14 Luxury Shipping Container Homes in 2024

Ever wondered what luxury shipping container homes look like? With sprawling square footage, facilities like a pool, rooftop deck, multi-car garage, home libraries, and media rooms, the possibilities are pretty much endless.

We’ve all heard about how great container homes are. And sure, shipping container apartments can be great, but what if you want something larger, more lavish, and upscale? Well, the answer is a luxury shipping container home!

Making more sustainable choices by upcycling shipping containers doesn’t always mean that you have to live in a narrow and cramped space. If you have the budget to spare, you can easily transform four, six, or even 14 unused containers into a beautiful mansion.

Today, we’ll break down some of the most stunning luxury homes made out of HC containers. Let’s get started!

14 Luxury Shipping Container Homes You Can Buy Right Now

1. Beach Box by Andrew Anderson

Bedroom: 4

Size: 1942 sq ft

Containers used: 6

Price: $975,000

Builder: Andrew Anderson

Unique features: beachside with pool, rooftop deck

expensive million dollar container house
huge interior layout

It may be hard to believe that this gorgeous 4-bedroom beachside pool house was constructed entirely out of six old containers.

Beach Box redefines what a well-designed, well-built container home can look like. Its modular construction is embellished with high-end materials and details for a more attractive, conventional exterior.

Some unique amenities that make this a magnificent home include the durable wood siding, semi-outdoor shower, rooftop deck, and the many windows overlooking picturesque views. 

On the ground floor, you’ll find the master bedroom complete with a walk-in closet and en-suite, as well as an entryway with a separate mudroom, and the three other bedrooms.

The second floor is where the fun begins. It holds the open kitchen, dining, and living space, plus a sizeable balcony and rooftop decks!

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2. c-Home by LOT-EK

Bedroom: 3

Size: 1280 sq ft

Containers used: 4 (40 ft containers)

Price: $285,000

Builder: LOT-EK

Unique features: rooftop deck, industrial style

modern container home
luxury home inside area

Here’s another prefab residential you can purchase and have delivered to your property. LOT-EK offers two versions: 2-container and 4-container, with the latter being a two-story 1,280 sq ft home. It’s built out of four 40’ containers and features a stylish diagonal window cutout that enhances its industrial appeal.

The exterior is fairly simple and preserves the charm of the shipping containers while adding a deck on the rooftop for a chic hangout spot. There are large decks on both sides of the house to make the most of the outdoor environment and extend the living space.

Meanwhile, the interior includes an open living and kitchen layout with a powder room. You’ll see how the open and flexible concept blends living, working, and entertaining areas seamlessly together for a beautiful flow.

A unique feature of the c-Home is the two separate staircases leading to two bedrooms. Each of them has a walk-in closet, its own bathroom, and massive windows.

3. 5-Bedroom Denver Shipping Container Home by BlueSky Studio

Bedroom: 5

Size: 3000 sq ft

Containers used: 9 (40 ft containers)

Price: –

Builder: Joe Simmons, BlueSky Studio

Unique features: 25 ft ceilings, attached apartment to the main home

gorgeous shipping container house
open floor plan
living room area

This next container home in Denver, Colorado is a colossal five-bedroom residence with 25 ft ceilings. The combination of plush furnishing, industrial-inspired interiors, and the sheer size of the space makes it feel both grand and cozy.

It features 5 bedrooms and 3.5 baths, as well as an attached but self-contained apartment. This allows the owner to rent out the main house from time to time while having her own mother occupy the apartment section full-time.

The first floor contains a gorgeous open concept living space with an eat-in kitchen, comfortable living area, library, and sliding doors that open directly to the expansive backyard. Meanwhile, the cantilevered second story is where all the bedrooms are.

This house is not only large and beautiful; it is also airy. With massive south-facing windows and a water-heated boiler beneath the floors, it’s easy to stay warm in the winter and cool during the summertime.

4. Old Lady House by Adam Kalkin

Bedroom: 4

Size: 4000 sq ft

Price: $875,000

Architect: Adam Kalkin

Unique features: private library and media room

two container homes
spacious floor plan

Adam Kalkin has made a name for himself in the world of architecture out of shipping containers, and the Old Lady House is no different. It’s a beautiful home sprawling over 4000 sq ft and 3 acres of land. Located in the beautiful countryside of Califon, NJ, it features four bedrooms, 3.1 bathrooms, a media room, and a stunning library.

This breathtaking house was on the market for a whopping $875,000 and truly breaks the boundaries of what’s possible with shipping containers. From the stainless steel entrance and private courtyard to the lavish yet cozy furnishing, everything here has been designed with intention.

The main living space is an open plan with a beautiful kitchen, living room, cozy seating nook, and mini working area. It also has floor-to-ceiling windows that make the most of the surrounding landscapes and environments.

5. Adriance House by Adam Kalkin

Bedroom: 4

Size: 4000 sq ft


Architect: Adam Kalkin

Unique features: home office, industrial interior

adriance container house
open luxury floor plan

Another elegant shipping container home project by Adam Kalkin is the Adriance House. It also contains four bedrooms and three baths, including a home office that can easily be transformed into a fifth bedroom!

With glass walls on either side of the house, the design is centered around an open floor living area and four two-story “rooms” containing the other living amenities. Its industrial interior utilizes the natural shape and texture of shipping containers for a more authentic and unique appeal.

We couldn’t find the exact retail price of this home, but considering sheer space, one might imagine that it doesn’t come cheap. There is also a massive patio space at the back, which is a sure way to make any house feel more extravagant.

6. The Hinterland by Container Build Group

Bedroom: 7

Size: 4843 sqm

Containers used: 7 (40 ft containers)

Price: –

Builder: Container Build Group

Unique features: pool deck with slide

ranch style container home
overhead view of 4800sqft house

The Hinterland encapsulates the meaning of luxury. Constructed from 7 40 ft shipping containers to give more than 4800 sq ft of livable space, this layout is designed to appease the classy connoisseurs.

It takes merely 10 weeks to build and another week to install, which is one of the benefits of buying pre-designed container homes. This home includes seven bedrooms, an office, and a loft, making it perfect for large families.

Not to mention the separate pool area with its own deck, sun loungers, and plenty of space for hosting, as well as a slide.

Container Build Group will design the home to suit your specific needs, so this example will simply be a starting point. From sustainable construction methods to the highest quality materials, they’re pretty good at helping people achieve their dream home!

7. The HO6 by Honomobo

Bedroom: 4

Size: 1920 sq ft

Containers used: 6 (40 ft containers)

Price: $457,330

Builder: Honomobo

Unique features: huge outdoor deck

massive shipping container home on the water
luxury floor plans

The HO6 is one of the best high-end designs from Honomobo. Their designs are never short of fine details and architectural features to create the ultimate luxurious home. It’s a four-bedroom dwelling with three baths, an open kitchen and living space, and just the most beautiful outdoor space.

At 1920 sq ft, this gorgeous house comprises six recycled shipping containers and starts at $457,330. The timeless design focuses on blending the indoors with the outdoors for a modern appeal and relaxing atmosphere.

This example also shows the potential of setting up the home wherever you want, but a waterfront setting can be especially suitable. The large deck is a great spot for savoring the view.

Moreover, it’s possible to request upgrades and additional features to enhance your home even more. From installing a second wall of glass to a gorgeous fireplace as the focal point, customizing these little things are what makes a home!

8. Crystal’s Palace by Container Build Group

Bedroom: 3

Size: –

Containers used: 4 (20 and 40 ft containers)

Price: $320,000

Builder: Container Build Group

Unique features: vast front deck, storage unit under house

interior design layout of luxury home
deck area

Crystal’s Palace transforms three 40ft and one 20ft containers into a stunning 3-bed property with an outdoor sanctuary, laundry room, walk-in pantry, bathrooms, kitchen, and a large living area with gorgeous clerestory windows and high ceilings. 

One highlight is the vast front deck, which expands the habitable space while providing a nice area to enjoy the views and sunny weather. There is even a storage unit below the house made of another shipping container.

This prefab home needs roughly 3 weeks to build in the factory, which includes cutting out and welding the different parts, then fitting in insulation and glazing. It really is a great option for those wanting a luxury home in a short amount of time.

9. Luxury 4 All by Custom Container Living

Bedroom: 3

Size: 960 sq ft

Containers used: 4 (20 and 40 ft containers)

Price: $186,900

Builder: Custom Container Living

Unique features: classic and timeless design

kitchen area

Next up, the Luxury 4 All is a large open floor plan that features three bedrooms and two bathrooms. The master bedroom comes with a walk-in closet and en-suite bathroom, while the guest bathroom also offers a comfortable 5’ bathtub with lavish vanity space.

The kitchen comes with full-sized appliances and lots of countertops, which is a real luxury in any container home. Here, however, the kitchen is only a small section of the colossal living space. This makes entertaining friends and loved ones super easy and accessible!

One guaranteed way to make your home seem and feel more luxurious is to use hardwood flooring. Not only is it durable and easy to clean, but wood floors can also elevate your interior in an elegant way. It’s also super versatile, so you can easily pair them with all sorts of styles: from modern to traditional alike!

10. 4-Bedroom Shipping Container House by Priscila Azzini

Bedroom: 4

Size: 768 sq ft

Containers used: 6 (40 ft containers)

Price: –

Builder: Priscila Azzini

Unique features: mansion-sized home, wine cellar

luxury container home with pool
interior of home

You might hardly believe that this lavish 4-bedroom mansion is a shipping container house! But it is made out of 6 40-feet high cube containers. The design cuts two of the min half to create a modern L shape that also adds architectural intrigue.

Inside, the first floor consists of a contemporary living room with double ceiling height, a dining room, a luxury kitchen with a gourmet section, a wine cellar, a home office, a family TV room, a bathroom, and laundry.

The four bedroom suites are found on the second floor, which is connected by a beautiful staircase with glass railings and windows. Better yet, each bedroom comes with generous closet space and its own bathroom, as well as exquisite furnishing.

11. The HO5 by Honomobo

Bedroom: 3

Size: 1600 sq ft

Containers used: 5 (40 ft containers)

Price: $404,819

Builder: Honomobo

Unique features: spacious and open interiors

exterior design view
spacious master bedroom

Another one of Honomobo’s most upscale designs is the HO5, which uses five modules of 40’ containers and turns them into a sprawling home with three bedrooms and 2.5 baths. Its square and straightforward construction allows for the interior to feel open and flowing.

One clever architectural decision is to install wood panels for the ceiling, which adds so much warmth to the space. This helps the entire home to feel more luxurious and elevated. Meanwhile, the master bedroom incorporates floor-to-ceiling windows and a minimalist approach to evoke more class.

In terms of the house itself, it’s possible to add a smaller shipping container to use as the pool. Connect it to one of the many outdoor spaces here, and you can build your own dream home! The floor plan also includes a special storage room.

12. Escape Den by River & Rain

Bedroom: 2

Size: 1442 sq ft

Containers used: 4

Price: –

Builder: River & Rain

Unique features: triple-height atrium, indoor-outdoor architecture

deck area
loft area
outdoor area of container house

Our next example takes you to Dhaka, Bangladesh, where the renowned architectural company River & Rain has built the beautiful Escape Den. Its design integrates four shipping containers and a steel frame skeleton for a truly breathtaking indoor-outdoor oasis.

True to its name, the Escape Den’s real strength lies in its clever amalgamation of the manmade structure and natural foliage. A wonderful feature is a triple-height atrium that features lush greeneries, which will immediately envelop anyone who steps inside with a peaceful feeling.

Overall, this two-bedroom luxury retreat spans around 1442 sq ft in space, including the sheltered deck featuring a dining area, kitchen, bathroom, media room, and excellent views of the lawn. 

Like many container homes, this one also makes the most of its hefty container look for a dramatic finish, accompanied by charming architectural details. With intertwining staircases, floating platforms, and unique placement of the containers, it certainly is an eye-catching building!

13. PV14 House by M Gooden Design

Bedroom: 3

Size: 3700 sq ft

Containers used: 14 (40 ft containers)

Price: $450,000

Builder: M Gooden Design

Unique features: strong concrete foundation, rooftop patio and multiple decks

giant expensive shipping container home
beautiful interior of container home

Lastly, take a look at this magnificent design. Can you believe it’s made entirely out of shipping containers? The PV14 House is a home fit for the king while still being sustainable and eco-friendly! It uses 14 containers to offer more than 3,700 square feet of living space.

This includes three bedrooms with en-suite baths, a two-car garage, a beautiful and spacious rooftop patio, a huge entertaining and living area, as well as a covered porch both in front and at the back.

This particular house sits on one of the highest spots of Dallas, around 100 feet above the scenic White Rock Lake, which means the owners can get a truly fantastic view of the area. Meanwhile, it incorporates a concrete pier & beam foundation and PSL beams for the roof deck for a tougher structure.

M Gooden Design itself is a boutique design company from Dallas, TX, that focuses on modern construction and unconventional projects.

14. Modbox 3000 by ShelterMode

Bedroom: 5

Size: 3000 sq ft

Containers used: 9 (40 ft containers)


Builder: ShelterMode

Unique features: 3-car garage, two stories

luxury shipping container homes
interior of container home

If you have read through some of our other shipping container home plans, you may be familiar with ShelterMode. They have produced a lot of luxurious floor plans for homes made out of shipping containers. The Modbox 3000 has five bedrooms over two floors and a livable space of 3000 square feet.

One of the most interesting things about container homes is that you can play around with the shape and silhouette by stacking them in different ways. The Modbox 3000 incorporates an elongated layout that also creates a sleek and contemporary appeal. Above the three-car garage is a large and spacious deck for enjoying the outdoors.

Inside, there is an open concept living and dining space that also includes a stylish island bar. Not to mention the foldable doors here that allow you to blend the indoors and the outdoors.


Who are the best luxury container home builders?

The options can go on depending on factors such as your location, budget, and design style. Some of our recommendations include Container Build Group and M Gooden Design. Whether you’re building a container home for residential or commercial purposes, this will also affect your choice, so this is another thing to think about!

What are the drawbacks of shipping container homes?

We’ve talked about the benefits of building a shipping container home enough, but there are also some drawbacks you need to be aware of. The main disadvantage is that procuring permits can be tricky, especially for places without clear regulations for shipping container homes.

It may also be difficult to find a capable electrician and plumber who knows how to install customized setups for your container’s unique architecture. Not to mention that you need to reinforce the containers and be careful when altering their shapes, such as when installing doors and a second floor.

What is the largest container home?

At around 4,000 square feet of space, the Old Lady House by Adam Kalkin has got to be the largest container home there is. This beautiful home teems with luxurious facilities like a sprawling library, media room, and exquisite interior details.

For a non-residential shipping container building, the Smoky Park Supper Club in Asheville, NC is the largest in the States. This restaurant was made from 19 containers and built across 1.8 acres of land!

Do I need a permit to put a shipping container on my property?

The quick answer is yes, you will usually need a permit to put a shipping container on your property. Each state and neighborhood may have its own restrictions and laws, but some basic regulations to pay attention to are property zoning permits and building codes, and HOA rules.

If you’re using the shipping container as a family dwelling or even for storage, it’s crucial to get the correct permits and documents. Factors such as the foundation, trailer chassis (if any), and whether it’s located on a commercial work site will also come into play.

Did you like these luxury shipping container homes?

Ultimately, this is just like any other home-building process. You have to find the perfect shipping container home plan that suits your preferences, needs, and budget. Then, it’s time to look for your ideal builder.

We do hope that these examples can inspire you! Shipping container homes don’t always have to be tiny and unattractive. With the right layout, furniture, and interior detailing, you can easily build the home of your dreams out of HC containers.

This type of home is the future of homeowning as more and more people realize their benefits in comparison to traditional houses. What are you waiting for? It’s time to plan and build your container house!

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