What Is Container Lashing and Why Is It Important?

What Is Container Lashing and Why Is It Important

In this article, we’ll explain in detail all you need to know about container lashing, from the different types of container securing equipment, lashing materials, and container stacks. Stick around. What Is Container Lashing? Container lashing is the process of safely securing shipping containers on the cargo ship. The shipping containers are loaded onto the […]

5 Shipping Container Storage Ideas to Stay Organized

5 Shipping Container Storage Ideas to Stay Organized

Working on your business but having limited storage space? Need to store some old furniture pieces or electronics?  Nevertheless, this practical on-site storage solution can easily get messy. Unless you get creative with some organizing ideas, storing valuables can become a nightmare.  Luckily, you’ve come across our article because we’ll share the best shipping container […]

What are Container Castings and Why are They Important?

Container corner casting

Shipping containers are a vital component of global trade. Whether purchasing leather goods from Australia or tennis shoes from china, they help ship goods securely across rail, road, or sea. In fact, over 20 million shipping containers travel across the ocean daily. Furthermore, an astounding average of 1,390 shipping containers are lost at sea every year. In 2019, 16,000 […]

10 Amazing Shipping Container Apartments From Around the World

Shipping Container Apartments

You have seen tiny houses, dome homes, DIY vans, and campers – but the latest craze? Shipping container apartments and homes!  The Scandinavian, space-saving design, is perfect for those looking to downsize or for a vacation home. Surprisingly, a shipping container makes for quite a beautiful home with a little TLC. Whether you want a […]

High Cube Shipping Containers vs Standard Containers

High Cube Shipping Containers vs Standard Containers

Ever thought of getting temporary watertight storage units that offer reliable structural integrity? If so, then using storage containers probably crossed your mind.  Containers are your best bet when it comes to storage for construction sites, on-site temporary storage, and inventory overflow, depending on your needs.  In this comprehensive guide, we highlight what a high […]