How to buy a shipping container in 2022

how to buy a shipping container

The world of containers can be complex and challenging. For first-time buyers, this complexity is seven-fold. In an industry fragmented with thousands of middlemen offering variety, our step-by-step guide on how to buy a shipping container will help you familiarize yourself with the container industry before you start handing out your money. Size and Number […]

How To Open and Close Shipping Container Doors

shipping container doors

When trying to figure out how to open shipping container doors, you must first understand how they are manufactured. For instance, large storage units have difficult-to-operate locking mechanisms welded in place.  Shipping container doors also typically have 4-5 hinges. These hinges have to be in perfect alignment for the container to open safely and correctly. […]

How to Keep Moisture Out of Shipping Containers

When it comes to preparing shipping containers for transport it is crucial that you are able to keep the goods inside of those shipping containers safe. After all, you’re likely going to be docked a portion of your payment for transport if the goods arrive in less than usable condition. So, it’s crucial that you […]

How to Connect Shipping Containers – Plus the Benefits

how to connect shipping containers

While many business and homeowners can get away with only using one container, there are equally as many people who need multiple shipping containers, especially if you’re building a shipping container home. But, how do you connect shipping containers? If you’re not sure, don’t worry! That’s exactly what we’re going to cover in today’s post. […]

How To Paint A Shipping Container – Plus the Best Paint for Shipping Containers


It can be exciting to set off on the process of acquiring and reclaiming an industrial shipping container for personal use. But for all the fun and experience that comes from this endeavor, there is an equal number of challenges and questions to answer. Chief among those challenges just may be the question of painting […]

Complete Guide to Installing Shipping Container Vents

shipping container vents

Shipping containers are more than just a big metal box. They can withstand the turbulence of the open ocean and handle anything thrown at them, such as harsh physical environments, strong gusts of wind, and extreme weather. A shipping container is built to be airtight to provide insulation. However, it’s important to have proper ventilation. […]