Best Shipping Container Homes for Sale in Ohio – 2024 Complete Guide

With sales prices in Ohio increasing by 7.1% over the past year, buying a traditional home has never been more costly. This is why more and more people are shifting to eco-friendly and affordable shipping container homes in Ohio over traditional construction.

We created this 2024 guide to show you the ins and outs of container homes in Ohio. Whether you’re in Cleveland, Columbus, or anywhere else throughout Ohio, this article is for you.

Check out everything from typical costs to local zoning laws, and even what shipping container home builder serving the Buckeye state you should choose. Getting started has never been easier.

How much does a shipping container house in Ohio cost?

shipping container home for sale in Ohio

The cost of building a shipping container home in Ohio depends on whether you DIY them or buy them as pre-built homes. Naturally, a more complex living space warrants larger prices.

If you build a container home yourself, it will cost about $130 to $175 per square foot. This cost-effective option will need a base set of skills when it comes to building container homes. If you have the experience and technical ability to build a home, then DIY may be the better option.

Time of container home construction for a complex, fully furnished DIY home is around 3 to 4 months, if you’re consistent. Regardless of the time and effort needed though, the cost will be a lot cheaper than in modular homes.

If you want to ensure everything is done right and don’t want to deal with the hassle of DIY, then buying a pre-built container home in Ohio is the way to go. Pre-built homes in 2024 are usually around $250 to $300 per square foot when you factor in materials and labor. 

You should also factor in the shipping costs from the manufacturer. For example, shipping costs from Custom Container Living’s warehouse in Archie, MO to Ann Arbor, MI will cost around $3,714.

As compared to DIY homes, prefabricated homes can be delivered to your property in as little as ten weeks.

Ohio Container homes for sale you can buy right now

Whether you decide to go the pre-built or DIY route, we’ve put together a list of some of the best shipping container structures in the state right now. We have provided all needed specifications, from price range to manufacturer.

Uno House

uno container house
uno living room

uno floor plan
  • Price: $65,296 plus local tax
  • Number of containers used: 1
  • Container size: 40ft High Cube Container (40ft x 8ft x 9ft 6in)
  • Size: 320 square feet usable area plus 81 square feet front deck
  • Number of bedrooms: 1
  • Number of bathrooms: 1
  • Standout Feature: features a front deck area 
  • Manufacturer: Global Modulars  

The Uno House features one bedroom, one bathroom, one large kitchen and living room space, and a front terrace. Its price covers the foundation, permit work, and kitchen furnishing for the granite counter and shaker cabinetry. 

Global Modulars products are consistent in their proofing and eco-friendly properties. Following this, the Uno House is mold, water, fire, bug, and wind resistant. It also has hurricane and earthquake proofing with its impact-proof doors and windows. The house is solar ready as well.

Although it can only fit one to two persons, its floor plan and large glass door creates an illusion of a spacious home with lots of light. For all of this, the Uno House is moderately priced in the market. Of course, there is its drawback being limited customization.

As such, if you are a couple or an individual that values sturdiness, luxury, and environmental awareness with less priority on custom designs then this home is for you.

Duo House

duo house
kitchen and dining area of ohio steel storage container home

duo floor plan 1 of 2
duo floor plan 2 of 2
  • Price: $103,354 plus local tax
  • Number of containers used: 2
  • Container size: 40 ft by 8 ft by 9 ft 6 in
  • Size: 640 square feet usable area plus 620 square feet roof terrace 
  • Number of bedrooms: 2
  • Number of bathrooms: 1
  • Standout Feature: features a roof terrace
  • Manufacturer: Global Modulars 

The Duo House features a spacious floor plan with an added roof terrace and overhang. Its price covers the same features as that of the Uno House plus the stairs. The Duo House also has the same proofing and eco-friendly properties as the Uno House with the same moderate pricing and limited customization.

The Duo House maximizes the interior and exterior space for luxury living with its overhang and roof terrace as outdoor spaces. These outdoor spaces can be lounge areas, children’s small playgrounds, or areas for pets. The Duo House is perfect for a couple with each having their own space or for a small family.

So, if you do not care for customization but highly value extended outdoor spaces, sturdy homes, and energy efficient systems, then the Duo House is for you. 

The Homestead

the homestead
floor plan example
  • Price: starts at $178,447
  • Number of containers used: 3
  • Container size: 40 ft by 8 ft by 9 ft 6 in 
  • Size: unspecified
  • Number of bedrooms: 3
  • Number of bathrooms: 2
  • Standout Feature: features a Zone 4 insulation using closed cell spray foam
  • Manufacturer: Bob’s Containers 

If you are instead looking for extra space for a larger family, then we introduce you to the Homestead model. This model uses a tactical placement to its rooms for max area. It has three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and one large living room and dining room space. 

It is one of the more furnished homes you can find with semi-furnished bathrooms and kitchenette. For a straight-forward design with no deck or outdoor space and simple exterior finishing, the model’s price is on the lower side of the market. However, its design is highly customizable if you want some added personal charm.

So if you are a large family that is searching for a highly affordable and simple house that is conveniently furnished, then the Homestead model is right here waiting for you.

3 best container home builders in Ohio

Here is a short list of the best modular home builders for Ohioans. Go visit their websites for the whole process from designing to finally living in your own tiny home. All of these builders deliver throughout the USA, from New Jersey to New Hampshire to Louisiana

Container Homes USA

Container Homes USA is an Ohio-based company founded in 2016. They offer six models for residential living spaces as well as a custom home option. Their models are highly flexible due to their extensive in-house design services. So, they can meet any desired aesthetic.

They offer special turn-key construction services to projects based in Ohio. In other words, they handle everything from construction to all legal work. Their homes, such as their 2 Bedroom Custom Container Home, are also known for their upgraded finishes like Anderson windows and granite countertops. 

So, if you are looking for a builder that can handle everything with low delivery costs then Container Homes USA would be a great match. 

image 3 13

Global Modulars

Global Modulars is a Florida-based prefab home manufacturer established in 1987. They have a rich operating history, servicing the whole of the United States. They have six models with modernized looks. These, however, are of limited modifications with no offers on custom models.

Homes from Global Modulars are always ready for solar and wind power systems. So, if you are searching for highly experienced builders that can create eco-friendly homes but with limited customization and added shipping costs, then Global Modulars are perfect for you.

A great example of their standard design is their Double Deck House that is proofed and resistant to most weather and environment issues. It is solar ready with a characteristic modern look from the exterior bricks or stucco finishing.

global modular builders example

Bob’s Containers

Bob’s Containers is a modular manufacturer in Texas founded in 2019 that services all of the United States. They offer a wide range of highly customizable container home models, having 18 configurations with the largest being 960 sq. ft. 

Bob’s containers also offer financing and turn-key construction services. For areas outside of Central Texas, Bob’s Containers hire a third-party to handle all local work.

Their most popular model is the Alpine Home which has an open-concept floor plan. As their trademark flexibility, the Alpine Home can be modeled as you see fit with one bedroom and one bathroom at each end of the container. 

If you don’t mind added shipping costs and a not so extensive history then Bob’s Containers are ideal for a one-stop shop with highly customizable smaller modular models. 

bob's containers prefab home

Are container homes legal in Ohio?

Yes, they are legal in Ohio. The container home community in Ohio is growing and making one here won’t be more difficult than other states.

Laws for container homes are like any other residences where building regulations should be followed. Local codes for Ohio are the Ohio Building Code (OBC) and the Residential Code of Ohio (RCO). Proving your compliance with the OBC or RCO may be hard if you don’t know your way.  

The house models and builders we have listed in this guide can help you get your container home in the clear. If you plan to DIY your home, then you should apply for a building permit from the Ohio Board of Building Standards. Remember that the Board may not grant your permit if they find a lack of compliance to the OBC or RCO. 

Unfortunately, there is no one zoning law for Ohio with each community having their own. So, we recommend you to consult your local authorities for your zoning issues.

Financing your container home in Ohio

Container homes may be affordable but, sometimes, money isn’t that easy to come by. If you need a quick boost in your finances, here are some possible mortgage options:  

  1. Michigan State Federal Credit Union (MSUFCU)
  2. NP, Inc. TPO Lending
  3. Amerifirst Home Mortgage

You can also consult your builder for lending companies they have worked with. Some builders also offer mortgage solutions as a one-stop shop.


In closing, if you are searching for traditional home alternatives then shipping container homes in Ohio may be your best option. They are the faster and more affordable housing paired with a unique look.

The market has never been this good with this amount of homes and builders within and outside of the state. We bet you can find your ideal home in just a snap with our guide. With this, we wish you the best of luck in your container house hunt.

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