20 Shipping Container Home Interior Design Ideas

Shipping Container Home Interior Design Ideas

Shipping container homes are increasingly becoming a popular choice for many homeowners; the ability to build a 1,000-square-foot shipping container house for less than $45,000 is an attractive proposition for many contemporary home buyers interested in something unique. Unlike traditional homes where all the designing has been done for you, shipping containers give homeowners a […]

Amazing Container Homes and Reputable Builders in Georgia

georgia container homes

Wondering if you should get a container home in Georgia? Home prices are soaring and finding affordable housing is becoming harder and harder by the minute. Today more than ever, potential homeowners are turning to alternative solutions that are more financially feasible. Census.gov marks the average home price in November 2021 at $481,700, and PMI […]

Shipping Container Homes in Houston, TX

shipping container home plans

Thinking about getting a container home in Houston? In a tough housing market, many potential buyers are looking for alternative housing solutions. Would-be buyers are quickly getting priced out of the market, and this generation’s dream home looks a little different than in the past.  While previous buyers were keen on plenty of space, a […]

High Cube Shipping Containers vs Standard Containers

High Cube Shipping Containers vs Standard Containers

Ever thought of getting temporary watertight storage units that offer reliable structural integrity? If so, then using storage containers probably crossed your mind.  Containers are your best bet when it comes to storage for construction sites, on-site temporary storage, and inventory overflow, depending on your needs.  In this comprehensive guide, we highlight what a high […]

Custom Shipping Container Modifications


Custom shipping containers made into homes and offices are becoming more popular as a low-cost option for reducing energy usage. The process is simple: apply for permits, purchase one or more containers, and use custom shipping container modification kits to help to customize a container.  There are plenty of options for what you can make. […]

Best Shipping Container Home Design Software in 2022

shipping container home design software

If you are one of the many future homeowners looking to use shipping container design software to design your dream container home, you are not alone. With container homes rapidly rising in popularity as an economical living option, many future builders look to design and build these tiny homes themselves. Conceptualizing your design idea is […]

Complete Guide to Shipping Container Flooring

shipping container flooring

Are you a shipping container homeowner or looking to move your business to a shipping container space? Shipping containers were built to withstand long distance travel and protect the goods being transported inside them. But commonly, in the 21st century, shipping containers are being used for more personal spaces. There are numerous options that you […]