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used shipping containers


used shipping containers

Frequently asked questions

Yes, shipping containers are legal in Deerfield Beach to use for residential or commercial purposes. Depending on where you live, permits and permission may be required, so check with your local HOA or city ordinance to make sure you get all of the necessary approvals.

When properly maintained, a shipping container can last upwards of 30 years or longer. The lifespan largely depends on the environment as well as the condition of the container.

Although built to handle harsh climates, the lifespan of a shipping container is shortened by salty, wetter environments, such as those found in coastal regions. Minimizing exposure to moisture and salt will go a long way in adding years to the life of your container.

Ideally you want to keep the bottom of the container off the ground so that it isn’t sitting in damp conditions.

Planning regulations differ across local authorities. Shipping containers are exempt from requiring planning permission as they are classified as temporary structures, so in broad terms a shipping container is not required to have it though there may still be certain restrictions depending on where you live.

If you’re putting it on your property, you’ll want to check with your HOA as they can have their own restrictions.

Shipping container homes are cost-effective, durable, and customizable. Usually they are less expensive compared to traditional housing since they use fewer materials as well as require less labor to construct. All of this leads to a lower overall price tag.

The cost to buy a used 40′ high-cube container starts around $1,500, but can be go up to $3,500 in markets where supply is scarce.

However, when it comes to like-new/one-trip containers, the price per container increases significantly to anywhere from about 4k to 7k depending on availability and demand.

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Available Container Accessories

  • Wheels

    Make moving your container easier with a set of heavy-duty shipping container wheels

  • Windows

    Let in some natural sunlight with custom windows for your storage containers

  • Air Conditioning and Heating

    If you plan on using your container for a home or office, installing an AC unit is a must!

  • Shelving and racks

    Easily store tools, goods, or product with easy-to-install container shelving

  • Locks

    Make sure your valuables are secure from theft with a variety of durable locks for added security

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Shipping containers come in a wide variety of conditions including One Trip, Cargo Worthy (CWO), and Wind & Water Tight (WWT).

One trip cargo containers are shipping containers that have left the shipping port once, and have returned. They are called one trip shipping containers because they were used for one shipping load before being returned to their home port.

Cargo worthy shipping container refers to shipping containers that have been inspected by a marine/maritime surveyor, and can be shipped overseas.

These meet the CSC (International Convention for Safe Containers) requirements for shipping. These will typically have a good amount of dings and dents and will likely need a fresh coat of paint.

However, they shouldn’t leak or have holes. 

A WWT container will often cost a bit less as well, since they don’t need to be surveyed. These containers are simply inspected by the yard to make sure that they meet the requirements to be called WWT. If you’re looking to store items onsite, these are a good option.

Steel shipping container sales
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Are you looking for a new or used storage containers in Deerfield Beach, FL?
Container Addict is the best place to find shipping containers in Deerfield Beach and throughout the surrounding areas.

Since we work with multiple suppliers, we have the largest selection of used and new shipping containers available, so we’re sure to have exactly what you need. 

Want to make modifications? Customize your unit however you like! From windows and doors to HVAC systems and electrical power, we’ll get you quotes from up to six different suppliers in Deerfield Beach that will make sure that your storage unit fits all of your needs perfectly.

You can rest easy knowing that these units are built with durability in mind – they’ll stand up against even the harshest conditions at sea! And because most suppliers offer such a wide range of customization options, there’s no limit on how unique or personalized you can get with your unit. 

Whether it be adding windows or an extra door for convenience, customizing paint colors or adding an HVAC system for increased comfort – whatever you want done can be done. We also offer delivery services if needed! If this sounds like something that would work well for you then request a quote today!

Since we work with multiple suppliers, we have the largest selection of used and new shipping containers available, so we’re sure to have exactly what you need. 

Shipping Container Uses in Deerfield Beach

Don’t get lost in the ideas and examples of shipping container projects in and around Deerfield Beach Florida. Use the below projects as inspiration to create your own unique and original shipping container design. 

1.       If you need some inspiration, check out these tiny shipping container home ideas. Rooftop terraces, open plan living, rustic and vintage vibes, alternative living spaces are becoming an affordable modern-day housing solution across Florida and various other parts of the US.
2.       Did you know that building a shipping container home can save you thousands in construction? Find out, like Mr Roger Bennett in Lake Worth Beach did, how building a shipping container home in Deerfield Beach could possibly save you over US$100,000 on your new house. With the right design and builders, you could build your dream home for less.
3.       Can you picture a shipping container retail, restaurant, and entertainment venue overlooking the North Atlantic Ocean? Just a 30-minute walk from Deerfield Beach, neighbors Delray Beach could be seeing an outdoor plaza like Lake Nona’s Boxi Park very soon on West Atlantic Avenue.
4.       Arts on Broadway is a residential, steel-frame, shipping container, housing development in West Palm Beach Florida. Repurposed shipping containers will be recycled to create 52 livable units with one and two-bedroom apartments with up to 940 square feet of living space.
5.       Headwaters is a secluded and rare eco-friendly shipping container retreat in Jupiter. If you feel like getting away from Deerfield Beach for a little while and exploring your wild side, Headwaters is a minimalistic Airbnb shipping container home located by the Loxahatchee River where there’s plenty for the outdoor lover to enjoy. It’s only an hours-drive away!

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