Shipping Container Garden Room or Office

shipping container garden office

Having more space in your home is a dream for almost anyone, but adding on to a home is expensive and unrealistic for most people. However, a new surge in repurposed shipping containers being used as garden rooms and offices is spreading across America and throughout the world.  People are searching for unique alternatives to […]

DIY Shipping Container Shed – Designs & Ideas


Are you in need of a backyard storage space or a fun addition to your home? A shipping container shed might be the right move for you! Shipping container sheds are repurposed shipping containers that are outfitted for whatever you need, whether that is a man cave, storage shed, an office space, a music studio, […]

The Modern Shipping Container Restaurant – Costs, Inspiration, and more…

shipping container restaurants

Thinking of opening a shipping container restaurant, but don’t know where to start? The business world is constantly changing. One of the most recent trends in this industry is a shift to smaller spaces and more environmentally friendly design. For many years, people have been using shipping containers as a cost-effective way to build or […]

Epic Shipping Container Gyms – Ideas and Examples in 2021

shipping container gym business idea

If the last two years throughout a pandemic have taught us anything, it’s that our health, personal well-being, and fitness should be important to us. If you’re considering taking your health and fitness that step further and building a home gym or opening a gym, you might be interested to learn more about shipping container […]