How to buy a shipping container in 2022

how to buy a shipping container

The world of containers can be complex and challenging. For first-time buyers, this complexity is seven-fold. In an industry fragmented with thousands of middlemen offering variety, our step-by-step guide on how to buy a shipping container will help you familiarize yourself with the container industry before you start handing out your money. Size and Number […]

Shipping Container Homes in Houston, TX

shipping container home1

Thinking about getting a container home in Houston? In a tough housing market, many potential buyers are looking for alternative housing solutions. Would-be buyers are quickly getting priced out of the market, and this generation’s dream home looks a little different than in the past.  While previous buyers were keen on plenty of space, a […]

Guide to Renting Shipping Containers

guide to renting shipping container

Thinking of renting a shipping container, but not sure if it makes sense? A shipping container is a container that is used to transport heavy machinery and equipment across the sea. It has enough strength to withstand shipment, storage, and handling. There are many factors you have to consider when renting a shipping container. So, […]

High Cube Shipping Containers vs Standard Containers

High Cube Shipping Containers vs Standard Containers

Ever thought of getting temporary watertight storage units that offer reliable structural integrity? If so, then using storage containers probably crossed your mind.  Containers are your best bet when it comes to storage for construction sites, on-site temporary storage, and inventory overflow, depending on your needs.  In this comprehensive guide, we highlight what a high […]

Complete Guide to a Shipping Container Aquaponics System

Agriculture has been a necessary development in civilization, but with climate change and constant threats to our farmlands, we’ve had to get creative with harvesting and farming techniques. Aquaponics containers could be the solution to farming crops in a controlled environment, without the use of soil, landmass, and intensive water use. Aquaponics, a food production […]

DIY Shipping Container Pool – How to Build a Shipping Container Swimming Pool

diy shipping container pool

As consumers become more conscious, there’s a movement towards using upcycled, sustainable and cost-effective materials. The use of shipping containers is at the center of that movement – everything from shipping container offices, restaurants, homes, and even swimming pools. What is a Shipping Container Swimming Pool? Shipping container pools are pools made of recycled or […]

Benefits of Shipping Container Trailers


When you need to move goods, shipping container trailers get the job done. Rather than unloading a full shipping container, then reloading the goods into a trailer, putting containers on shipping container haulers saves time and money.  If you need to buy a shipping container trailer, you will want one that can manage the container’s […]

Shipping Container Garden Room or Office

shipping container garden office

Having more space in your home is a dream for almost anyone, but adding on to a home is expensive and unrealistic for most people. However, a new surge in repurposed shipping containers being used as garden rooms and offices is spreading across America and throughout the world.  People are searching for unique alternatives to […]

DIY Shipping Container Shed – Designs & Ideas


Are you in need of a backyard storage space or a fun addition to your home? A shipping container shed might be the right move for you! Shipping container sheds are repurposed shipping containers that are outfitted for whatever you need, whether that is a man cave, storage shed, an office space, a music studio, […]