Best Shipping Container Homes in Australia

With median housing values shooting upwards of half a million dollars in Australia, it’s understandable to want to seek an alternative to traditional housing. Using recycled shipping containers, container homes bring a lot of advantages as residential dwellings, and they may prove to be exactly what you need.

If you’re interested in shipping container homes in Australia, you’ve come to the right place. This post will discuss the best home builders you can consider, including their sample models, the pros and cons of working with them, and their pricing.

We’ll also cover the basics that you need to know about building or buying a prefab or modular shipping container home to inform your decision.

Best Shipping Container Homes in Australia

Container Homes Designer Domain Manufacturer

  • Year founded: 2004
  • Website:
  • # of Models: 10+
  • Areas served: Sydney, NSW; Perth, WA; Brisbane, QLD; Auckland, NZ
  • Homes built: 1200
  • Headquarters: Surry Hills, NSW
  • Pricing: from AUD 25,000
  • Online Review Ratings: Facebook (5.0), Trustpilot (4.3)
  • Create custom plans: Yes

Nabbing the first spot in this set of the best builders of container homes in Australia is the very established Container Homes Designer Domain Manufacturer. Having built over 1,000 homes over the course of their work, they are a trusted resource for tiny homes made out of containers. 

Their projects are also cyclone and storm-proof. Additionally, they can design a home to withstand bushfires in zones up to BAL FZ. Check out this 3-bedroom unit model.

3-bedroom Unit

  • Price: from AUD 150,000
  • Size in sq ft: not specified
  • Price per sq ft: not specified
  • Number of containers used: 2
  • Number of bedrooms: 3
  • Number of bathrooms: 2
  • Standout Feature: Complete living space with beautiful interior design; size can be customized to your preferences
3 bedroom unit
living room area of home
Source: Container Homes Designer Domain Manufacturer Facebook


  • Very established builder with a long history of building container houses
  • Builds durable, weather-resistant units
  • Has a streamlined process for turnkey perfect solutions from start to finish
  • Also services New Zealand


  • Does not provide handy details on offered models, unless asked
  • Advertised pricing does not include other fees
  • Has a confusing list of products that are hard to differentiate from each other

Nook Tiny Homes

  • Website:
  • # of Models: 7
  • Areas served: Darwin, NT; Canberra, ACT; Hobart, TAS; Perth, WA; Brisbane, QLD; Sydney, NSW; Melbourne, VIC; Adelaide, SA
  • Pricing: Starts from AUD 13,500
  • Online Review Ratings: Google (4.3)
  • Create custom plans: Yes

The next one on our list is Nook Tiny Homes. Serving various territories in the Land Down Under, Nook creates tiny homes that are fully fitted with everything that you need for comfort, energy efficiency, and style. They offer pre-made models that you can customize according to your specifications, like this one.

2-Bedroom Hamptons Coastal Luxe

  • Price: AUD 89,000
  • Size in sq ft: not specified
  • Price per sq ft: not specified
  • Container sizes: 40ft
  • Number of bedrooms: 2
  • Number of bathrooms: 1
  • Standout Feature: Fully fitted unit with luxe furnishing, LED lighting, and heating and cooling systems
kitchen and dining area
Source: Nook Tiny Homes


  • One of the most affordable builders in the country
  • Builds fully-fitted units ready for off grid living
  • Offers financing


  • Does not specify the actual floor area of units
  • Does not provide assistance in securing permits, etc
  • Some of their models are more suitable as extensions as opposed to stand-alone residences


  • Website:
  • # of Models: 4 + upgrades (off-grid and living room) and container office
  • Homes built: 2
  • Headquarters: Collingwood, VIC
  • Pricing: Starts from $96,800
  • Online Review Ratings: Google (5.0)
  • Create custom plans: Yes

Containered was started after the owners struggled to find a cost-effective, beautiful home they could build on a remote lot — so they built it themselves. Since then, this builder has gone on to create four models for homes, each replete with options for off-grid and sustainable living.

Their available models are great as starter homes to full-on vacation rentals. Check out one of their models below.

Four Bedroom

  • Price: starts from AUD 294,800
  • Size in sq ft: 960
  • Price per sq ft: AUD 307
  • Number of containers used: 3
  • Container sizes: 40ft
  • Number of bedrooms: 4
  • Number of bathrooms: 2
  • Standout Feature: Spacious house with an open floor plan that can be fitted with a deck and pool
four bedroom container home in Australia
4 bedroom floor plan
Source: Containered


  • Offers piecemeal custom projects, such as living room upgrades
  • Accommodates requests for off-grid living, including installing solar panels
  • Builds homes that have at least a 6-star energy rating


  • A bit more pricey compared to other builders
  • Not as established/experienced as other builders
  • Contacting them is only possible through their website

Luxury Compact Homes

  • Website:
  • Areas served: Entire Australia
  • Headquarters: Loganholme, QLD
  • Pricing: Starts from AUD 34,500
  • Online Review Ratings:
  • Create custom plans: Yes

Another Australian owned and Australia wide builder, Luxury Compact Homes executes container home designs that come complete with all the features that you could want, including great architectural design. Their units are also ready to be connected to electrical and other services, making them more than viable accommodations. Their units also have BAL 29 Bushfire Rating and C1 Cyclone Rating.

Interested in getting one of their products for your new home? Check out this model.

Luxury Shipping Container Home

  • Price: AUD 34,500
  • Size in sq ft: not specified
  • Price per sq ft: not specified
  • Number of containers used: 1
  • Container sizes: 20ft
  • Number of bedrooms: 1
  • Number of bathrooms: 1
  • Standout Feature: Complete custom fitout that offers great storage space (wardrobe, bathroom vanity, and shaving cabinet)
luxury container home in Australia
spare bedroom
Source: Luxury Compact Homes Facebook


  • Cost effective builder that accepts modifications, fabrications, and customizations
  • Builds custom containers that are ideal for the Australian climate
  • Services and transports to the entire country
  • Very responsive on social media


  • Website is under construction so it can be tricky to easily have availability of information about their services
  • Does not have a detailed list of their available models
  • Does not have a lot of photos of past projects

Container Build Group

  • Website:
  • # of Models: 20+ (excluding commercial units)
  • Areas served: Entire Australia
  • Headquarters: Lismore, NSW
  • Pricing: not specified
  • Online Review Ratings: Trustpilot (4.3), Google (4.2)
  • Create custom plans: Yes

Featured in an article by Diana Moore on Better Homes and Garden and among the most popular specialist companies in the country, this trusted supplier of tiny houses prides itself on building homes according to Australian standards. Take your pick of architecturally designed units, which can be fitted and constructed to be your dream holiday home.

Their main point of difference from all the other builders in the country is the full range of their customization options, coupled with comprehensive guidance and service — from seeking council approval to installing the unit.

One of their most famous designed shipping container models with its excellent use of space is as follows.

The Mullumbimbi

  • Price: not specified
  • Size in sq ft: not specified
  • Price per sq ft: not specified
  • Number of containers used: 3
  • Container sizes: 20ft
  • Number of bedrooms: 3
  • Number of bathrooms: 1
  • Standout Feature: Two-floor residence with an open plan design that can accommodate a loft area
backyard container home
modern shipping container home in australia


  • Trusted builder that designs environmentally friendly, structurally sound container units
  • Streamlined process from planning to completion
  • Comprehensive product list


  • Does not specify pricing on their website
  • Does not disclose floor area of units
  • Isn’t readily accessible via social media


Are shipping container homes legal in Australia?

Shipping container homes are legal in Australia. To make sure your project stays compliant, check with your local department to learn about specific policies that govern the construction and use of containers for your home.           

How much does a shipping container house cost in Australia?

The cost of shipping container houses in Australia typically ranges between AUD 30,000 and AUD 275,000. This can go up or down, depending on your specific choice of building materials, whether you’re working with a specialist shipping container builder or a more affordable one, the size of your home, etc.

Is it cheaper to build a house or a container home?

Generally, deciding to build your home out of shipping containers is less likely to tot up exorbitant costs, whilst building a house — a traditional one — can be quite expensive. However, custom made containers can still fetch a pretty penny

Do you need planning permission to live in a container?

Regulations vary from area to area but generally, in most areas in Australia, you need a permit to live in a container.

Can I have a shipping container in my backyard in Australia?

As a homeowner, you need planning permission to install a container house even on your property.


Building a new home is an important decision — and opting for shipping containers when you construct yours can be rewarding in so many ways. Just make sure to read up as much as you can about the process so you can call the right shots, at every turn.

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