Shipping Container Transport Services: A Buying Guide

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Shipping containers aren’t easy to deal with in any way. They’re not easy to transport or construct. And while I can’t help with the construction issues, I can give you a headstart to the best shipping container transport service. 

You’ll be able to move your container from one place to another from the comfort of your own home. To put your mind at ease, you need to know the company’s safety regulations, guidelines, and policies you’re dealing with. In this article, I’ll review the best companies available.

The Best Shipping Container Transport Companies for 2024

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Moving shipping containers isn’t that hard. Hundreds of companies specialize in it, and they’re capable of transporting heavy loads without a hitch. Whether you’re moving an empty 9,000-pound container or a full 30,000-pound container, you’ll find someone to do it for you on this list.

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#1 Fr8star Container delivery

Fr8star hauling shipping containers
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No matter how large your container is and where you want to move it, Fr8star can do it for you. The company has an extensive network of transport companies, covering the states and a couple of nearby countries. They have all the heavy machinery needed for transportation, and they handle all legal permits and freight requirements of the process.

With Fr8star, you don’t need a forklift or a crane to haul your container onto a trailer. Instead, the company utilizes tipper trailers that operate on hydraulic cylinders. The way they work, they lift the whole bed with the container on it for a smooth loading process.

The company also has some container chassis trailers. They’re full frames that go around shipping containers, offering protection and easy loading. These chassis trailers are only available for 20-foot, 40-foot, and 45-foot containers. 

The best thing about them is the lightweight. When you’re using a lightweight trailer, you can add weight to the container itself, and you’d still not pass the legal limit. That’s why these fellows are often used for docks transporting.

Last but not least, Fr8star offers flatbed trailers for 20-foot and 40-foot trailers. These will still need a forklift or a crane for hauling, though.

If you want to get a quote for Fr8star’s prices, get it through this link.

#2 Freight Center

shipping container delivered with heavy machinery
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Like Fr8star, Freight Center has a wide network of transport companies specialized in moving heavy cargo loads. That includes shipping containers, even if they’re refrigerated containers. Freight Center arranges everything regarding the shipping container transportation process, including the pickup, container delivery, and freight requirements. They also work with both residential and commercial shippers.

Cargo containers can either be partial load or full load. Partial load shipping containers are typically easier to transport because they’re usually within the legal weight limit, and handling lighter weight is always easier. However, with Freight Center, it doesn’t matter.

Whether you have a full-load or a partial-load container, they will move it for you. You won’t have to pay a lot either, because Freight Center operates on ships and rails. As you probably know, air transportation costs a lot more than it’s worth. With Freight Center, you won’t have complaints about the cost to move a shipping container. You can always get an exact price on shipping container relocation through this link.

#3 Heavy Haulers Shipping Container Movers

heavy haulers cargo container moving company
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With its extensive, various cargo services, and broad transporting network, it’s no wonder Heavy Haulers is the leading shipping container moving company on the market for transporting containers and all kinds of heavy loads, including heavy equipment. They deliver across the entire US, Mexico, and Canada, and unlike other companies, they have trucks for the transportation process.

With Heavy Haulers, you can move 10-foot, 20-foot, 40-foot, or 50-foot containers across all the mentioned countries. And living true to their name, they have cranes that haul your containers onto the truck and out of it. You won’t have to worry about freight requirements or legal permits because the company has a team of logistic professionals for that. They also plan the best route for your container according to the load and destination. If you need any escorts or permits, the company will provide that too.

Not only that, but Heavy Haulers also have a full support team to keep you updated on the movement of your container. Your container will arrive at the destination on time and without any hiccups on the way.

The prices aren’t available on Heavy Haulers’ website, but you can request a quote here.

#4 Containgo Shipping Container Delivery

containgo shipping container moving equipment and cargo with top loading steel frame
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If you want to move your containers yourself, Containgo may be your best bet. They have a line of products dedicated to moving containers, including a patented trailer and a robust pair of wheels.

Unfortunately, the Containgo trailers are only fit for 20-foot containers. They’re promising a 40-foot version in the upcoming years, but until it’s out, you can only use the trailer for small containers.

The Containgo patented trailers have a multitude of benefits. For one, they don’t need a massive ground clearance to operate, contrary to other trailers. You can haul your container easily with as little as 25 feet of ground area. Not to mention, moving the containers will be much easier without additional machinery. 

The trailers are available in two versions: the Gooseneck, weighing 7120 pounds, and the Pintle, weighing 6250 pounds.

A single operator can load and unload the containers like a pro; the trailer and wheels are designed to make sure the container is hauled without any dropping or contents dumping.

The wheels attach to your container in a matter of seconds, and their robust frame glides smoothly, not affected by the weight. Using them, you’ll only need a forklift to move your container around.

#5 Container Movers

container moving team using a truck for storage container shipment
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The thing with Container Movers is they don’t only offer transportation services. Instead, their services also include level lifting, drayage, landoll, and crane services. On top of that, they offer nationwide pick-up and delivery logistics, and they can move all sizes of containers: 20-foot, 40-foot, 45-foot, and 53-foot ones.

The company has its own array of equipment including landolls, side lifters, and cranes for hauling containers. They can ship your personal containers or third-party containers all the same.

The side lifters that Container Movers use are fully capable of handling fully-loaded cargo containers without a hitch. No matter how heavy your container is, the trucks can lift it. 

These lifters are also designed to lift your storage containers straight and put them down straight. That way, no tilting occurs, and the container contents stay safe without swinging around.

The convenience doesn’t end here; the advanced lifters come with automatic loading technologies, so only one operator is needed to safely handle the whole transportation process.

If you want to get an exact price for the shipping container you want to transport, you can get it here, and the support team will provide a reply.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you still have doubts regarding the shipping container transport service of your choice, you can check these answers to some frequently asked questions I received. Not everyone is fully aware of how the transportation process goes, so it’s okay to have some unanswered questions.

How much does it cost to ship a container overseas?

The cost can differ depending on a lot of variables, such as the container’s size, load weight, and the distance between the pickup location and the destination. However, on an average estimate, it can cost you all the way from $1500 to $7000 to move a 20-foot container.
Of course, as the size and weight go up, the price goes up, and it differs from one company to another.

Is there a weight limit in transporting a shipping container?

Yes, sometimes there are weight limits to transporting shipping containers. That’s especially if you’re using dock transportation. However, the container transport company should handle these matters for you, including all the legal permits needed to move the container within the country or overseas.

What is the best shipping container transport service?

In terms of the variety of services, Heavy Haulers offer all that there is to offer. They move all sizes of containers, covering the 50 states plus Mexico and Canada. So, no matter what and where you want to transport, Heavy Haulers will do it for you. 

If you want to do the transportation yourself, you can always buy Containgo’s trailer or wheels.


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All the listed companies are equally capable of moving your containers across the United States, and some of them operate across Canada and Mexico as well. 

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