10 Best Shipping Container Accessories in 2024

You’ve done your homework, chosen a reliable supplier, and found your ideal shipping container. Does this mean that you’re done?

With the right shipping container accessories, you can transform this structure into anything you like.

We’ve tested several products and decided to come up with a list of the 10 best container accessories that can help you customize yours for your industrial or residential purpose. Keep on reading to learn more about them.

10 Best Accessories to Add to your Storage Containers

Accessories serve several purposes. They can be used to secure your space and make it more suitable for long-term storage. They can also be used to totally transform the purpose of the container.

Luckily, there are numerous choices to consider, and we’ll highlight them in this section.

Lock Box

lock box-1
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Keep your cargo secure by installing an affordable Lock Box. You can even weld this padlock directly into the container’s door for extra security. This is an excellent choice if you’re using your shipping container for storage.

Twist Locks

If you need to connect your shipping containers together, you’re going to need some twist locks. Investing in the right twist locks is key to securing your containers for transport or if you’re wanting to build a container home using multiple shipping containers.

Bolt Cutters

bolt cutters

The last thing you want to do is get locked out of your container with no way in. A strong pair of bolt cutters should always be kept on hand in case you ever run into a situation where you need to get into your container without a key.


container shelves
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Investing in heavy-duty shelving and pipe racks is the perfect solution if you want to customize the internal space of your shipping container. The height of the EFINE 2-Pack 5-Shelf Shelving Unit can be adjusted based on the items you’ll store for maximum accessibility.

Shipping Container Door

shipping container doors
Source : sjonescontainers.co

A secure yet simple to set up Shipping Container Door provides easy access and comes with a steel frame for more durability. It’s your go-to accessory if you’re using your container as an on-site workspace or as a kitchen. It also comes with a rain drip guard for extra protection.

Shipping Container Roll Up Door

shipping container roll up door
Source : integratedequipmentsales.com

Whether you have a workshop or want to use your container to store the materials you use for DIY projects, a shipping container roll-up door will work for you. These doors come in several sizes, and all provide easy and fast access without affecting the interior space.

Installation of the shipping container roll up door framing kit completes roll-up doors if you’re installing one on the sidewall, nose, or tail of the container. The 7′ Wide Rollup Door Header Plate will make it more weather-resistant.  

If you’re still worried about rain getting into your shipping container, you should install the Roll Up Door Threshold Plate. It protects the entrance area and allows water to flow away from your container.

Rollup Door Header Plate

rollup door header plate for containers
Source : containerone.net

Do you live in extra humid weather? Are you worried about the rain ruining the furniture you’re storing in your shipping container?

A budget-friendly Shipping Container 7′ Wide Rollup Door Header Plate tops everything for extra security from the elements. It’s an essential accessory if you’re towing your container in a storm.

Shipping Container Office Kit

office kit for shipping containers
Source : containerone.net

Transforming a shipping container into an elegant office has never been easier, thanks to the Shipping Container Office Kit. It comes with everything that you might need, including proper insulation paint to protect the space from moisture, vinyl windows, a 3-hour fire-rated insulated door, air conditioning with heat and security cage, and an entire electric system with power outlets for lighting installation.

Investing in this kit will be a great option if you want an off-the-grid workspace. It’s properly insulated to withstand hot and cold weather conditions.

Container Ramps

container ramps for shipping containers
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Loading and unloading shipping containers will be a straightforward task when the Mytee Products 68″ x 86″ HD Steel Shipping Container Loading Ramp is installed. Container ramps facilitate the transport of heavyweight equipment, and this unit has a capacity of 14,000 pounds, which justifies its price tag.


shipping container vents

Shipping Container Vents improve the ventilation of containers by allowing fresh air to flow, thus reducing the risk of condensation by controlling the temperature. There are a few versions available, and they’ll work for you if you need to keep shipping containers dry for longer periods and prevent mold growth.


shipping container windows

Shipping Container Windows come in various sizes and are easy to install on the container’s wall. The window immediately transforms your shipping container into a functional on-site room or kitchen and is equipped with security bars.

For an affordable price, you can add the Window Shutter to your window, providing more privacy. It also controls the amount of natural lighting entering your container and is a big plus if you’re growing indoor plants in your cool shipping container.


shipping container wheels
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Whether you want to tow shipping containers or want to transfer yours into a food trailer, installing shipping container wheels is a great decision when you need to get your container around. They feature sturdy steel construction and a bearing system for extra security.

What to Look For Before Buying Storage Container Accessories

Before deciding on the accessories that are worthy of your investment, there are a few things to consider.

  • Think of the purpose you’re using storage containers for. A roll-up door on the walls will work if you’re using your container as an office or a workspace, but it won’t be the best option if you’re starting your container restaurant or need a warehouse for storage.
  • Compatibility is essential. Most accessories come in different sizes, so you need to make sure that they fit your container.
  • Consider add-ons that can make your accessories more functional. They add to the overall cost, but they’re totally worth the price.


The shipping container accessories we mentioned will help you transform a plain container into a functional workspace, versatile kitchen, safe warehouse, or a practical workshop. Take a look at our product recommendations, and start your container-based business now.

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