What Is Container Lashing and Why Is It Important?

What Is Container Lashing and Why Is It Important

In this article, we’ll explain in detail all you need to know about container lashing, from the different types of container securing equipment, lashing materials, and container stacks. Stick around. What Is Container Lashing? Container lashing is the process of safely securing shipping containers on the cargo ship. The shipping containers are loaded onto the […]

How Many Shipping Containers are Lost at Sea Annually?

shipping container lost at sea in the Pacific

Wondering how many shipping containers are lost at sea every year? With the rise of global trade, container ships and the goods they carry have become the backbone of international trade. The global fleet of container ships grew to 5,534 ships in 2021, 4,966 ships in 2011, according to statistica. On top of the freighters, […]

Shipping Container Transport Services: A Buying Guide

Shipping Container Transport Services

Looking for a shipping container transport service? You landed on the right page! Shipping containers aren’t easy to deal with in any way. They’re not easy to transport or construct. And while I can’t help with the construction issues, I can give you a headstart to the best shipping container transport service.  You’ll be able […]

Benefits of Shipping Container Trailers


When you need to move goods, shipping container trailers get the job done. Rather than unloading a full shipping container, then reloading the goods into a trailer, putting containers on shipping container haulers saves time and money.  If you need to buy a shipping container trailer, you will want one that can manage the container’s […]

How to Pack a Shipping Container When Moving

how to pack a shipping container when moving

Is packing a shipping container easy? If it’s your first time, we’re here to tell you that it’s much more than just loading up your belongings. It requires lots of preparation and understanding of loading strategies prior to packing your items into the container. This ensures you won’t damage your household goods and that nothing […]