11 Prefab Shipping Container Homes for Sale + The Top Builders

What are prefab shipping container homes? How is a prefabricated home different from a modular home?

If you are looking for the best prefab container homes on the market now along with some of the top container home builders, you’ve come to the right place. Read on to see some options that you might want to go for…

What is a prefabricated shipping container home?

A prefabricated shipping container home refers to a house made from shipping containers that are built off-site before being shipped to the final location and assembled there. It’s an excellent way to save time and money as you are simply buying a pre-existing module and don’t have to spend time designing from scratch.

Additionally, prefab and modular are two terms that a lot of people mistake for each other, but it’s important to note the difference. A prefab is a component of a building that is constructed off-site. Meanwhile, a modular structure means that it’s at least 70% assembled in a factory. So, while all modular structures are considered prefabs, not all prefabs are modular.

11 Prefab Shipping Container Homes for Sale Right Now

Modern Prefab Container Homes

There are multiple elements to modern home design, but some of its defining characteristics include clean geometric lines, lots of natural light, an open floor concept, neutral colors, natural materials, and smart home features. Incorporating some or all of these factors will make your container home feel much more contemporary and current.

1. HO3 by Honomobo

Bedroom: 2

Size: 960 sq ft

Containers used: 1x 40’

Price: $259,749

HO3 model by Honomobo

The HO3 is a beautifully designed shipping container home with two bedrooms and two bathrooms, including a master bedroom with en-suite. This prefab home is 960 square feet wide, containing a laundry room as well as a spacious, open-concept kitchen and living area.

The wood ceilings of this interior offer a cozy and warm atmosphere, whereas the floor-to-ceiling glass windows ensure that natural light can flow in freely.

2. K800 LR by Kubed Living

Bedroom: 2

Size: 1000 or 1200 sq ft

Containers used: 2x 40’ and 1x 20’

Price: $242,000

2 bedroom prefabricated home

Another gorgeous modern prefab container home you can buy right now is the K800 LR. Designed by Kubed Living to meet customer demands, it is the perfect home for the modern couple or family, with two bedrooms and the possibility to add a third one with an additional 20’ container.

This design includes an extended living room and a covered entryway for an elegant and functional feature. The exterior itself maintains the corrugated charm of a shipping container while still making it feel elevated.

Cheap Prefab Container Homes

If you’re looking for cheap shipping container homes to buy that will not break the bank, we also have a couple of options for under $50,000.

3. 20’ Eco Model by Alternative Living Spaces

Bedroom: 1

Size: 160 sq ft

Containers used: 1x 20’

Price: $35,900

cheap single container home

Who says that a prefab shipping container home has to be expensive? Of course, if you want to buy prefab homes at more affordable prices, they will most likely be smaller in size, like this 20’ Eco Model. It’s a studio concept in which you walk right into the bedroom. There’s also a functioning kitchenette and bathroom.

However, in addition to the 160 square feet interior, the raised wooden patio provides extra living space that you can use to chill and hang out!

4. Standard MOD Living Unit

Bedroom: 2

Size: 320 sq ft

Containers used: 1x 40’


affordable shipping container home from MOD living

Built from just a single 40-feet shipping container, the Standard MOD Living Unit can comfortably accommodate four people. The structure contains one bedroom, one shared bathroom, and a large living area that can also double as a second bedroom with modular furniture.

This design is a great example of how you can maximize a small space so that more people can stay in it without feeling overcrowded. The best thing about this prefab home is that it meets all building codes and comes completely furnished so that it’s ready to be lived in!

Luxury Prefab Container Homes

On the other hand of the extremes, we luxury prefab container homes to be those that are $250,000 or higher.

5. 4X40 by LOT-EK

Bedroom: 2

Size: 1280 sq ft

Containers used: 4x 40’

Price: $340,000

luxury container home

The 4×40 is exactly as its name suggests: four 40-foot steel shipping containers stacked two by two to create a sprawling floor plan. Inside this innovative shipping container home, you will find a bright and open kitchen, living space, and powder room.

This two-bedroom rustic container home is not only a huge living space, but it also has a unique exterior that gives it an artistic façade. Huge floor to ceiling windows are fixed in a diagonal design with matching patios to create a “peeled” illusion and additional outdoor decks.

6. HO5 by Honomobo

Bedroom: 3

Size: 1600 sq ft

Containers used: 5x 40’

Price: $404,819

HO5 by Honomobo

It should be clear by now that Honobomo excels in modern and luxurious container home designs. The HO5 is no exception. It’s the company’s largest prefabricated container home project yet, comprising five upcycled containers to create three bedrooms over 1600 square feet of living space. So if larger container homes are your thing, this is the model for you.

In terms of the design, you can pick from standard single glazing or upgrade with a double glaze for the most incredible indoor-outdoor connection.

Modular Prefab Container Homes

7. Navajo 960 by Meka Modular

Bedroom: 2

Size: 960 sq ft

Containers used: 2x 40’

Price: $195,000

navajo modular home

The Navajo 960 is a two-bedroom modular prefab container home that comes with full interior finishes. This includes the kitchen, bathrooms, flooring, windows, and even light fixtures. Two 40’ recycled shipping containers have been transformed into a modern and cozy home for up to four. This is also a relatively reasonable price as it includes shipping to your location!

8. Family Matters by Custom Container Living

Bedroom: 2

Size: 960 sq ft

Containers used: 2x 40’ and 2x 20’

Price: $242,000

modular homes by custom container living

The Family Matters 2-bedroom is a great prefab container home for small families. The open floor plan maximizes the illusion of space so that the 960 square feet feel more spacious and wide.

The master bedroom contains a roomy walk-in closet, an en-suite bathroom, as well as a vanity. While the second bedroom doesn’t have its own bathroom, it still comes with a large walk-in closet and plenty of storage space.

Tiny Prefab Container Homes

The last category of prefab homes that we have to show you are tiny models, which means they have a size of 200 sq ft or smaller.

9. True STUDIO by Modern Dwellings

Bedroom: 1

Size: 160 sq ft

Containers used: 1x 20’

Price: $60,000

tiny house using one 20ft container

The True STUDIO is a studio container home built from a single 20-foot container. It was created to complement an existing modern dwelling that can work as a rental space, teen getaway, or in-law suite.

This studio contains everything you need on a daily basis, from a cozy bed, functioning bathroom, kitchen features, and appliances. All of these are included in the base cost!

10. The Ezra by Backcountry Containers

Bedroom: 1

Size: 160 sq ft

Containers used: 1x 20’

Price: $63,000

interior design of the ezra

Next up is the Ezra, which is also a 160 sq ft home. Like most other tiny homes that we approve of, it doesn’t feel cramped or suffocating as the design ensures a cozy yet airy atmosphere inside. It comes with a bathroom featuring a shower, toilet, and sink, whereas the kitchen has a farmhouse sink and butcher block countertop.

To save space, the bedroom also doubles as the living room but still has enough space for a big couch and coffee table!

11. Option #2 20ft Container Home by Kountry Containers

Bedroom: 1

Size: 160 sq ft

Containers used: 1x 20’

Price: $48,000

single container home

Last but not least, you can purchase this tiny but comfortable prefab dream container home by Kountry Containers. It features a neat, painted exterior, a heating system, a wall surround shower, spray foam insulation, LED lighting, laminate flooring, and butcher block countertops in the kitchen. In short, everything you need to start living here!

Best Prefab Shipping Container Home Builders

Alternative Living Spaces

The first prefab container home builder we can recommend not only makes high-quality homes, but they also provide DIY courses and kits for those of you interested in building your own small or large container home!

Kubed Living

Kubed Living is a builder that is all about responsible modern living, and their primary goal when undertaking any project is sustainable and healthy living. If this is an important thing for you, then consider getting your prefab shipping container house from them!


A HONOMOBO home is built from strong and rigid steel, which means your home will not only look modern and beautiful, but they will also last you a long time.

Kountry Containers

Based in Central Texas, Kountry Containers is a lifestyle-focused builder that handcrafts each of their container home so that they are customized for the client. Simplicity and sustainability lie at the heart of their design.

Custom Container Living

One thing that stands out about Custom Container Living is its history and the founder’s genuine interest in alternative living. They are known to build quality custom homes that can be used as a residence, vacation cabin, or even rental business.


LOT-EK is not like your standard tiny home or shipping container builder. They’re actually an award-winning architectural firm, which means all of their projects are bound to look aesthetically beautiful and unique!

Backcountry Containers

Finally, we’d recommend Backcountry Containers as they produce premium quality homes with incredible structural integrity. Their structures can withstand earthquakes and hurricanes, and other harsh conditions.


Is it cheaper to build a house or a container home?

It’s generally much cheaper to build a container home than a traditional brick-and-mortar house. This is because shipping containers can be quite affordable to obtain if you know where to look.

Do you need planning permission to put a container on your land?

Yes, you will still need the right building permit to build and install a container on your property. It’s important to find out the correct and necessary permits required in your state to avoid problems later on.

Is it cheaper to build a barndominium or a container home?

While a barndominium may be pretty affordable, it usually still costs more than a container home. A standard container home may cost $30,000 to build, while a barndominium may cost at least $70,000.

Is it cheaper to build or buy a container home?

It’s of course cheaper to build your own container home than to buy prefabricated modules. However, not a lot of people have the necessary skills to undertake such a massive and complicated project. Time is also a main concern as buying a container home is much quicker than building your own.


That’s all for the best prefab shipping container homes you can buy today, as well as our builder recommendations. We hope this post has been comprehensive enough so that you can understand more about prefab container homes, and find the perfect model for you!

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