Best Shipping Container Homes in Maryland for Sale + Top Builders

Each year, homeowners spend thousands of dollars purchasing traditional brick-and-mortar homes. However, in this era of creativity, information, and innovation, you don’t have to subscribe to this traditional way of homeownership.

We have put together a list of shipping container homes in Maryland that will guide you through your alternative homeownership journey.

In this article, you will be able to think outside the box, identify competent builders, and customize your home to match your taste. Ready for the ride? Let’s go!

Best Shipping Container Homes in Maryland for Sale

Tiny House Container

CompanyTiny House Container
Year Founded2015
# of models3
Areas ServedMaryland
Homes Built100+
HeadquartersRidgely, Maryland
     Google ReviewsNo reviews
     Facebook5 stars (4 reviews)
     HouzzNo reviews
     YelpNo reviews
Create Custom PlanYes

 Tiny House Container is one of the shipping container builders in Maryland with 8 years of experience in the construction industry. The family-owned builder company specializes in customizing 20 ft. shipping containers into adventurous and dynamic models inspired by real-world experiences. 

One thing that makes Tiny House Container stand out is its specialization in three key models; Happy Weekender, Unique BnB, and Happy Queen Suite.

The three models have a similar layout consisting of a great room and an oversized bathroom. To the adventurer reading this; if you are looking for a perfect blend of mobile living and an outdoor experience for your weekend getaway, honeymoon, or a quiet and comfortable outdoor experience, look no further than THC. 

The family-owned builder company also specializes in certified container service plans, workshops, consulting, and tours of customized containers.

They take pride in their sturdy container homes that have been known to survive hurricanes and other natural disasters.

THC’s Facebook page is filled with positive feedback from past clients, a sure indication that you can trust them to meet your container customization needs. 

Happy Weekender Model by Tiny House Container

Great room with kitchenette

This model consists of a studio with kitchenette, and a huge bathroom. The kitchenette is packed with a 4-burner gas range with an oven and a double sink.

The bathroom stretches 48 square feet, making it larger than most apartment bathrooms. The Happy Weekender model was constructed using a single 20 ft. container customized to achieve an apartment-like design.

It comes in two versions; the Grand Happy Weekender, which is a luxurious version of the model, costs $54,790, while the Rustic Happy Weekender, a low-budget version of the model, costs $44,150.  The model is ideal for a weekend getaway, honeymoon, or a solo outdoor adventure.      

Pros and Cons of Tiny House Container


  • An ideal choice for adventurers, hikers, and outdoor lovers.
  • The rooms are spacious and can accommodate small groups on a budget.
  • Has accommodating prices for luxury, and budget buyers/renters.


  • The models are not ideal for big families.
  • The models have a simple design consisting of a great room and a big bathroom. Hence, unsuitable for luxury enthusiasts with complicated tastes.
  • They only offer three models hence buyers/renters have limited options to choose from

Travis Price Architects

CompanyTravis Price Architects
Year Founded1980
# of models4
Areas ServedUnited States, Europe, Asia, Americas
Homes Built3000+
HeadquartersWashington, DC
     Google Reviews4.9 stars
     Facebook5 stars
     Houzz5 stars
     Yelp5 stars
Create Custom PlanYes

For almost five decades, Travis Price Architects (TPA) has grown to amass an impressive portfolio for its unique designs and consistency to its vision. The architectural firm has received global recognition for its unique designs shaped by ecology, technology, and mythology.

The firm is guided by a passion for structures that are environmentally friendly and which portray human stewardship towards the gift of nature.

In a world where many industries have ignored environmental sustainability, TPA has boldly led the construction industry towards environmental consciousness, while also fulfilling their customer’s aesthetic and space needs.

Their projects range from residential projects to large commercial and institutional residents across the world. 

TPA has worked with some reputable associates such as National Geographic. XOX Media LLC, The Catholic University of America, and  Blue Crab to mention a few. These past associations are important because they affirm the firm’s credibility making it easier for you to trust them with your complex designs. 

Besides winning several prestigious awards such as The Best Modern Architect Washington, DC, The Progressive Architecture Research Award, and recently the AIA-25 Outstanding Research Awards, the firm has also been acknowledged by leading magazines like the New York Times, Home and Design, House Beautiful, Mid Atlantic Magazine, and Metropolitan Home Magazine, to mention a few.

These notable appearances paint the picture of a professional and outstanding partner that you can walk with throughout your container customization journey.

Residential-Single Model by Travis Price Architects

container home by Travis Price Architects

This luxury container home in Silver Spring, Maryland is made of 2 containers; a 20 ft. container and a 40 ft. container. The containers are stacked and protected with shutters fabricated from container steel and placed 20 ft. apart.

The space between the two containers acts as the home’s double-height living area and is built with conventional techniques and accessories to achieve an aesthetically pleasing exterior design feature. Since it’s situated on an incline, the house has been elevated by steep piers located above the ground.

The luxurious two-bedroom house also has an additional bathroom, kitchen, living room, and terrace. 

Pros and Cons of Travis Price Architects


  • They have the competence and expertise that comes with decades of experience.
  • They have a great organizational reputation
  • They are environmentally conscious.


  • Their many constructions may contribute to environmental degradation, especially in instances where trees have to be cut or animals have to be evacuated to make room for a structure.

I Can Build It LLP

CompanyI Can Build It LLP
Year Founded1950s
# of modelsCustom Designed
Areas ServedMaryland, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Virginia
Homes Built3000+
HeadquartersHagerstown, Maryland
     Google Reviews5 stars
     Facebook5 stars
     Houzz5 stars
     YelpNo reviews

I Can Build It LLP is a Maryland container builder with an impressive 65+ years in the construction industry. Just as its name goes, the builder doesn’t turn down any projects; from commercial residential to customized tiny container rooms, you can trust them to deliver your dream house to your doorstep.

I Can Build it has more than 1000 home ideas that they are eager to put to use. They also pride themselves in having a broad range of skills required to handle any project.

They have lived up to their name by being open to the challenges of custom work that other builders perceive as impossible.

Whether you want a tiny home in the middle of nowhere or a multi-million commercial construction project, you can trust that ICBI will show up and deliver.

Their success in the industry has seen them acknowledged by Hagerstown Magazine, Custom Home Magazine, and Frederick Magazine. They also made an appearance in Episodes 4 and 21 of the television series FYI Networks Tiny Home Nation.

Tiny House Model by I Can Build It

tiny home in Maryland by I Can Built It home builers

This purple tiny container house was the first container house customized by ICBI before they were contacted to participate in the Tiny Home Nation show. The house, constructed from a single 20 ft. container, was showcased in the Mid-Atlantic Tiny House Expo under the unique design category.

Pros and Cons of I Can Build It


  • They have skilled professionals who can construct any type of home.
  • They have a great organizational reputation having appeared in several magazines and a television show.
  • They have been in the industry longer and have an impressive portfolio.


  • They only specialize in tiny container homes. You cannot depend on them if you want a family home. 
  • Their prices are not transparent, and you’ll have to contact them to get a quotation.

CW Dwellings LLC

CompanyCW Dwellings LLC
Year Founded2016
# of models10
Areas ServedPennsylvania, Maryland
Homes BuiltUnspecified
HeadquartersWayne, Pennsylvania
PricingFrom $51,200
     Google Reviews4.0 stars
     FacebookNo reviews
     HouzzNo reviews
     YelpNo reviews
Create Custom PlanYes

CW Dwellings has been around for less than a decade and made a significant mark in the luxury construction industry. They are keen on reinforcing their containers to achieve sturdiness that can survive disastrous natural calamities.

They also focus on bringing out the best designs by creating top-notch floor plans, heating, air equipment, and a porch that connects the interior and exterior living spaces. 

They have a 6-phase construction criterion which includes; design, planning, construction, quality control, delivery, and installation.

These phases have been put in place to ensure that containers are properly customized and that the final product delivered on-site matches the customer’s requirements.  

Model House Sparrow 208 by DW Dwellings

Modular home Sparrow 208 by DW Dwellings

This model is created using a single standard 20 ft. container. It is about 160 square ft. The current price for this model starts at $51,200. It can be used as a shelter during emergency disasters or as a mobile home. The model made an appearance on Fox 29 Philadelphia News as a unique construction invention. 

Pros of DW Dwellings


  • They are keen on producing high-quality containers
  • They blend nature and modernity.
  • They solely specialize in container construction, hence they can be trusted with all your container needs. 


  • It hasn’t been in the industry for long and doesn’t rank high in terms of experience.
  • They lack an active social media presence.


How much does it cost to convert a shipping container into an additional room?

Variables such as the size of the home, location, materials, accessories, type of home, and more, will determine the cost. For example, kitchens and bathrooms carry a high value per square foot while bedrooms are less complicated.

Can you build a shipping container house in Maryland?

The law permits you to own a shipping container home in Maryland. However, like any other residential building, you will need to obtain a construction permit from the relevant authorities.

To obtain the permit, you must indicate in the application form that you have complied with the  applicable building codes and other requirements.

How much does it cost to insulate a shipping container home?

The price of insulating your container home will largely depend on the type of material you choose for insulation. Fiberglass material is relatively cheaper but is susceptible to mold.

Spray foam and EPS foam materials are pricier than fiberglass. The cost for foam insulation is typically around $2.00 – $2.50 per square foot.


Shipping container homes are gaining popularity as a viable alternative to traditional brick-and-mortar homes. With competent builders like Tiny House Container, Travis Price Architects, I Can Build It LLP, and CW Dwellings LLC, Maryland residents can now think outside the box and customize their homes to match their taste.

Whether you’re an adventurer looking for a mobile living experience or a luxury enthusiast, there is a container home option for you.

While the cost of conversion and insulation varies depending on several factors, the benefits of owning a shipping container home, including sturdiness and environmental sustainability, make it a worthwhile investment.

So why not take the leap and join the growing community of shipping container homeowners?

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