Eye-Opening Shipping Container Greenhouses – DIY, Costs, Examples, & More

shipping container greenhouses

Interested in shipping container greenhouses? In the last decade, the uses of shipping containers have evolved and expanded beyond their primary transportation role. From homes, offices, and storage facilities, to restaurants, kiosks, and getaway condos, the shipping container world has gone through a drastic revolution. Greenhouses have become one of the latest innovative applications of used shipping containers. As more people seek ways […]

Can Shipping Containers be Used for Warehouse Space?

shipping container warehouse

You don’t have enough space for warehousing, and the ones available for rent are out of budget. What’s the alternative? Have you ever thought of using shipping containers for warehouse space? They’re affordable, convenient, and roomy. And the best thing is, you won’t have to pay for rent. Here’s everything you need to know about […]

Complete Guide to Shipping Container Bars

Complete Guide to Container Bars

Have you ever had the dream of owning your own bar, but the thought of scouting locations and the outrageous costs overwhelmed you? Maybe you should consider opening a shipping container bar instead. Shipping container bars have been a rising trend since around 2015. You can make just about anything out of a shipping container […]

10 Amazing Shipping Container Apartments From Around the World

Shipping Container Apartments

You have seen tiny houses, dome homes, DIY vans, and campers – but the latest craze? Shipping container apartments and homes!  The Scandinavian, space-saving design, is perfect for those looking to downsize or for a vacation home. Surprisingly, a shipping container makes for quite a beautiful home with a little TLC. Whether you want a […]

2022 Guide to Shipping Container Coffee Shops

Shipping Container Coffee Shop

New and recycled shipping containers are providing everyday people, construction workers, and entrepreneurs with a valuable way to build cost-effective homes and run a successful business. One of the trending businesses being constructed from these sturdy steel frame structures is quality coffee shops and cafes. Small businesses like cafes and bars are benefitting greatly from […]

Complete Guide to a Shipping Container Aquaponics System

Agriculture has been a necessary development in civilization, but with climate change and constant threats to our farmlands, we’ve had to get creative with harvesting and farming techniques. Aquaponics containers could be the solution to farming crops in a controlled environment, without the use of soil, landmass, and intensive water use. Aquaponics, a food production […]