Cube containers are available for purchase whereby the High Cube 40ft containers offer customers an additional foot of height for their project. 

For residential purposes the high cube dimensions offer higher ceilings to create a more spacious atmosphere in your cargo container house.

40ft Standard vs 40ft High Cube dimensions and container weights are as follows:

  Outside Length Outside Height Outside Width Internal Length Internal Height Internal Width Door Width Door Height Cubic Capacity Max Gross Weight Tare Weight
40ft Container Dimensions 12.2m 40ft 2.60m 8ft 6in 2.44m 8ft 12.03m 39ft 5in 2.39m 7ft 10in 2.35m 7ft 9in 2.34m 7ft 9in 2.28m 7ft 6in 67.6m3 2,387cf 30,480kg 67,196lbs 3,470kg 7,650lbs
40ft High Cube Dimensions 12.2m 40ft 2.90m 9ft 6in 2.44m 8ft 12.03m 39ft 5in 2.69m 8ft 10in 2.35m 7ft 9in 2.34m 7ft 8in 2.58m 8ft 6in 76.4m3 2,698cf 30,480kg 67,196lbs 3,660kg 8,068lbs

Available 40-foot Container Accessories

Types of 40-foot Shipping Containers

Shipping containers come in a wide variety of conditions including One Trip, Cargo Worthy (CWO), and Wind & Water Tight (WWT).

One trip cargo containers are shipping containers that have left the shipping port once, and have returned. They are called one trip shipping containers because they were used for one shipping load before being returned to their home port.

Cargo worthy shipping container refers to shipping containers that have been inspected by a marine/maritime surveyor, and can be shipped overseas.

These meet the CSC (International Convention for Safe Containers) requirements for shipping. These will typically have a good amount of dings and dents and will likely need a fresh coat of paint.

However, they shouldn’t leak or have holes. 

A WWT container will often cost a bit less as well, since they don’t need to be surveyed. These containers are simply inspected by the yard to make sure that they meet the requirements to be called WWT. If you’re looking to store items onsite, these are a good option.

How Much Does a 40ft Shipping Container Cost?

Shipping container prices vary depending on your location, whether you need it delivered, and the type of container you purchase. Prices for 40ft containers typically vary between US$4,000 to over US$8,000 per container depending on the condition.

New 40ft Containers

New 40ft containers are the more expensive option as they are made by request. Prices can be as high as US$8,000 and in some cases the prices are only getting higher as shipping container markets are becoming more popular.

Used 40ft Containers

Used 40 foot containers are cheaper in price because they are recyclables and may have been used across harsh sea and weather conditions multiple times. You can pick up used shipping containers with some minor dints for as low as US$1,200.

How Do You Buy 40ft Shipping Containers?

If you’re needing a shipping container for a longer period, we would recommend that it’s better value to buy shipping containers rather than to rent one.

When buying 40 foot shipping containers you need to consider the dimensions of the container as well as the necessary space needed for a delivery truck to get the container unloaded. 

If your allocated space allows for the 40ft length of the container and ample space for a delivery truck, get in touch by filling out the online quote form provided so we can guide you through the next steps to buying your 40ft shipping container.

Frequently asked questions

Steel shipping containers are heavier, larger, and more durable than smaller Portable On-Demand Storage (PODS) containers.

PODS are a basic and portable option if you’re looking to store smaller items when moving locations and can either be stored on site or kept at your property.

Steel shipping containers are better suited for storing large items and equipment such as furniture and heavy appliances and are considered a stronger structure than PODS.

When properly maintained, a shipping container can last upwards of 30 years or longer. The lifespan largely depends on the environment as well as the condition of the container.

Although built to handle harsh climates, the lifespan of a shipping container is shortened by salty, wetter environments, such as those found in coastal regions. Minimizing exposure to moisture and salt will go a long way in adding years to the life of your container.

Ideally you want to keep the bottom of the container off the ground so that it isn’t sitting in damp conditions.

Planning regulations differ across local authorities. Shipping containers are exempt from requiring planning permission as they are classified as temporary structures, so in broad terms a shipping container is not required to have it though there may still be certain restrictions depending on where you live.

If you’re putting it on your property, you’ll want to check with your HOA as they can have their own restrictions.

Shipping container homes are cost-effective, durable, and customizable. Usually they are less expensive compared to traditional housing since they use fewer materials as well as require less labor to construct. All of this leads to a lower overall price tag.

ISO is the International Organization for Standardization and is the organization that developed a set of standard shipping container sizes and specifications to ensure the durability and strength of the containers for shipping purposes.

Benefits and Common Uses of 40ft Steel Shipping Containers

Shipping containers are a steel-framed, storage container that provide hurricane-proof, secure preferences for storage and housing solutions worldwide.

Standard shipping containers come with multiple benefits for business and residential purposes and are useful for a whole range of common uses from storage and shipping solutions, to putting a roof over your head, to providing efficient space for an office development.

40 foot shipping containers can fit up to 21 standard pellets or in terms of storage and housing can fit the furniture and household goods from a two or three-bedroom house including the living room, dining room, and the kitchen.

Here are some examples of what 40ft containers are commonly used for:

  1. This one-bedroom, one-bathroom standard shipping container home was designed and built by TAYNR.

  2. Kubed is a company dedicated to transforming older, used containers into repurposed and modern living spaces

  3. 40 foot shipping containers provide large, affordable, and comfortable office spaces. Doors are easily installed to provide private offices or bathrooms and kitchen spaces for business use as well as providing efficient storage space for office equipment.

  4. Whether it’s for your business or for personal use, a 40ft shipping container gym provides efficient elbowroom for all the necessary gym equipment for gym lovers and junkies to have a great experience.

  5. 40ft containers offer businesses enough room for creative ways to design a café that houses an indoor kitchen and customer seating options.

  6. Small business are joining the trend and using shipping containers for their storage and retail solutions.

  7. As industry standards in farming become stricter to help prevent climate and environment crisis’s, shipping containers are giving us new ways to create a more sustainable way of providing crops and vegetables to urban communities.
Shipping Container Garden Room
how to insulate a shipping container

Moving/Delivery Costs

Moving and delivery costs will differ depending on where the truck needs to have the container delivered or moved and how urgently you need the container. Customers who book in advance may receive a cheaper price.

Port locations and distances to the delivery address need to be considered along with the ease of access to the property or job site for the truck driver to deliver your shipping container effectively.

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