10ft Shipping Container Dimensions: 2024 Complete Guide

Do you need a storage facility but have little space available? Worry not. The 10ft shipping container has got you covered.

The 10ft. shipping container dimensions are a perfect solution when storage is in order but sufficient space is lacking.

Their compact dimensions make them an ideal choice for urban sites. Whether you want to store equipment, inventory, or supplies, the 10ft. sipping container will perfectly meet your storage demands.

So, just how space-conscious is the 10ft. shipping container?

10ft Shipping Container Dimensions

10ft shipping container dimensions

A 10ft shipping container offers about half the storage capacity of a one-car garage. Specific measurements of this small shipping container are detailed below:

Standard 10ft Container Dimensions

Exterior Dimensions

  • External Dimensions (feet): 10’ long x 8’ 6” high x 8’ wide
  • External Dimensions (meters): 2.99m long x 2.59m high x 2.44m wide

Interior Dimensions

  • Internal Dimensions (feet): 9’ 4” long x 7’ 10” high x 7’ 9” wide
  • Internal Dimensions (meters): 2.84m long x 2.39m high x 2.35m wide
  • Door width (feet): 7 ft. 9in
  • Door Width (meters): 2.34m
  • Door height (feet): 7 ft. 6in
  • Door height (meters): 2.28m

Volume / Weight

Volume: 563 cubic feet (15.93 cubic meters)

Weight: It has a tare weight of 2,204 lbs. (1000 kgs), a maximum gross weight of 22,046 lbs. (10,000 kgs), and a maximum payload weight (max cargo weight) of 7,341 lbs. (3,330 kgs).

High Cube 10 ft. container dimensions

Exterior Dimensions

  • External Dimensions (feet): 9’ 10” long x 8’ wide x 9’6” high 
  • External Dimensions (meters): 2.98m long x 2.44m high x 2.90m wide

Interior Dimensions

  • Internal Dimensions (feet): 9’ 3” long x 8’ 10” high x 7’ 9” wide
  • Internal Dimensions (meters): 2.83m long x 2.69m high x 2.35m wide
  • Door width (feet): 7ft 8in
  • Door Width (meters): 2.32m
  • Door height (feet): 8ft 6in
  • Door height (meters): 2.58m

Volume / Weight

Volume: 630 cubic feet (17.84 cubic meters)

Weight: It has a tare weight of 3,307 lbs. (1500 kg), a maximum gross weight of 11,350 kg, and a maximum payload capacity of 10,000 kg.

Benefits and Common Uses of 20-foot Steel Shipping Containers

  • 10-foot shipping containers are extremely useful when your space is limited, or when you have fewer items to load. At approximately half the size of a single-car garage, these small containers can be transported with much ease.
  • You can easily find space for it in your commercial or residential property, hence saving you time and money. The container’s compactness and durability make it a viable choice for your transportation needs.
  • Thanks to the endless amounts of creativity in the cargo industry, the 10 ft. shipping container can be customized into an office, a restroom, a guard shack, and much more.

How Much Can You Fit Inside a 10 ft. Container?

A 10-foot container can happily hold the contents of a small one-bedroom apartment or approximately 2-3 smaller rooms in a house. This explains why they are popular with students and singles. 

What’s the Maximum Load for a 10ft shipping container?

The tare weight of a 10 ft. shipping container is 1,000kg (2204 lbs). In theory, it can be loaded to a maximum weight of 19,510 lbs (8,850 kg). 

How Many Pallets Can fit into a 10-foot container?

A 10 ft. container will comfortably hold 4 standard pallets measuring 40” x 48” (1.016m x 1.219m), and 5 Euro pallets with dimensions of 1.2m x 0.8m. Their small size makes them an unpopular option for ocean freight.

Packing Tips to Make the Most of Your 10 ft. Container

  • Use moving blankets to line your 10-ft. shipping container.
  • Wrap your items with blankets, bubble wraps, and newspapers to prevent them from being damaged during transit.
  • Ensure you do not go past your container’s weight limit.
  • Load heavier items at the back of the container and lighter ones at the front.
  • Ensure to load items you will need at the front section of your shipping container where you can easily access them.
  • To prevent damage, pack the heavier boxes at the bottom of your shipping container and the lighter or fragile ones at the top.
  • Find out the shipping restrictions by your country of destination. Most countries prohibit the shipping of hazardous items.

What Types of 10 ft. Shipping Container can I purchase?


A one-trip shipping container has only made a single trip across the ocean. Hence, you are likely to receive it in great condition. 

Cargo Worthy

Cargo-worthy shipping containers come in good and usable condition but may have minor imperfections like dents or dust.

Wind and Water Tight (WWT) Containers

WWT containers are ideal for storing static items. They will prevent wind and water damage to the contents of your container. 


As-Is containers have been used repeatedly and come at a cheaper price. However, be prepared to deal with significant defects like holes and inoperable doors.


What is the internal length of a 10ft container?

The interior dimensions of a 10ft container are 9 ft. 4 in long by 7ft. 10 in high by 7ft. 9 in wide.

What is the capacity of a 10ft HC container?

A 10 ft. HC container has a capacity of 630 cubic feet (17.84 cubic meters).

How much does it cost to ship a 10ft container?

The overall cost of shipping a 10-foot container depends on the container’s destination and contents. A rough estimate lies between $1200 and $3000.

What fits in a 20 ft. container?

A 10 ft. container can happily hold the contents of a small one-bedroom house or approximately 2-3 rooms in a house.


The 10 ft. shipping container dimensions may be the least preferred for cargo freight, but it is your best bet when you are concerned with space or if you want to transport fewer items.

Plus, these containers are ideal if you want to build a container office in your backyard, workshop, or even a pop-up coffee shop.

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