One Trip Shipping Containers for Sale

Are you on the lookout for a good-looking, sturdy, well-maintained shipping container for your next big project? Save yourself some time and look no further than one trip shipping containers. You’ll only need to take one trip to see these pristine-looking containers before making up your mind!

One trip shipping containers are the best-possible top-notch condition containers that you can purchase and are ideal for those with less time on their hands to worry about fixing up possible container damage and wear and tear issues. 

If you’re looking for a shipping container with minimal to no damage or wear and tear, then paying a higher price for a one-trip shipping container is probably an ideal option for you. 

What is a One-Trip Shipping Container?

One-trip shipping containers are exactly what they sound like! They are a steel-frame cargo container that has been on exactly one trip before being sold for private use. 

They come in all of the standard shipping container sizes and are classified as “new” containers so are sold at higher prices than other, older, shipping containers. 

One-trip containers are certified and guaranteed not to leak or have any excess damage caused by wind or other elements. They may, however, come with minor dents and scratches from being loaded up and hauled overseas before they go up for sale after their first (and only) transport. 

The Differences Between One-Trip, Cargo-Worthy, and Wind and Water Tight Shipping Containers

By now, if you’re researching shipping containers for your home or office DIY project, you may have come across the terms, wind and watertight, one-trip, and cargo worthy containers. 

The condition of all containers is determined by the Institute of International Container Lessors (IICL) and a valid Convention for Safe Containers (CSC) plate. 

Although all three types of these containers can be used for building projects, office spaces, storing cargo, and more, there are some major differences between the three that might alter your decision when choosing the right container for you.  

One-Trip Containers

As mentioned above, these containers are used once, more often than not just to be transported to a new location or carry cargo one time, and are then sold as “new”. 

There will be little to no exterior and interior damage done to the steel and no rust. It is for this reason that one-trip containers are highly sought-after when looking to build a new project for living/residing in.  

The only downside to one-trip shipping containers is that they aren’t exactly as “environmentally-friendly” as older, used containers because they’re being constructed as new. Using older containers constitutes recycling whereas using new containers does not. 

Here is an example of what a one-trip shipping container will look like if it is in good condition:

Pristine condition, ready for fitting out immediately after purchase. 

Cargo Worthy Containers

Cargo-worthy containers are shipping containers mostly used for international and overseas transport

To be classed as cargo-worthy, these containers must have a CSC plate outlining all necessary details including a certificate of wind and watertight approval. 

This type of container is generally used for shipping purposes for over 8 years before being sold privately. If you were to purchase a cargo-worthy container it may come with significant dents and exterior deterioration. 

Here is an example of what a cargo-worthy shipping container will look like:

Untitled 2123qwds

As you can see, the body of the container may need some minor work before beginning any kind of construction work on this type of container. 

Wind and Water Tight Containers

Wind and watertight (WWT) containers are not cargo-worthy because they don’t have the CSC seal of approval for international and overseas shipping standards. 

WWT containers are by far one of the cheaper options when it comes to purchasing your sturdy steel frame. You can pick up cheap WWT containers for as little as US$1,500 for older, more dented models. 

Just like the cargo-worthy containers, WWT containers may or may not come with significant wear and tear and dents. The more damage to the frame, the cheaper the container. 

Here is an example of a wind and water tight container:


Though it is still sturdy, and essentially hurricane proof as some would say, there are a few damages as well as rust deterioration that make this container not-so-pleasing to the eye. 

What are the Costs of a One-Trip Container?

Because they are basically new and come in the best condition possible out of all containers, one-trip shipping containers are more expensive than others. 

You can purchase a one-trip container for approximately US$3,000, depending on its condition and availability. Prices can be dearer for great-quality containers as well as any modified foundations. Some one-trip containers are priced at US$5,000 or more for being in great condition. 

Keep in mind, this does not include delivery prices either. 

One-Trip Shipping Container Sizes

One-trip containers come in the standard 10’, 20’, and 40’, shipping container diameters as well as some of the more unusual sizes such as 8’, and 53’, as well as high-cube, and others.

For more information on available container sizes and dimensions, you can check out our news and blogs here

Buying Vs Renting a One-Trip Shipping Container

When deciding whether to purchase or rent a shipping container there are some factors to consider to help ease the burden of your decision. 

  1. How long will you need the container?
  2. What is the main purpose of your shipping container?
  3. What is your budget?

Hiring a shipping container can cost a little, or it can cost a lot. As a general rule, we like to go by how long you need the container for. If you need a container for 6 months or more, it will most likely work out cheaper for you to buy a shipping container. 

The benefits of buying a one-trip shipping container

Here are the benefits of purchasing a container, one-trip or other:

  • You can modify the container as you see fit
  • One flat rate and one delivery fee to your preferred location
  • You have full control over how the container is used and utilised 
  • One-trip shipping containers are like-new and as such may look more pleasing on both the inside and the exterior of the container
  • A great option for a construction project ie. home build, cafe, building development, etc. 

The benefits of renting a one-trip container

There are also some benefits to renting a container such as:

  • Delivery is taken care of by the company (although you will incur the delivery fee for pick up and drop off)
  • Once you’re finished with the container it’s no longer your concern, it simply goes back to the company for further use
  • One-trip rentals come in prime condition and are usually certified with CSC
  • A great option for a short-term solution ie. office rental, storage etc. 


One trip shipping containers are an ideal option for those looking to build or renovate their home with a minimalistic approach. The steel frame is already ready-to-go, all you have to do is fit it out!

One-trip containers are ready to be used as soon as they’re purchased as they haven’t gone through extensive overseas and international shipping conditions so don’t have the wear and tear fixups that older containers might need. 

Ready to start your one-trip container project today? Fill out the form provided and Container Addict will support you by finding the right container to meet your needs. 

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