Best Shipping Container Homes for Sale in Oregon for 2024

A new trend is emerging in Oregon – building homes out of shipping containers!

This sustainable and eco-friendly method of construction is not only good for the environment, but also results in a unique and stylish home.

Shipping container homes can be built quickly and cheaply, making them a great option for Oregonians looking for an affordable place to live. With a little creativity, your shipping container home can be the envy of your neighborhood!

Here’s your complete guide to building a container home in Oregon.

How Much Do Container Homes in Oregon Cost?

Nowadays, people in Oregon are leaning more towards building homes out of shipping containers than sticking with a traditional home. Not only because those houses save you money, but it’s also great having a custom-made house that fits all your needs.

Not to mention how little construction work these houses require and the specific structure that allows them to go where the majority of ordinary houses can’t.

There are two options to choose from when it comes to container homes in Oregon. You can either buy prefabricated shipping containers or DIY your own container home project.

Oregon container home builders can charge you anywhere between $10,000 and $35,000 for a basic, medium-quality home. However, huge container homes that consist of multiple shipping containers can cost way more than that. We’re talking about almost five times more.

The DIY shipping container home cost is typically around $130 – $175 per sq ft while buying pre-built container homes usually costs around $250 – $300 per sq ft.

However, when compared to the cost of building a new home, shipping container houses are much more affordable.

The prices of homes in Oregon range between $175,000 and $470,000. So, even if you choose to go extravagant and build a luxury, multiple-room, eco-friendly container home, it would cost you far less than that.

There are many factors contributing to the cost of building a container home. Aside from the land site, land value, and climate requirements, other factors include but aren’t limited to:

  • Plumbing and electrical work
  • The number of containers involved
  • The design and layout
  • Flooring
  • Doors and windows
  • Insulation
  • Kitchen and bathroom

Shipping Container Homes for Sale in Oregon

There’s a wide variety of container home manufacturers in Oregon to choose from. If you’re looking to buy a home made out of shipping containers, here are some of the best:

1. The RAMONA 40’ Container Home by Relevant Buildings

  • Price: $46,000 for the weather-tight shell*
  • # of containers used: 1
  • Container sizes: 40 ft
  • Size in sq ft: 442 sq ft
  • # of bedrooms: 1
  • # of bathrooms: 1
  • Standout Feature: The RAMONA 40’ is a hybrid shipping container home. The standard 40’ container is combined with a stick built to create a wider indoor space.
  • Manufacturer: Relevant Buildings

The RAMONA 40’ container house has a modern appeal to it and it offers you the option to create a duplex by stacking two containers on top of each other, making it an extremely space-efficient option.

The extension part’s exterior is lined with exterior siding giving it a modern aesthetic. Additionally, the original cargo doors are left open in place to create a balcony with an outdoor deck attached to it. However, this deck comes with an additional cost.

*The weather-tight shell option comes with the steel work complete, exterior doors, vents, exterior wall framing, and flooring. It also includes the exterior paint as well as all the drawings and licenses needed. For extra cash, you can even have all modern amenities included.

2. The Tea House Container Home by Relevant Buildings

  • Price: $105,000 for the weather-tight shell*
  • # of containers used: 3
  • Container sizes: Two 20’ containers + one 40’ container
  • Size in sq ft: 770 sq ft
  • # of bedrooms: 2
  • # of bathrooms: 1
  • Standout Feature: The Tea House layout design is highly convenient. The floor plan shows that the interior space is created by two 20’ containers placed side by side and a 40’ placed perpendicularly.
  • Manufacturer: Relevant Buildings

The Tea House container home combines beauty and efficiency with a great open-concept living space and kitchen. Fitted with large windows, this container house offers the greatest amount of daylight as well as ventilation.

The exterior of the shipping container home maintains its industrial style with the iconic container’s grooves visible. Additionally, a welded steel mesh on the exterior wall allows you to grow climbing plants.

3. The De Lux 40’ Container Home by Relevant Buildings

  • Price: $98,000 for the weather-tight shell*
  • # of containers used: 2
  • Container sizes: 40 ft
  • Size in sq ft: 1177 sq ft
  • # of bedrooms: 2
  • # of bathrooms: 2
  • Standout Feature: The De Lux 40 container home model is one of the largest container home models. The floor plan shows a spacious interior created by two 40’ containers set 8 ft apart, with a middle stick-built part supporting a high lofted roof.
  • Manufacturer: Relevant Buildings

The De Lux shipping container home model has two bedrooms. One of these is a master bedroom with a bathroom that can also be converted to a walk-in closet. Additionally, there’s another full bathroom, a living space, a dining area, and a kitchen.

Furthermore, there’s a partially covered deck area, which is great for an outdoor living space. What stands out the most in this model is the lofted ceiling. It emphasizes the open concept and allows room for more windows, which enhances the light.

All in all, it’s one of the most magnificent container house units.

4. The Suite Spot River 45 Container Home by Relevant Buildings

  • Price: $108,000 for the weather-tight shell*
  • # of containers used: 2
  • Container sizes: 40 ft
  • Size in sq ft: 663 sq ft
  • # of bedrooms: 1
  • # of bathrooms: 1
  • Standout Feature: The Suite Spot River 40 container home model provides an optimum value for money. It offers a modern open-concept living space with many cool features, suitable for a small family.
  • Manufacturer: Relevant Buildings

The Suite Spot River 40 container home is created using two 40 ft shipping containers side by side. It comes with one spacious bedroom and one full bathroom alongside an open-concept living space featuring a living area, kitchen, and a small dining area.

The design also includes a laundry room and a spacious outdoor deck. In addition, it maintains the industrial look on the exterior. Just like the Tea House model, the Suite Spot River 40 is perfect for growing climbing plants as it has a similar welded steel mesh on the exterior wall.

Best Container Home Builders in Oregon

When you decide to build a shipping container home, it’s essential to choose a reputable builder. Although you can DIY some parts, hiring a professional home builder is vital. That’s because they ensure that your home is safe to live in and matches the state’s building codes.

To find the builder that matches your needs, do thorough research. Ask around for the best company and don’t hesitate to take the matter to social media platforms.

Over there, you can save time by finding helpful information about the company and former clients’ reviews. You can’t imagine how much useful information you can find by looking through your internet browser. 

Here are a few container home builders situated in Oregon or a neighboring state for you to consider:

1. Relevant Buildings Company

Relevant Buildings is an Oregon-based company that designs and builds prefabricated residential homes made of upcycled shipping containers. In fact, it’s the only Oregon-based company that specializes in modular homes.

They offer multiple home options with different sizes ranging from 320 to 1443 sq ft. Additionally, they build office buildings and multifamily dwellings.

Relevant Buildings incorporate wood within their designs by adding stick-built bits, which extend the space or allow room for higher ceilings. Despite that, the amount of wood used is significantly less than in ordinary homes.

2. Steelblox

Although based in Lompoc, California, Steelblox company serves more than one location including the state of Oregon and all the way to Washington. Founded in 1994, Steelblox creates modern, modular home units in custom and pre-engineered layouts.

What’s so special about Steelblox is that their homes don’t look like your typical shipping container home. Instead, all their homes have modern designs and facades finished with different materials.

Are Container Homes Legal in Oregon?

Shipping container homes are legal in Oregon, but only on certain types of land. These homes are allowed on sites specifically set aside for single-family homes.

When it comes to alternative construction methods, like these types of modular houses, Oregon is known to be quite progressive among off-grid communities. Actually, there are many shipping container houses already built in Oregon.

So, whether you choose to build your own container house to enjoy the Pacific coast ranges, desert flatlands, cascade mountains, or the river, you’ll definitely be pleased.


In conclusion, building a shipping container home in Oregon is an exciting and unique way to build a home. The process is relatively simple and the finished product will have you standing out from the crowd.

Shipping container homes are also very eco-friendly and can be adapted to any climate. If you’re looking for a unique and sustainable way to build a home, container homes are definitely worth considering.

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