Shipping Container Homes for Sale in Vermont + Top Builders

If you’re looking for an alternative housing solution that is reliable, eco-friendly, and doesn’t cost a lot of money, you should definitely go for shipping container homes!

In fact, the container home industry is growing at a remarkable rate, with the latest reports from Fortune Business Insights rating the industry size at around $56.85 billion in 2021.

If you’re looking for shipping container homes for sale in Vermont, this guide will have you covered with 5 of the most recommended builders to consider.

How much do container homes in Vermont Cost?

The price of a container home depends on a variety of aspects. This includes whether you’re building it yourself or buying a prebuilt one. 

It also depends on the materials and the general complexity of the project. Ideally, a DIY container house can cost you anywhere between $130 to $175 per square foot.

However, if you’re hiring a professional to do it for you, the price tag should be typically around $250 to $300 per square foot.

5 best container home builders in Vermont

In this section, we’ll walk you through the 5 best container home builders in Vermont.

1. Custom Container Living

Let’s start with one of the most popular shipping container home builders out there. Custom Container Living was founded by Robert Wagoner, an experienced home builder with a passion for unique and alternative housing structures.

As a result, Custom Container Living captures the convenience and durability of container homes with the comfort of standard houses.

The company has its main office in Missouri. However, it builds and delivers container houses to all US states, including Vermont.

Since the company’s establishment in 2015, Custom Container Living has had hundreds of satisfied customers all over the nation. You can even read some of these testimonials on the company’s website!

We also like that they offer a large selection of container house plans, ranging from compact studios to spacious 3-bedroom options. Additionally, they can build custom plans and upgrade existing houses.

The company’s team also adjusts the models to meet the specific building codes to make it easier for you to obtain permits while building.

kitchen living shot from kitchen side in Custom Container Living container


  • Has a wide range of floor plans and models to suit different budgets and preferences
  • Optimizes the container houses to meet strict building codes
  • Offers a wide variety of financing options
  • Can build custom plans and upgrade existing ones


  • Take a relatively long time to build houses
  • You must book an appointment before visiting

2. CW Dwellings LLC

Although CW Dwellings has only been around since 2016, the company has established a name for itself when it comes to luxury construction. Despite that, CW Dwellings offer their unique houses at a relatively affordable price.

CW Dwellings is headquartered in Wayne, Pennsylvania where they build their prefab projects. However, they deliver reinforced container houses to Vermont and all other states.

One of the things we really like about CW Dwellings is their high transparency when it comes to building and designing floor plans. 

The company provides a lot of details regarding its 6-phase construction process, which starts with designing the floor plans and ends with delivering and installing them. 

The company also takes various measures to ensure optimal quality control throughout the building process. This makes the company a highly trustworthy builder despite its newcomer status.

CW Dwellings also offers 10 different container house plans to suit different preferences and requirements, ranging from tiny studios to large shelters.


  • Excellent level of transparency about the house-building process
  • Incredibly elegant designs
  • Fairly affordable prices
  • Great customer service


  • Relatively new to the industry, although they hire highly experienced personnel 
  • Little to no social media presence, so keeping up with their updates and news is tricky

3. Giant Containers

Giant Container prides itself in building an incredible variety of shipping container-based projects, whether they’re residential, commercial, or industrial.

The company is always committed to quality while constructing houses and relies on knowledgeable designers and craftsmen to keep the houses resilient and eco-friendly.

Giant Containers was founded in 2008. Back then, the company specialized in selling shipping containers (used and new) across North America. However, in 2010, it ventured into the home building business by establishing its fabrication facility in Toronto, Canada.

The company’s massive success allowed it to partner with various companies and brands to construct modular buildings, including Google, Ikea, Nike, Louis Vuitton, Microsoft, and much more!

The company ships stackable modular houses and delivers them worldwide while keeping the houses at a reasonable price.


  • Vast experience in building modular prefabricated houses
  • Constructs stackable and eco-friendly housing solutions 
  • Uses reinforced materials to ensure durability


  • Doesn’t offer pre-built plans for residential houses
  • You must contact the company to get a quote
Starburst-House from Giant Containers

4. Container Homes USA

Container Homes USA is one of the most reputable companies when it comes to building modular container homes.

The company was established in 2016, but its team has over 28+ years of experience in the construction business. This allows them to build sturdy and elegant houses in a timely fashion.

Container Homes USA features a unique project planning guide that walks you through the 3-phase process that the company uses for its buildings (Discovery, Engagement, Construction).

It’s also a construction partner of many reputable brands, such as Panasonic, Sherman Williams, and more.

Besides recreational and commercial buildings, the company also offers 6 different residential plans to suit different needs and preferences. 


  • Handles the construction project from start (design) to finish (delivery and installation)
  • Has one of the largest selections of finishes on the market
  • Help customers with legal aspects, including obtaining permits and conforming to building codes


  • Not much information is available about the company’s past projects
  • Doesn’t offer standardized prices for its plans 

5. Lot EK

Lastly, we have Lot EK, which is an architectural design studio that focuses on modern and contemporary projects. The company was founded in 1993 and has its main office in New York City.

Throughout the years, Lot EK won multiple awards for its unique architectural concepts and sustainable projects. The company’s core mission is to create special designs that stand out and utilize modern technology while staying simple and practical.

The company’s portfolio includes a huge variety of projects, including plenty of residential and commercial options from reputable clients like Google, Puma, The Whitney Museum of Art, and much more!

Although the company focuses on designs and concepts, they create full housing projects that suit their urban settings with the local urban style in mind.


  • Offers some of the most extraordinary designs for a unique house that stands out
  • Vast experience in the industry with plenty of container-based projects under their belt
  • Excellent reputation and partnered with high-end clients like Google and Puma


  • Limited pre-designed models 
  • You’ll need to contact them to get a quote 

Vermont Container homes for sale you can buy right now

If you’re planning on buying a container home in Vermont, here are some examples of the houses you’ll find:

1. Family Matters by Custom Container Living

  • Price: starts from $225,900 
  • Number of containers used: 4
  • Container sizes: 2 x 40 feet, 2 x 20 feet
  • Size of the container home: 960 square feet
  • Number of bedrooms: 3
  • Number of bathrooms: 2
  • Standout feature: Has an open-wall kitchen with multiple appliances and comes with a split heating and cooling system
  • Manufacturer: Custom Container Living

Family Matters is an all-around perfect house for a small to medium-sized family. The container house is available in both 2 and 3-bedroom formats with elegantly painted exteriors.

One of the things that make this house unique is the perfect use of interior space. This makes it relatively spacious and comfortable without missing out on essential details. 

2. House Sparrow 208 by CW Dwellings LLC

  • Price: starts from $51,200
  • Number of containers used: 1 (including a bump-out for extra space)
  • Container sizes: 20 feet (High Cube)
  • Size of the container home: 208 square feet
  • Number of bedrooms: 1
  • Number of bathrooms: 1
  • Standout feature: Features a small bump-out that extends the containers space and allows for a spacious deck
  • Manufacturer: CW Dwellings LLC

The House Sparrow 208 is one of the tiniest and most affordable models offered by CW Dwellings LLC. Despite that, it’s an incredibly versatile unit that you can use for a huge variety of purposes. 

You can use it as a small home for one person or as a versatile space for various purposes, such as a backyard retreat, office, fishing lodge, or food stand kitchen.

House Sparrow 208 by CW Dwellings LLC

The model is versatile because of its unique bump-out design. This design adds extra space to the house and allows for optional front and back patio decks.

The House Sparrow 208 comes ready with a pre-installed electrical and plumbing system. You can also install some optional features like an HVAC system and size-compatible appliances for a reasonable fee.

3. Prefabricated House by Giant Containers

  • Price: N/A
  • Number of containers used: Customizable, starting from 1
  • Container sizes: 40 feet with room for custom-builds
  • Size of the container home: N/A
  • Number of bedrooms: starts from 1
  • Number of bathrooms: starts from 1
  • Standout feature: highly customizable designs with excellent scalability through stacking
  • Manufacturer: Giant Containers

Giant Containers provides a wide array of container home options. What sets their designs apart is their complete modularity and scalability.

Unlike other builders, they don’t adhere to any specific house plan. Instead, customers fill out a form detailing their requirements. The company then responds with a custom design and a quote for the approximate cost.

4. Duplex container home by Container Homes USA

  • Price: starting from $196,400
  • Number of containers used: 2
  • Container sizes: 40 feet each
  • Size of the container home: 640 square feet
  • Number of bedrooms: 2
  • Number of bathrooms: 2
  • Standout feature: two-level duplex with unique exterior finish and excellent indoor space utilization.
  • Manufacturer: Container Homes USA

This container house features a two-level plan with excellent space efficiency. It features two spacious bedrooms and two separate bathrooms on each floor.

Although it can be a perfect residential house, the versatile design makes it a perfect vacation house with a large terrace for an open view. You can use easily customize the design to include additional features like built-in garages.

5. c-Home by Lot EK

  • Price: N/A
  • Number of containers used: starting from 1
  • Container sizes: 40 feet
  • Size of the container home: 640 to 1,920 square feet
  • Number of bedrooms: 2
  • Number of bathrooms: 1 to 2 bathrooms
  • Standout feature: a two-level smart house with a contemporary design with a top terrace and large glass panels for open views and ample light access
  • Manufacturer: Lot EK

The c-Home is a perfect combination of convenience and elegance. Unlike other container homes with relatively basic builds, this one comes with a bold yet aesthetically pleasing design that matches the contemporary vibe of urban container homes.

One thing that makes the c-Home unique is that you can modify it to suit your preferences. It comes in both 1 and 2-floor models and you can extend its space by adding additional containers.

Are container homes legal in Vermont?

The short answer to this question is yes. There are no rules that prohibit using shipping containers to build residential houses in Vermont. However, like other building structures, you still need to obtain a permit for the house. 

You should also check with the local authorities for application guidance and learn about the safety standards and building codes in the state. Luckily, most home builders will adjust their models to match these guidelines.


Shipping container homes in Vermont are becoming growing trend. Thanks to their affordability and eco-friendliness, many people find them a viable alternative to traditional houses.

Luckily, building laws in Vermont allows building shipping container homes as long as you obtain proper permits. 

If you want to build an affordable and durable container home in the state, we highly recommend checking out builders like Custom Container Living and Container Homes USA.

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