Shipping Container Homes in California for Sale

If you’re considering a shipping container home in California, this guide is for you. We’ll cover everything you need to know, from the costs to build, houses you can buy right now, plus some of the top builders for your project in California.

Shipping containers present a unique, budget-friendly alternative to traditional homes. So, whether you’re looking for a permanent or vacation home, we’ve got you covered. We’ll even go over some financing options to get your project off the ground.

Read on for the complete guide to shipping container homes in California.

How much do shipping container homes in California cost? 

Container builders in California offer you the luxury of moving into pre-built container homes in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and costs. roughly costing between $50,000 to $200,000. Of course, if you want a luxury container home, California has that too, as you’ll see below with Steelblox’s $672,000 prefabricated container home.

The price of a prefabricated container home is around $250 – $300 per sq ft depending on the number and size of containers used. That’s not too bad when you consider the fact that the average for a traditional home is around $400 – $600 per sq ft.

Custom-made container homes in California are usually more expensive when compared to prefabricated container homes.

On the other hand, a typical DIY container home in California costs about $130 – $175 per sq ft. DIY container homes are incredibly affordable and cost-effective if you have the required skills for your project. 

3 Container homes for sale in CA you can buy right now

1. K800 LR – Kubed Living

  • $242,000
  • Built with two 40’ shipping containers 
  • 800 square feet
  • 1 living room
  • 1 kitchen
  • 2 Bedrooms 
  • 2 Bathrooms

If you want unmatched luxury and ample space in a prefab container home, then the K800-LR is for you. The K800-LR is a decent-looking, stylishly-designed steel shipping container house from Kubed living.

Kubed Living’s K800 LR model is an 800 square foot home built with two 40ft shipping containers. Priced at $242,000, this model features one massive living room, one tastefully-furnished kitchen, two bedrooms, and two bathrooms.

The exterior of the K800 container home is stunning. It retains the normal structure of the shipping container and includes high-quality mirrors and an intriguing rooftop pattern. K800-LR is built for space efficiency and pure elegance. 

2. The Joshua Model – Bob’s Containers

  • $95,508
  • One 40’ shipping container 
  • 320 square feet
  • 1 living room
  • 1 kitchen
  • 1 Bedroom 
  • 1 Bathroom
  • As seen on Netflix!

The Joshua model is the perfect candidate for ADUs, in-law suites, vacation rentals, and vacation homes. What’s great about this home is how fast it can be delivered, with lead times averaging 3-6 weeks, and build times for their luxury homes at just 5 weeks.

If you want a feature filled container home, the Joshua model is a great choice. This container house converts a 40’ shipping container to a comfortable dwelling unit and features additional living space offered by the exterior deck.

The outside of the container home nicely combines the natural Corten steel shipping container structure with impressive wood accents. On the inside of the Joshua model, the living space features an open plan that consists of the living room, kitchen, and dining space.

From the l-shaped countertops, stylish cabinets, well-mounted storage wall stands, and dining counter, you’ll find all the kitchen essentials available here.

On the other end of this 40-feet container home is the bedroom. It has a large bed, decent storage space, a nice closet area and adequate lighting from the windows.

Right in the middle is a regal bathroom with a full-size shower stall, toilet, vanity, and a storage shelf. 

3. Model 6 – Steelblox

  • $672,000
  • One 40’ shipping container 
  • 2240 square feet
  • 1 living room
  • 1 kitchen
  • 3 Bedrooms
  • 2 Bathrooms
  • Ensuite

If you’re in the container home market for an exceptional residential space for your family, Steelblox’s model 6 will serve you pretty well.

Functionality meets convenience in this spectacular steel house coming in at a whopping 2,240 square feet (1,920 interior SF and 320 exterior SF of space). The open floor plan presents simple, unique features such as the advanced smart home technology which you’ll hardly find with other modular homes. 

Model 6 offers 2 bathrooms, an ensuite, and 3 bedrooms with custom walk-in closets. You can tell that the entire structure was thoroughly thought out and carefully built based on the progressive, clean, and modern design.

Right at the center of this open floor plan is the living space. There you’ll get to see the living room, dining space, and kitchen all minimally, yet lavishly styled.

Every detail of this home has been carefully planned out, such as the LVT (Luxury/Vinyl/Tile) flooring, sound protective building elements, and Italian crafted casework for the cabinetry.

5 best container home builders in California 

Bob’s Containers

Bob’s Containers is a shipping container company that provides customized shipping container homes to all states in the US.

Their shipping container homes are designed and built with the idea of using them as standalone homes and investment opportunities.

They are experts in building container solutions, whether it’s a vacation rental space with a custom container home or a stylish container solution for events or gatherings.

Their team of certified experts is available to provide you with customizable, ready-to-ship DIY kits for container homes, multi-container modules, container offices, etc.

They have a 4-step process for container customization, that begins with building permitting, planning, and land preparation through to the entire building process.

These builders also offer shipping container home financing options to interested clients. 

Kubed Living

Kubed Living is an innovative container home builder in California that deals exclusively in contemporary, modular solutions.

One of their main objectives is promoting and improving sustainable, healthy living.   They are a one-stop shop for clients who want to achieve their dream home from design to move-in. 

With Kubed Living, you get through the entire process of owning a container home which includes design, permitting, installation, manufacturing, site Work, and project coordination.

These builders are passionate about providing clients with solutions that suit their needs and match their budgets, so they design and build their structures with thoughtful and unique ideas.

Kubed Living also has pre-designed container units you can easily personalize to your taste.


 The track record of Steel Blox proves that they are highly focused on premium-quality design, affordability, and speed.

They are not just another set of builders in California, Steelblox has a ground-breaking 70-year experience in delivering quality services to clients. They trust that their structures present a better way of living. 

Steelblox are an industry champion when it comes to modular designs and construction, they have built a system that has significantly reduced their architectural and engineering fees without compromising on quality. Steelblox help their clients obtain building permits and they deliver on time.


If you’re looking to build your container home quickly, TAYNR is a brilliant option for you. They prioritize customer service by ensuring that their design and build process is swift and easy, making the entire service seamless for their customers. 

TAYNR is a credible company of builders in California, they are housed and licensed under the California Factory Build Housing Program (FBH). 

They also use Intermodal Steel Building Units (ISBUs) for all their building structures. TAYNR are experts when it comes to tiny homes, secondary dwellings, as well as single and multi-family homes.

They are one of the best in building quality container homes in California.

  • Phone: 916-891-3003
  • Website: TAYNR 
  • Email address:
  • Office address: 600 Sunbeam Ave Suite 1&2 Sacramento, CA 95811


If there’s anything CRATE deserves more accolades for, it’s excellent craftsmanship.

They are a team of developers, architects, and designers that prioritize speed and efficiency, providing budget-friendly, sustainable steel solutions.

If you want a personal or family home, you’ll need to consider other builders for your project.

CRATE modular is a shipping container structure builder based in Los Angeles, California, that manufactures multifamily housing, educational facilities, commercial structures, and hospitality spaces.

With CRATE modular, you’ll worry less about the quality of their construction as each structure is inspected and approved by the state body even before it leaves the factory.

CRATE constructions are some of the most energy-efficient constructions you can find in California, they even offer pre-approved multi-residential buildings. According to CRATE manufacturers,  their structures are not just built fast but also built to last

Are container homes legal in California?

Yes, container homes are legal and widely accepted in California. The dearth of affordable housing is a challenge in California, making container homes an ideal alternative.

Residents of California are allowed to build custom container homes as long as it complies with California building codes and zoning requirements.

Although California has very rigid land laws, they are surprisingly more progressive and open-minded than many other U.S states when it comes to shipping container homes.

Hence California is a great place to build residential container units. You can learn all you need to know about California zoning laws and building regulations here. 

Financing your container home in California

Funding your container home in California is a big deal. If you are considering a DIY container home, you can personally finance your project gradually while sourcing other options.

If you intend to hire professional service, it’ll be in your best interest to work with builders who can help you source external funding. 

You can benefit from low-interest personal loans if you have a good credit score. Finding financing options for your container home is much easier with Acorn Finance, they can get you credit offers within a very short time. 


Building a shipping container home in California can be a great way to live sustainably, creatively and affordably. The process may seem daunting at first, but with the right information, resources, and preparation it can be an excellent alternative to traditional construction.

With California being as big as it is, make sure you research local laws and regulations and carry out thoughtful design planning. When done properly, building a shipping container home is one of the most unique housing options available in California today.

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