What States Allow Shipping Container Homes in 2022?

what states allow shipping container homes

If you are thinking of building a house, a shipping container home is a great option. But what actually is it? Well, you all know that shipping containers are used for storage. So the simplest way to put it is, making a shipping container into a tiny home which you can also strap it on […]

How to Connect Shipping Containers – Plus the Benefits

how to connect shipping containers

While many business and homeowners can get away with only using one container, there are equally as many people who need multiple shipping containers, especially if you’re building a shipping container home. But, how do you connect shipping containers? If you’re not sure, don’t worry! That’s exactly what we’re going to cover in today’s post. […]

How To Paint A Shipping Container – Plus the Best Paint for Shipping Containers


It can be exciting to set off on the process of acquiring and reclaiming an industrial shipping container for personal use. But for all the fun and experience that comes from this endeavor, there is an equal number of challenges and questions to answer. Chief among those challenges just may be the question of painting […]

Guide to Shipping Container Cabins – Examples, Pricing, Features, and More

shipping container cabin 1

Shipping containers are no longer just metal cargo bins getting transported by sea. Thanks to the tiny home movement and increasing interests in low-impact, eco-friendly homes, shipping containers are now a cost-effective and trending alternative to traditional houses and cabins. People are building and refurbishing shipping container cabins in areas where they can fully appreciate […]

Shipping Container Workshops Guide for 2022

shipping container workshops

Having a separate workshop where your tooling, work and development can be both separate as well as protected is an ideal situation. Many who have had to try and operate a workshop in a combined facility or customer interface knows how frustrating it can be with sharing space, having equipment be misplaced, struggle to keep […]

How to Build a Storm Shelter Out of a Shipping Container

underground storm shelter

There is no doubt that it can be scary and nerve-racking to go through a natural disaster. You probably know that hurricanes and tornadoes can cause considerable destruction and harm. Do you live in a region susceptible to hurricanes and tornadoes? If yes, you should consider building your storm shelter to protect yourself. We can define a storm […]

How to Reinforce Shipping Container Homes

reinforcing shipping containers

Does a shipping container make a good home? Will they sustain for years without doing multiple structural changes? The answer is yes. You can transform shipping containers into aesthetically pleasing houses, and steel construction will only make them strong and robust. These houses are safe, environment friendly, and pretty light on the pocket too. To transform a […]

How to Reinforce Shipping Containers for Underground Use

Underground Storm Tornado Shelter How To Bury Shipping Container Part 6 Reinforce Top And Sides - YouTube

With the current upsurge in threats of nuclear warfare and natural catastrophes, an underground bunker is worth thinking about. Such a bunker can be a safe haven to protect you and your family from the chaos above the ground. Setting up an underground bunker may not be an afternoon stroll in the park but it […]

How to Stack Shipping Containers

stacked sea containers

Determining how to stack shipping containers safely and effectively is no easy feat.  You may think that you’re a pro at stacking, but are you really? And even if you’ve gotten great at stacking small things, like books or boxes, are you good at stacking something much larger? How about stacking shipping containers? These containers […]

How to Pack a Shipping Container When Moving

how to pack a shipping container when moving

Is packing a shipping container easy? If it’s your first time, we’re here to tell you that it’s much more than just loading up your belongings. It requires lots of preparation and understanding of loading strategies prior to packing your items into the container. This ensures you won’t damage your household goods and that nothing […]