Shipping Container Homes for Sale in Missouri + Top Builders

In an era where the cost of traditional home-building feels akin to funding a small moon landing, shipping container homes are making quite the splash. It’s a modern twist on the age-old concept of shelter, and the Show-Me State is showing us all how it’s done.

Now, I bet you’re wondering: why are Missourians giving the cold shoulder to bricks and warm embraces to big metal boxes? Well, it’s simple. Efficiency, affordability, and a dash of eco-conscious flair. You see, these aren’t just containers; they’re the future homes of avant-garde living.

If you’re keen to tread this path (and I have a sneaking suspicion you are), it’s crucial to align yourself with the maestros of this craft. These aren’t just any builders; they’re the visionaries who turn cold steel into cozy living spaces.

So, let’s delve deeper and acquaint ourselves with the premier shipping container home builders in Missouri, ensuring your foray into container living is nothing short of magnificent.

How much do shipping container homes in Missouri cost?

If you’re resolved to embrace the avant-garde living style of a shipping container home in Missouri, there are a couple of paths you could go down.

The first is stroking your creative streak, purchasing an entirely new (or pre-loved!) shipping container, and donning the architect’s hat. You’ll have the joy of breathing life into this metallic canvas yourself. This option, while a tad more labor-intensive, has the silver lining of a smaller upfront cost.

However, be prepared: as you transform this steel box into a comfortable haven by incorporating the essential decorations and conveniences of a modern residence, be ready for your wallet to feel significantly lighter.

Every lavish tile, each plush couch, and that state-of-the-art kitchenette will incrementally inch up your outlay. But hey, nothing like creating your idyllic abode piece by piece, right?

The upfront cost of going the DIY route is around $130 to $175 per square foot.

Your second option is to buy a ready-made shipping container home from a reputable builder. These homes are equipped with insulation, HVAC systems, and interior furnishings from the jump. 

Since you’ll forgo the cost of installing these modifications yourself, this is reflected in the higher cost of $250 to $300 per square foot.

To give you a better feel of how much you can expect to pay for your shipping container home, the typical total cost in Missouri can range from $50,000 to over $100,000.

The silver lining? That’s still a steal when you compare it to traditional brick-and-mortar homes. Your wallet, and the planet, might just thank you.

4 best container home builders in Missouri

When building a shipping container home, one of the most important decisions you’ll need to make revolves around the builder you choose to deal with.

Picking the right builder will make your journey a lot easier and ensure that the finished product is what you’re looking for.

Here are some of the best shipping container home builders in Missouri:

1. Custom Container Living

custom container living missouri home builder

Are you looking for a shipping container home builder that offers a diverse set of designs and floor plans? Look no further than Custom Container Living.

Imagine if LEGO met IKEA in the world of home-building—welcome to Custom Container Living, the brainchild of Robert Wagoner since 2015. It’s born out of a desire to shake things up a bit.

Robert looked at traditional fine home construction and thought, “We can do better than this.” How, you ask? By using shipping containers.

Now, Robert isn’t a novice in the realm of construction. He’s an artisan with a history of crafting high-quality custom homes. Blend that expertise with the durability of shipping containers, and voilà!

You’ve got an inviting space, whether it’s your forever home, a cozy vacation cabin, a savvy rental property, or an avant-garde business locale.

And here’s the cherry on top: many of their designs come with a “Certified Modular Homes” badge. In layman’s terms, that’s a golden ticket to smoother financing and local authority green lights.

Custom Container Living isn’t just about building homes—it’s about bringing dreams to life.

example container house from CCL
Source: Custom Container Living

As the company’s name suggests, they offer excellent customization options and six-floor plans to choose from.

Here they are:

  • Studio
  • Studio With Loft
  • 1 Bedroom With Loft
  • 1 Bedroom
  • 2 Bedroom
  • 3 Bedroom

Picture this: you, handpicking from an array of container home blueprints, then tailoring every nook and cranny to your taste, from the color of the siding to the style of the kitchen cabinets.

Their goal is to make your container home fantasy a delightful reality.

Top view of a blue shipping container home from Custom Container Living.jpg
Source: Custom Container Living

Is Custom Container Living right for you?

Custom Container Living is based in Kansas City, Missouri. Therefore, if you’re looking for a local builder that’ll be close to you and offer excellent customer service, you should consider them for sure.

Additionally, their close proximity saves you the cost of shipping your container home from another state.

So, ready to play architect in this LEGO-meets-IKEA wonderland?


  • It has a diverse set of floor plans and designs to choose from.
  • It’s based in-state, saving you the cost of transporting the unit. 
  • It offers plenty of customization options for all floor plans.


  • It can take over a year from starting the project to receiving your new home.

2. ThreeSquared Inc

three squared inc home builder in Missouri

Next up, we have ThreeSquared Inc.

The factor that separates this builder from the pack is that it provides its clients with comprehensive services throughout the entire process of building a container home, marching you through a meticulously outlined 3-step, 8-phase process.

From the embryonic stages of ‘Design It’ to the concrete detailing in ‘Draw It’, and finally the culmination in ‘Build It’, they hold your hand, making the intricate seem elementary.

They’re sticklers for detail, engaging in activities from site visits, code reviews, and design consultations, all the way to ensuring every nut and bolt fits perfectly during the construction phase.

They’ll even assist you with legal requirements such as permits and zoning regulations and post-construction warranties.

Additionally, ThreeSquared Inc. has offerings that suit all needs. This builder’s floor plan diversity is second to none. They offer homes ranging from 320 square feet to 3,200 square feet.

Is ThreeSquared Inc right for you?

With ThreeSquared Inc, rest assured that you’ll get superior quality. We can say so with confidence thanks to the company’s 4.7-star rating on Google Reviews

Furthermore, this Michigan-based company has been featured in major publications and media outlets, such as The Huffington Post, USA Today, ABC, and HG TV. 


  • Whether you’re looking for a small studio home or a large multi-story residence, ThreeSquared Inc has options for you.
  • ThreeSquared Inc assists customers throughout the entire container home-building process.
  • They offer a post-construction warranty to keep your mind at ease.


  • The cost of transporting your unit may be high due to the large distance between Missouri and Michigan.

3. Custom Container Builders

CCB LOGO White Background

Enter the innovative world of Custom Container Builders (CCB), an Indiana-based company where shipping containers transform into architectural marvels.

What sets Custom Container Builders apart from the competition is its fast project completion time.

Offering a unique Controlled Assembly™ approach, CCB effortlessly juggles residential, commercial, and retail constructions, with a global footprint and the readiness to tackle any project’s complexity.

So, why opt for one of their container homes? Let’s unravel:

  1. Affordability: CCB leverages the 30 million+ available containers, slashing construction costs by up to 15%.
  2. Swift Construction: Containers form a ready-made infrastructure, halving traditional building time—now even quicker with CCB’s Controlled Assembly.
  3. Flexibility & Mobility: Crafted in factories or on-site, these homes promise easy installation and potential relocation.
  4. Climate Resilience: Their innate insulation shields interiors from the external chill—ideal for colder climes.
  5. Compact Urban Solution: With urban spaces at a premium, their compact design emerges as a saving grace.

The difference CCB brings to the table is palpable. Their expansive portfolio, spanning homes to commercial spaces, guarantees bespoke solutions.

By harnessing the strength of containers, they champion faster builds without skimping on quality.

Their keen eye for detail, rigorous planning, and dedication shine through in every modern, aesthetic design. Partnering with CCB means aligning with excellence and a client-first approach.

So, if you’re envisioning a container space, remember: they’re not just builders; they’re visionaries.

Is Custom Container Builders right for you?

Whether you’re a first-time home buyer, looking to upgrade your residence, or looking to move into a luxury home, Custom Container Builders can help you do so in record time.

The company offers seven different floor plans ranging from 1,200 square feet to 2,240 square feet.

Additionally, if you’re searching for a home with a modern aesthetic, Custom Container Builders has plenty of options to choose from. The more traditional design options they offer are a bit limited.


  • Their proprietary Controlled Assembly system minimizes project completion time.
  • The company has options to suit a range of customer needs.
  • A great choice for those looking for a modern-design home.


  • If you’re looking for a container home with a traditional design, the options are limited.

4. Tomecek Studio Architecture

Cemetery residence shipping home container from Tomecek studio
Source: Tomecek Studio

Tomecek Studio Architecture is primarily a design company. However, this Denver-based architecture firm has entered the prefabricated shipping container home market and experienced a lot of success.

Due to their design expertise, Tomecek Studio Architecture offers residential container units that are sights to behold. They’ve completed projects all over the country and would be an excellent choice for your container home in Missouri.  

Is Tomecek Studio Architecture right for you?

Tomecek Studio Architecture’s feedback from clients is almost all positive. This is shown by the 4.9-star Google Reviews ratings the company has.

Therefore, Tomecek Studio Architecture is surely right for you if you’re looking for a beautifully designed, luxury container home.


  • It’s a design company first and foremost and uses that expertise to deliver masterfully designed units.
  • It offers complete customization freedom to its clients.


  • Since it’s based over 800 miles away from Missouri, the unit transportation fee may be hefty.

Missouri container homes for sale you can buy right now

Here are some excellent options to consider when deciding on a shipping container home to buy in Missouri:

1. Family Matters – 2 Bedroom

  • Price: $225,900
  • # of containers used: 4
  • Container sizes: Two 20 ft, two 40 ft 
  • Square footage: 960 sq ft
  • # of bedrooms: 2
  • # of bathrooms: 2
  • Standout feature: Customization options available for all aspects of the home  
  • Manufacturer: Custom Container Living

The Family Matters – 2 Bedroom floor plan is among the largest offered by Custom Container Living. It features a spacious master bedroom equipped with a huge walk-in closet. The room is also home to the master bathroom, which includes a walk-in shower.

The second bedroom and bathroom are a bit smaller. However, they still have plenty of space for comfort.

As for the kitchen, it has countertops, cabinets, and everything you’ll need.

Finally, this unit features a fully-furnished living room for you to spend quality time with your loved ones.

Model Family Matters - 2 Bedroom home container from Custom Container Living

2. The Newport

  • Price: $455,900
  • # of containers used: N/A
  • Container sizes: N/A
  • Square footage: 1,656 sq ft
  • # of bedrooms: 3
  • # of bathrooms: 3.5
  • Standout feature: Unique modern exterior and interior design
  • Manufacturer: Custom Container Builders

This luxury unit is packed with plenty of great features.

For starters, the kitchen is equipped with solid surface countertops, as well as a large island with bar seating.

Furthermore, this unit comes with sustainable options, such as double-pane Low-E Energy Rated windows and a High-Efficiency Energy Rated Heater. The unit’s metal-framed windows and doors and R-50 ceiling insulation will reduce your energy bills even further.

The Newport also features a spacious patio deck.

3. Sugar Loaf Container Cabin

  • Price: N/A
  • # of containers used: 3
  • Container sizes: 40 ft
  • Square footage: 1,600 sq ft
  • # of bedrooms: 2
  • # of bathrooms: 1 3/4
  • Standout feature: Has a large deck that extends from the living room and dining room
  • Manufacturer: Tomecek Studios Architecture

The Sugar Loaf Container Cabin by Tomecek Studios Architecture is a sight to behold. It has a contemporary exterior design that’ll have passers-by wondering who lives inside.

This unit is composed of three 40-ft containers that house 2 bedrooms, a kitchen, and 1 ¾ baths. These spaces surround the spacious living room.

The Sugar Loaf Container Cabin also comes with a large deck for you to relax on and enjoy the view.

Another great feature of this unit is the photovoltaic solar cells built into the garage roof.

4. Gusbox

  • Price: N/A
  • # of containers used: 4
  • Container sizes: N/A
  • Square footage: N/A
  • # of bedrooms: 2
  • # of bathrooms: 2
  • Standout feature: Slanted roof gives the unit a classic aesthetic
  • Manufacturer: ThreeSquared Inc.

When you look at the Gusbox’s exterior, it would lead you to believe that the Gusbox is an ordinary home. However, that changes when you enter the unit and see its amazing interior design. 

This unit is as spacious as they come, equipped with a horseshoe mezzanine that goes all the way around the house’s upper level.

The trapezoidal windows also give the Gusbox a unique aesthetic.

Are container homes legal in Missouri?

Shipping container homes are legal in the state of Missouri. However, this doesn’t mean that you won’t have to jump through legal hurdles during the process.

You still have to ensure that you comply with the local and state government’s building regulations and zoning laws. Additionally, you’re likely to need to acquire building permits before you can proceed.

To get more information on the exact legal requirements in your county, contact the local authorities.


Shipping container homes have many advantages compared to traditional brick-and-mortar ones. If you’re looking to build a shipping container home in Missouri, your first step is to choose a builder that’ll make your life easier and provide what you’re looking for.

The best builders in Missouri include ThreeSquared Inc, Custom Container Living, Tomecek Studio Architecture, and Custom Container Builders.

Contact any of them today to get more details on how you can start your new container home project. 

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