11 Rustic Container Homes to Draw Inspiration From

Those looking for an alternative design to prefab or modern container homes might love rustic container homes. Using shipping containers as the basic building blocks, you can evoke a special and timeless kind of charm that isn’t possible with traditional homes.

Natural, old, minimalist, organic, and sometimes even a bit distressed describe a rustic house design. Rustic design can also be characterized as farmhouse, Tuscan, or coastal. Entirely unpretentious or stuffy, rustic décor is the complete opposite of modern or contemporary design.

These shipping container tiny houses are often highlighted by materials such as stone, wood, and other organic textures. We especially love when it’s set in a natural backdrop like forests or countryside, but it can also look striking in a more metropolitan setting.

So, if this sounds like what you’re looking for, you’re in luck! Below we show you 11 rustic house designs built from shipping containers that we hope will inspire you for your own container living.

Let’s get into it!

11 Best Rustic Container Home Ideas that’ll Inspire You

1. Rustic Container Home in Ocean Park, Uruguay

Bedrooms: 4 (including 2 in the guest house)

Bathrooms: 2

Containers used: 4x 40′

Unique feature: separate guest house

rustic container homes
Source: Living in a Container

Our first example is not only a great use of shipping containers; it’s one of the most beautiful rustic homes out there. Built using 40-foot shipping containers, the main house consists of two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a living room, and a fully-equipped kitchen.

But there’s also an entirely separate 40ft container guest house with two bedrooms. You can use this as an Airbnb rental or in-law suite, depending on what you need.

This is a great design to try out if your property is located in a large, open space where the surrounding environment can provide a nice view and atmosphere. We also love the large floor-to-ceiling windows and wooden interiors that blend beautifully with the outdoors.

2. The Wilds Container Home

Bedrooms: 1

Bathrooms: 1

Containers used: 1x 40′

Unique feature: built on stilts and has a firepit

conex container home in the woods
Source: Airbnb

Our next inspiration brings us to Australia, where this eco-friendly 1-bed container home nestles in a backdrop of lush forests. We adore the way it blends the modern and the rustic, for instance through the combination of large glass windows that bring in plenty of natural light, and wood siding. The result is an elegant yet still cozy-looking exterior.

The home itself has one bedroom and a spacious balcony with magnificent views. This deck is great for BBQ parties and chilling in the afternoons. It may not be ideal for large families, but The Wilds Container Home is perfect for young couples to live in or as a holiday cabin.

3. The Lily Pad Cozy Container Home

Bedrooms: 1

Containers used: 1x 40′

Unique feature: slanted roof design

small modern rustic home
Source: Living in a Container

Log cabin container homes are also popular and this adorable design will tell you why. Built by Troy and Dianna Shurtz, owners of Creative Cabinets, Ltd and hailing from Lancaster, Ohio, the Lily Pad’s rustic vibe still feels very modern as the black corrugated walls are contrasted with exposed wooden beams and concrete deck flooring. We like how the mechanized glass garage door incorporates some tech while keeping the rustic touches intact.

A swing bed and hot tub outside also provide a great way to enjoy the outdoors. We’d recommend placing a small fire pit too. With just 280 square feet of living space, this tiny home is the perfect weekend getaway for couples to reconnect in nature.

4. The Box Hop


Containers used: 3x 40′

Unique feature: asymmetrical configuration

box hop container home
Source: 614 Now

Here’s another modern “cabin in the woods” shipping container home design. This family residence is made from three shipping containers and houses five people. We love how the containers are arranged in a haphazard-looking way, which makes it feel contemporary.

The juxtaposition of steel and glass materials against the natural terrain makes for a gorgeous and beautiful look. Although the Box Hop design is great in a natural setting, it may be less so for an urban neighborhood.

5. A-Frame Cabin Tiny Home

Bedrooms: 2

Containers used: 2x 20′

Unique feature: cozy loft bedroom

winter rustic home in the woods
Source: Priscila Azzini

Next up, don’t miss this stunning A-frame cabin that feels very rustic and cozy. It’s a gorgeous tiny home with a homely interior design, featuring a lot of wood materials contrasted with black paint and chic modern finishing.

The a-frame also lets you build a second floor, where the loft bedroom is located. This makes for a nice little nook that you can use as a guest bedroom or the kids’ room. Although we don’t recommend this tiny home for families with more than one child, it’s still perfect for couples or a one-kid family.

6. Hanging House Casa Container Home


Size: 2766 sq ft

Containers used: 4x 40′

Unique feature: wrap-around patio

hanging house casa using 4 40ft containers
Source: Arch Daily

The Hanging House is a large shipping container home designed to look like it’s floating above ground. It uses 80% recycled materials, consisting mostly of wood and steel scraps that can provide a unique rustic appearance.

With one bedroom downstairs, the master suite on the second floor, and another rooftop level, this house is a true haven for its residents. What we love the most about the design is the wrap-around patio which provides plenty of space to enjoy the outdoors.

7. Appalachian Container Cabin Airbnb


Containers used: 2x 40′

Unique feature: large rooftop deck

40ft container home in the mountains
Source: Tiny House Talk

This Appalachian Container Cabin shows you how you can turn a shipping container into a profit-making Airbnb business. It adopts a simple and rustic design that matches the mountainous setting well.

Inside, the home has a cozy living area with an open concept kitchen and one bathroom. You can use dark wood flooring to evoke a homely atmosphere while also giving off a charming farmhouse style. Of course, this small container home may not be as good for large families, but perhaps you can still draw inspiration from the design!

8. 40′ Cozy Vacation Getaway by Shelley Carter

Bedrooms: 1

Containers used: 1x 40′

Unique feature: beautiful outdoor area

This cozy vacation getaway was built from a single 40-feet container, and yet its contemporary rustic design makes it feel much larger and more stylish. The large and comfortable patio space is definitely the main highlight, and placing a swing chair is also a great idea.

You can create the ultimate rustic mood by incorporating lots of wood accents. Meanwhile, painting the walls and ceiling white will help it feel airy and bright, which is definitely important for a container home.

9. Unique and Creative Shipping Container House

Bedrooms: 2

Containers used: 2x 40′

Unique feature: indoor basketball court

2 bedroom shipping container house
Source: Living in a Container

Have you ever wanted a home with an indoor basketball court? Who would’ve thought that it’s possible to have one even if you’re living in a shipping container home? The court is placed in between the two containers and completely enclosed, and it’s definitely one of our favorite things about this rustic home.

There are two bedrooms and a bathroom, which means it’s an ideal home for a small family with up to two kids. The main living room contains a gas fireplace and open-air grill. Moreover, while some people may not like the uncoated exterior, it can actually enhance the rustic and authentic look of the containers.

10. Budget Rustic Shipping Container Home


Containers used: 3x 20′

Unique feature: retractable garage door

20ft container house
Source: Dwell

For this next example, we have a budget-friendly inspiration for a rustic shipping container home made using three containers. Again, keeping the exterior unpainted is a great way to preserve the rustic feel and create a unique and charming effect.

In terms of furnishing, we love that this house uses affordable IKEA pieces, which shows that you don’t have to splurge to decorate a home well! We also love the retractable garage door that can open up the kitchen and dining area for an airy feel.

11. Relevant Buildings Rustic Container Home


Size: 1177 sq ft

Containers used: 2x 40′

Unique feature: unique center bridge for additional space

relevant buildings rustic container home
Source: Tiny House Big Living

Last but definitely not least is this stunning rustic container home by Relevant Buildings. It’s a 2-bed 2-bath home with a rugged, rustic exterior, but also modern furnishing and appliances that make the interior feel bright and contemporary.

In addition to the two containers used as the main structures, this house also comes with a center bridge that will give you more livable space. Of course, the outdoor deck is another highlight of this home, where you can place some seating or even a fire pit.

Final Thoughts

So, what do you think? Is a rustic shipping container tiny house in your future? Which design was your favorite? Overall, rustic container homes are easy to decorate if you know which materials to accentuate. We hope these beautiful rustic homes could provide some inspiration for your own build!

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