The Best Shipping Container Homes for Sale in Rhode Island + Top Builders

Right now, many millennials find it hard to purchase traditional homes because of their incredibly high costs all thanks to inflation. However, you can still find a middle ground between affordability and practicality by investing in container homes.

This article includes a list of the best shipping container homes for sale in Rhode Island as well as building companies that conform to this state’s way of living. This way, you can say hello to eco-friendly homes that also put your individual needs in mind for a personalized solution that increases your convenience.

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How much do container homes in Rhode Island cost?

On average, shipping container homes in the State of Rhode Island tend to cost anywhere from $30,000–$150,000. Compared to a starting point of $430,000 for a brick-and-mortar home, you can understand the appeal of container homes to people on limited budgets!

Still, this number may vary depending on the square footage of the home and whether or not you’re buying it straight from a builder or DIYing it.

If you decide to construct a shipping container home yourself, you can expect the costs to be somewhere between $130–$175 per square foot. On the other hand, buying a container home in Rhode Island is usually around $250–$300 for each square foot.

4 Best container home builders in Rhode Island

In this section, we’ll delve into the four best container home builders in Rhode Island, showcasing their expertise and the distinct flair they bring to the Ocean State’s housing landscape. Whether you’re considering a cozy container abode or just curious about this architectural trend, read on to discover the industry’s finest in Rhode Island.

After knowing what they excel at, their experience in the industry, and the pros and cons of each, you’re bound to find the perfect fit for your home needs!

1. Giant Containers

The first reputable container home builder on this list is Giant Containers—a company that specializes in modular structure fabrication and building. While it’s more prominent in the residential field, it also manufactures stackable structures in the commercial, industrial, and experiential areas.

In addition, Giant Containers is a shipping container fabricator that caters to the needs of the global market. The company is dedicated to enriching the market with eco-friendly, sustainable solutions that promise impressive craftsmanship and attention to detail all at once.

The history of Giant Containers began in 2008 when it first went live as a seller of new and used shipping containers in North America. 

Then, it went from building its first fabrication facility in 2010 to successful projects with Levi’s and Louis Vuitton in 2020. The company’s latest huge achievement is the Los Angeles ISLA apartments—a modular housing project that aims to battle California’s homelessness crisis.

Some other qualities people like about this company is the ability to build storm-resistant structures and customizable homes.

So, if you’re looking for a container home builder in Rhode Island that offers affordable housing with cost-effectiveness and high-quality materials, don’t think twice about Giant Containers.

Bahamas model from Gaint Containers.jpg

Source: Giant Containers


  • An ideal choice for people with tight budgets
  • A reputable company that you can trust with a 100% customizable residential solution in Rhode Island
  • Homes are suitable for lovers of simplicity and minimalism


  • May not be a good option for people aiming for a luxurious design

2. Lot-Ek Architecture and Design

Next, you may want to take a look at the Lot-Ek Architecture and Design studio if you want a container builder that creates unique architectural layouts. It shines in the areas of turning industrial elements into residential, commercial, and even state-of-the-art applications.

Better still, the Lot-Ek studio has a portfolio of collaborations with artist-grade clients, which tells you a lot about the builder’s creative aspect. Such examples of fruitful projects include The Whitney Museum of Art and The Guggenheim Museum.

In the residential area, Lot-Ek grants incredible customizability to each one of its customers. Whether you want to build a townhouse or an urban-style container home, this builder promises practical designs that also combine technological and ecological factors.

Looking for a quarter-century of experience in ISO Shipping Container innovative work? Lot-Ek and its owned company, c-Home, are at your service!

C-Home Site image for Lot-ek

Source: Lot-EK – C-Home


  • A perfect candidate for people who want to personalize every part of their container home design
  • The best option for out-of-the-box concepts that have artistic vibes
  • Winner of multiple awards, such as the 2013 Architizer and the 2017 PDC Annual Award for Excellence in Design
  • Floor plan models that cater to different types of people and various family sizes


  • The website only has seven example models to choose from, but the company is still willing to work with you on more custom designs.
  • Not many of the builder’s houses focus on the glam aspect.

3. CW Dwellings

The third shipping container home builder on this list is CW Dwellings, which is located in Pennsylvania but is ready to tackle a residential project across all states. Its portfolio is rich with home examples ready for planning, manufacturing, and installation in Rhode Island!

Yet, what makes this company special is how it balances affordability with special design elements that match the location’s natural environment. For instance, CW Dwellings offers you houses that stand in the face of hurricanes, tornados, and unexpected weather conditions.

This point is good to know for people staying in Rhode Island because a container home’s insulation qualities help protect you from the cold climate.

Better still, CW Dwellings takes up projects on sloped land and uneven or rough terrains. That’s great news for adventurous people who want to live close to nature!

Layout of building a shipping container home "The Eagle"

Source: CW Dwellings– The Eagle


  • Seamless container building process that involves design, planning, construction, quality control, delivery, then installation
  • Different floor plan prototypes that suit the needs of everyone, from solo homeowners to large families
  • Great for hikers or nature lovers who want to own a property away from the city


  • Not much experience in the industry as it’s only been founded recently in 2016
  • Could use more presence on social media

4. MB Architecture

Lastly, you can’t go wrong with hiring MB Architecture, which is an award-winning studio based in New York and the Hamptons. 

With a 30-year experience, this company is seasoned in building and designing everything from prefab houses to custom-made private family homes.
While its traditional house projects make up the vast majority of its portfolio, it’s still ready to build shipping container homes in Rhode Island.

More interestingly, this builder’s models are highly customizable to match your taste. Whether you want a simple and functional house or a container home with lavish vibes, the company’s team of builders and contractors should be up for the challenge!

A small container studio from MB architecture

Source: MB Architecture


  • A convenient choice for a wide variety of customers thanks to its various design approaches
  • Suitable for luxury lovers as well as people focused on practicality
  • The houses broadcast spacious rooms that promise comfortable living.


  • Not many examples of container home models on the website

Rhode Island container homes for sale you can buy right now

Here are the top houses that each builder has up their sleeve for construction in Rhode Island.

1. Colorado Home

Exterior image for Colorado Home

Source: Giant Containers– Colorado Home

  • Price: N/A
  • Number of containers used: 3
  • Container sizes: 40 ft
  • Size of the container home: 960 square feet
  • Number of bedrooms: N/A
  • Number of bathrooms: N/A
  • Standout feature: An expansive deck with awesome views of the outdoors
  • Manufacturer: Giant Containers

This 960-square-foot container home by Giant Containers fits the needs of people who want to feel like their interiors stretch outdoors. With its transparent sides and a staircase away from the house’s front, it offers uninterrupted scenery.

If you want a house in the middle of nature, the Colorado Home model is a perfect fit to enjoy the sight of the trees from the inside. Also, it comes with a spacious deck where you can put a dining table or outdoor furniture to sit beneath the stars.

Other noteworthy features include mid-century-inspired interiors such as plywood-paneled walls, white cabinetry, and orange color touches.

Finally, the Colorado House comes fully outfitted with insulation and AC, which is essential for Rhode Island’s ever-changing weather. It also has complete electrical and interior finishes.

2. 4 x 40 E Home

Lot-Ek - E Home unit image

Source: Lot-Ek – E Home

  • Price: Starts at $465,000
  • Number of containers used: 8
  • Container sizes: 4 x 20 ft and 4 x 40 ft
  • Size of the container home: 1,920 square feet
  • Number of bedrooms: 3 and 1 loft
  • Number of bathrooms: 4
  • Standout feature: Functional design for modern families
  • Manufacturer: Lot-Ek

If you’re a family looking for a house with three bedrooms and a loft that you can either use as a bedroom or a small office, this model by c-Home can be up your alley.

It uses four 20-foot containers and four 40-foot ones, giving you maximum use of the 1,920-square-foot space for a practical lifestyle. With a large living space and kitchen, the family can comfortably get together to watch movies or make dinner.

Even better, you can take advantage of the outdoor decks to set up a dining table and try to catch a breeze in Rhode Island’s warm summer!

3. House Eagle 624

House Eagle 624 model from CW Dwellings
Source: CW Dwellings – House Eagle
  • Price: House prices start at $51,200
  • Number of containers used: 3 containers and 3 bump-outs
  • Container sizes: 20 ft and 3×16 ft bump-outs
  • Size of the container home: 624 square feet
  • Number of bedrooms: 3
  • Number of bathrooms: 1
  • Standout feature: Fully-insulated walls and floors, perfect for the coldest months of the year
  • Manufacturer: CW Dwellings

The House Eagle 624 by CW Dwellings is a good example of a compact container home that makes the most of each square inch to fit the basic needs of a small family.

It features three bedrooms, a bathroom, and a living space/kitchen, a decent arrangement for family members who want some privacy at a budget-friendly price. The house also comes fully outfitted with vinyl flooring, plumbing, LED light fixtures, and a smoke alarm.

In addition, the kitchen and bathroom have all the requirements for comfy living without going over the top. You may add other things, like a deck, an HVAC system, wall kitchen cabinets, and more.

4. Insta House

High-quality metal exterior of Insta House

Source: MB Architecture – Insta House

  • Price: N/A
  • Number of containers used: 4
  • Container sizes: 40 ft
  • Size of the container home: N/A
  • Number of bedrooms: 2
  • Number of bathrooms: 2
  • Standout feature: A double-height model that received the American Institute of Architects Peconic Chapter Honor Award for Architecture
  • Manufacturer: MB Architecture

One of MB Architecture’s cleverest creations is Insta House. It’s a four-container, double-height prototype that fulfills the living needs of a small family.

More interestingly, the house is completely made from recycled containers that only take eight weeks to fabricate and one day to install. Besides the two bedrooms and two bathrooms, the floor plan includes a full kitchen and a living area.

The shipping container house also provides breathtaking views of the outdoors, which is a plus point for people who love natural scenery. This is all thanks to the floor-to-ceiling windows at the side of the structure.

Are container homes legal in Rhode Island?

Yes, container homes are legal in the state of Rhode Island as long as you stick to the building code. Much like building traditional homes, you must get a construction permit (called a modular permit) to build a container home.

You should also get electrical and plumbing permits.

A good way to ensure your container home conforms to the building law of your area is to get in touch with the state’s Building Code Commission.


Trying to balance out affordability and comfort when it comes to homeownership sounds challenging in the 21st century. Yet, after going through our list of the top shipping container homes in Rhode Island, your dream can become a reality.

With reputable builders like Lot-Ek, CW Dwellings, MB Architecture, and Giant Containers, you should be in safe hands. Prepare to design and build your future home whether you’re a person living alone or a large family!

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