20ft Shipping Container Cargo Worthy

Cargo-worthy containers are structurally sound and weather-resistant, making them ideal for converting into homes or offices, and suitable for transporting cargo aboard container ships. Please note that the “Cargo Worthy” designation does not guarantee certification for overseas shipping..


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One step down from one-trip shipping containers, containers that are classified as cargo-worthy must be strong and weather-resistant enough to transport cargo aboard container ships. There may be dents, dings, and rust on this item due to normal wear and tear. A Cargo Worthy designation indicates that the container is structurally sound and does not specifically reflect its visual appeal.

These are the ideal shipping containers if you plan on converting the container into something such as a home or office because they’re still structurally sound, but not as expensive as new one-trip containers.

As a reminder, the designation of “Cargo Worthy” does not guarantee that the container has the CSC plates or stickers or surveys required for overseas shipping. This usually indicates that the container is sound enough to be certified, but it does not imply certification.

While cargo-worthy definitions can vary quite a bit, one thing is certain: these containers are strong enough to transport cargo. A cargo-worthy container might be the best option if you need to move the container at some point – even overseas.

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***Please note that the shipping container example in the images above is not the actual shipping container, but is an example of the type and condition of cargo worthy containers we offer