10 Best Shipping Container Accessories in 2022

10 Best Shipping Container Accessories in currentyear 1

You’ve done your homework, chosen a reliable supplier, and found your ideal shipping container. Does this mean that you’re done? With the right shipping container accessories, you can transform this structure into anything you like. 10 Best Accessories to Add to your Storage Containers Accessories serve several purposes. They can be used to secure your […]

Shipping Container Windows – Types, Kits, Uses & More

Shipping Container Windows - Types, Kits, Uses & More

When you’re shopping for or building your own shipping container home, one of the decisions you’ll have to make is the type of shipping container windows you choose to include on it. Can You Install Your Own Container Windows? While it’s not the easiest thing in the world, with a little guidance and some good […]

Shipping Container Seals 2022 Buying Guide

Shipping Container Seals [currentyear] Buying Guide

Have you ever thought about how shipping containers traveling all across the globe by air, sea, or land are secured? There are 226 million containers that carry all kinds of cargo being shipped all around the world per year. What prevents thieves and smugglers from intercepting these containers? The answer is container seals! What Are […]

What are Container Castings and Why are They Important?

Container corner casting

Shipping containers are a vital component of global trade. Whether purchasing leather goods from Australia or tennis shoes from china, they help ship goods securely across rail, road, or sea. In fact, over 20 million shipping containers travel across the ocean daily. Furthermore, an astounding average of 1,390 shipping containers are lost at sea every year. In 2019, 16,000 […]

Shipping Container Siding: How-to, Cost Breakdown, and More!

Shipping Container Siding

Do you know that the market of tiny houses is expected to grow by $3 billion between 2021 and 2025? No kidding; people are opting out of the ridiculous expenses of owning a house and buying shipping containers to live in instead.  I’ve been exploring siding materials for quite some time now, and I can […]

5 Best Shipping Container Ramps in 2022

Shipping Container Ramps

After a thorough search for the best shipping container ramp, I finally reached a conclusion. My top pick is the Bluff Steel ramp with its extensive 15,000-pound capacity. When you have reviews to look at and compare, you can make a choice easier. There are ramps best for budget, best for grip, and best for […]

The 4 Best Shipping Container Roof Kits and Covers for 2022

Best Shipping Container Roof Kits and Covers

Tired of looking for the best shipping container roof kit? Then you landed on the right page! The problem is that you can easily make the wrong choice if you don’t have enough input. When it comes to roof covers, the options are expensive, and there are likely not enough reviews to help you decide. […]