How to buy a shipping container in 2022

how to buy a shipping container

The world of containers can be complex and challenging. For first-time buyers, this complexity is seven-fold. In an industry fragmented with thousands of middlemen offering variety, our step-by-step guide on how to buy a shipping container will help you familiarize yourself with the container industry before you start handing out your money. Size and Number […]

Guide to Renting Shipping Containers

guide to renting shipping container

Thinking of renting a shipping container, but not sure if it makes sense? A shipping container is a container that is used to transport heavy machinery and equipment across the sea. It has enough strength to withstand shipment, storage, and handling. There are many factors you have to consider when renting a shipping container. So, […]

High Cube Shipping Containers vs Standard Containers

High Cube Shipping Containers vs Standard Containers

Ever thought of getting temporary watertight storage units that offer reliable structural integrity? If so, then using storage containers probably crossed your mind.  Containers are your best bet when it comes to storage for construction sites, on-site temporary storage, and inventory overflow, depending on your needs.  In this comprehensive guide, we highlight what a high […]

Benefits of Shipping Container Trailers


When you need to move goods, shipping container trailers get the job done. Rather than unloading a full shipping container, then reloading the goods into a trailer, putting containers on shipping container haulers saves time and money.  If you need to buy a shipping container trailer, you will want one that can manage the container’s […]

Custom Shipping Container Modifications


Custom shipping containers made into homes and offices are becoming more popular as a low-cost option for reducing energy usage. The process is simple: apply for permits, purchase one or more containers, and use custom shipping container modification kits to help to customize a container.  There are plenty of options for what you can make. […]

Shipping Container Garden Room or Office

shipping container garden office

Having more space in your home is a dream for almost anyone, but adding on to a home is expensive and unrealistic for most people. However, a new surge in repurposed shipping containers being used as garden rooms and offices is spreading across America and throughout the world.  People are searching for unique alternatives to […]

Epic Shipping Container Gyms – Ideas and Examples in 2022

shipping container gym business idea

If the last two years throughout a pandemic have taught us anything, it’s that our health, personal well-being, and fitness should be important to us. If you’re considering taking your health and fitness that step further and building a home gym or opening a gym, you might be interested to learn more about shipping container […]

How To Open and Close Shipping Container Doors

shipping container doors

When trying to figure out how to open shipping container doors, you must first understand how they are manufactured. For instance, large storage units have difficult-to-operate locking mechanisms welded in place.  Shipping container doors also typically have 4-5 hinges. These hinges have to be in perfect alignment for the container to open safely and correctly. […]

Best Shipping Container Home Design Software in 2022

shipping container home design software

If you are one of the many future homeowners looking to use shipping container design software to design your dream container home, you are not alone. With container homes rapidly rising in popularity as an economical living option, many future builders look to design and build these tiny homes themselves. Conceptualizing your design idea is […]