Guide to Renting Shipping Containers

guide to renting shipping container

Thinking of renting a shipping container, but not sure if it makes sense? A shipping container is a container that is used to transport heavy machinery and equipment across the sea. It has enough strength to withstand shipment, storage, and handling. There are many factors you have to consider when renting a shipping container. So, […]

Complete Guide to Shipping Container Insulation

shipping container insulation

A complete guide on what you need to know about container insulation, including a list of the best insulations for containers. You’ll also learn why shipping container insulation is important and how it can save money and energy in the long run.

Different Types of Shipping Containers and What They’re Used For

Types of Shipping Containers

There are many types of shipping containers in use today, and you may be surprised to learn that while some haul cargo, others are people’s homes or businesses. These highly versatile metal boxes can haul a surprisingly heavy amount of material but also get retrofitted to suit a variety of commercial and residential needs. Types […]