Shipping Container Homes in Houston, TX

Thinking about getting a container home in Houston? In a tough housing market, many potential buyers are looking for alternative housing solutions. Would-be buyers are quickly getting priced out of the market, and this generation’s dream home looks a little different than in the past. 

While previous buyers were keen on plenty of space, a pool, and a sprawling property, today’s hot properties are much smaller, and shipping container homes seem to be the answer.

Houston, Texas, is a prime location for some of the country’s hottest tiny homes. With a focus on eco-friendly building practices, minimal living, and less need for repairs, this market showcases some of the most beautiful shipping container homes. 

Many developers and architects in the area see shipping container homes as an opportunity to express creativity, and there is a growing culture of creating outstanding design. 


Shipping container homes don’t only make for great starter homes, they also make for lucrative investment properties. They are often offered as tourist accommodations or just a getaway for locals looking to escape for a few nights. 

Custom Shipping Container Homes in Houston to Check Out

Dumble Street

recycled shipping containers used to build custom shipping container homes
source: realtor

Dumble Street is one of the first tiny home neighborhoods in Houston. Found in Greater Eastwood, these 600-800ft homes are a picture of functionality. Designed with lighting in mind, the interior space seems much bigger than expected. 

With an open floor plan, two bedrooms, and one bathroom, these homes are perfect for minimalists. For those looking to embrace the true tiny home experience, the homes in this neighborhood truly pack all of the necessities. 

Offering one and two-floor options, a dedicated space for a washer and dryer, and a private patio, the houses make a great option for people looking to downsize without giving up the big house feeling they are used to. 

Rooftop Terrace Shipping Container House

Located near Navigation Avenue, this gorgeous two-story Airbnb is made from two renovated shipping containers. The design of this build shows the limitless potential of shipping containers. This property is a hotspot with nearly 1000sq ft of deck space overlooking downtown Houston. 

It is fitted with sleek, modern interior finishes and an open concept floor plan. You can rent the entire property or share the deck and firepit area with other renters. Each unit has two bedrooms and one bathroom. 

This building concept is unique and provides tons of visual interest to the area. This property is one of the most visually interesting in the neighborhood and a gem in the downtown area. 

Cordell House

custom container home cordell house
source: youtube

On the outskirts of downtown Houston, you can find this colorful, hipster-esque shipping container home. Constructed from 3 shipping containers, this modern 1858 sq foot, 3 bedroom home allows plenty of living space. 

The bright and airy design is a breath of fresh air in an up-and-coming neighborhood. A 4th shipping container functions as a small guest house on the property. 

A few of the more popular manufacturers include:
Ports America | Boll-Bax | Dura-Line | Norcross Container Systems | Global Tanks | Port-A-Bote | We have vetted all of the local suppliers so you don’t have to.


This shipping container home was designed with the environment in mind. It contains many eco-friendly recycled materials and high-tech building construction to help minimize the environmental impact.

Best Custom Shipping container home builders in Houston, Texas

If you are in the market for a shipping container home, several developers in the Houston area specialize in these unique constructions. In the current market, numerous companies are beginning to dip their toes into building shipping container homes. 

While any company can take on this task, some companies have the experience and design skills needed to customize a truly spectacular home. 

Build A Box

Build A Box is one of the pioneers of shipping container homes in Houston. Starting in 2013, after the owner built container housing in the Middle East, they quickly became one of the leading builders of this property type. 

 The company behind the building of 1709 Dan Street, Build A Box’s designs are often outfitted with top-of-the-line supplies, making the buyer feel as if they are in a traditional home. Their leek, open concept designs are the perfect solution for those looking for a trendy shipping container home. 

Backcountry Containers

Backcountry Containers is a family-owned business focused on creating quality, cost-effective shipping container homes. They offer several styles of homes to meet the unique needs of the customer.

Located just outside of Houston, they design and construct homes state-wide. Their container homes in Texas have been featured on the show Tiny House, Big Living, and the company prides itself on the personal customer service they provide through the design process.

Stackhouse Container Homes

While Stackhouse Container Homes is located in Austin, Texas, they frequently build homes for customers in Houston. With some of the sleekest designs on the market, they specialize in both residential spaces and shipping container workspaces. Their builds can even be used as an office space or restaurant!

Stackhouse Container Homes can stack 8 containers high, so your design can be completely customizable. Their properties are eco-friendly and can be customized as a hospitality venue. 

The bottom line

source: travel and leisure

While shipping container homes in Houston were once viewed as only for broke millennials, their popularity is rapidly growing. As more people embrace the minimalist lifestyle and see how customizable these properties can be, shipping container homes are booming in the real estate market. 

Older generations are also jumping on the shipping container home bandwagon in Houston. Many older couples looking to downsize find these homes an affordable option that does not need much maintenance. 

Shipping containers are also quickly becoming affordable options for businesses, restaurants, and hospitality investments. Shipping container homes are seen as a trendy getaway and are often fully booked investment properties.

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