Complete Guide to Shipping Container Flooring

shipping container flooring

Are you a shipping container homeowner or looking to move your business to a shipping container space? Shipping containers were built to withstand long distance travel and protect the goods being transported inside them. But commonly, in the 21st century, shipping containers are being used for more personal spaces. There are numerous options that you […]

How Much Does a Used Shipping Container Cost?

how much does a used shipping container cost

Shipping containers continue to gain in popularity for a variety of reasons. For business owners looking for additional storage or to open up shop, shipping containers are a trendy new option. You might be wondering how much does a used shipping container cost? How Much Is a Shipping Container? There are a variety of options […]

Shipping Containers for Sale in Dallas, TX

loaded ship

Looking for a shipping container for sale in Dallas, TX? Whether you’re looking for 10ft, 20ft, or 40ft containers, we can help. With access to the best suppliers in the area, get a quote in as little as 24 hours. No need to settle for just one quote or one type of container. Our Dallas […]

Shipping Containers for Sale in Houston, TX

loaded ship

Looking for a shipping container for sale in Houston, TX? We are one of the largest suppliers for shipping containers in Houston, TX, providing our clients with new and used containers that are designed to suit their particular needs. At Container Addict, we match you up with reputable shipping container suppliers in the area. We […]

Shipping Container Offices: The New Trend in Office Design


Shipping containers are no longer just for cargo. They can be used to build swimming pools, hospitals, schools and even office spaces with all of the inside space being customizable! For example, shipping container offices are perfect for construction sites because they’re portable; you can move them around or stack them on top of one […]