20ft Shipping Container Wind Watertight (WWT)


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The 20ft wind and watertight shipping container should be free from holes and any other defects that allow wind and water to enter. These containers are generally more than 10 years old and will have visible rust, dings and dents.

They’ve also usually gone through some repairs in the past. In general, wind and watertight shipping containers are the most cost-effective choice for people who need to store items for general use.

While the 20-foot WWT container’s exterior will have some damage, including rust, they are still able to resist wind and water so that your stored items are protected. Twenty-foot WWT containers are not subject to any formal inspection by a government body like cargo worthy containers are, but they are inspected before resale to ensure no wind or water is able to get through.

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***Please note that the shipping container example in the images above is not the actual shipping container, but is an example of the type and condition of wind and watertight containers we offer.

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Weight 5070 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 8 × 8.5 ft