Shipping Container Man Cave and She Shed Ideas for 2024

Not every house has enough rooms for a spare room let alone a dedicated space for a man cave or a she shed. It can be hard for partners and kids to find a place to do things they love without disturbing other family members. Have you considered a basic structure in the yard like a shipping container?

Shipping containers provide the ideal office spaces, homes, gyms, sheds, and even a man cave or she shed.

Storage containers can be small enough to fit in your backyard, are easily delivered, have good insulation to avoid overheating and cooling, and can provide sufficient space to host your friends.

It’s important in today’s world for everyone in the house to have a space devoted to their free time and personal well-being for their mental health and personal space.

Having a man cave or a she shed is the ideal way to effectively utilize your “me” time and a shipping container is the perfect solution for those on a small budget, wanting a DIY shed design and build project, and lacking space inside the house.

What is a Shipping Container Man Cave / She Shed?

Shipping Container Man Cave
source: Steel Brothers Construction Man Cave

A shipping container man cave or she shed is a converted container dedicated to optimizing a man and/or woman’s personal space and time.

These spaces can be purchased ready and custom-built and delivered to your home to be placed on your property, or you can consider buying a new or used container to deck out yourself.

The focus of a shipping container as a man cave or she shed is to provide efficient space for everyone in the family without having to renovate your home, which in turn can save you money.

It can also provide a fun space for the kids without you having to watch their cartoons all day.

Converting a shipping container can also be an environmental way to reduce your carbon footprint, and they’re portable so if you decide to move you can relocate your weatherproof container with you.

Pros of a Shipping Container as a Man Cave/She Shed

  • Their durable construction and watertight design can protect you from the elements and harsh weather
  • Modifications are easy to implement like walls, doors, windows, insulation, etc.
  • Their portability means you can easily take them with you if you move
  • They offer more security than traditional sheds to protect your valuables
  • Low costs of used shipping containers make this a cheap option
  • Steel containers can last up to 35 years

Cons of a Shipping Container as a Man Cave/She Shed

  • Although cheaper, you may need a good foundation to set the container on so ground space is important and you might need to build a concrete slab, which could cost you more than you budgeted for
  • Delivery costs can be expensive depending on your location and access to your yard for placement
  • You might need a building permit so always check your local regulations before going ahead with any shipping container projects
  • Sizes are specific unless you have them custom built so they don’t always meet the right sizing requirements to fit on a property
  • Some might consider a shipping container an “eye sore” until it’s completed and decorated

She Shed and Man Cave Usage Ideas

It’s important for you and others to have a place where you can truly relax and unwind or even to work effectively and productively.

A shipping container can provide you with that space if the interior is decorated as a man cave and/or a she shed that matches your personality and if designed in a way for you to get the most out of the space.

Here are some usage ideas to help you get motivated:

  • Photographer studio
  • Music room
  • Yoga and gym studio
  • Bar
  • Sports room
  • Crafts and card making area
  • Wine and beer tasting “attic”
  • Writers workshop

Ladies can use a she shed to create a feminine area where they can rest, rejuvenate, have wine nights with their friends, and to decompress when feeling stressed.

She sheds are a place for women to be alone with their thoughts so it’s important to build a place you feel comfortable in.

She sheds are deemed as places for self-fulfillment so think comfortable couches, bright colors that promote energy, strength, motivation, and self care.

Some things you could try are:

  • Fill it with your favorite colors
  • Add as many cushions as you like along with futons
  • Compliment the space with art work that you appreciate looking at
  • Leave a small space for a coffee area,
  • Include shelves for books
  • Don’t forget that nature heals us so include many indoor plants.

Likewise, man caves are a place for men to be alone with their thoughts, indulge in hobbies, hang out with friends, watch sports, play video games, or build something.

Ladies, we understand these are some of the things you enjoy too, so if that’s what you need in your she shed go for it!

And men we don’t discriminate, if you want a colorful place with lots of cushions and to process emotions, fill your man cave with things that make you happy.

  • Feel free to put those posters or taxidermy you like so much on the walls
  • You can use a man cave as a professional office space if you choose
  • Gym equipment and workouts go well in man caves
  • Build your own bar out of a 40ft container like this guy did
  • A big TV for watching sports with your friends
  • Add a table for a place to complete your hobbies (fantasy football, train building, painting, etc.)

How Much Does a Man Cave / She Shed Cost?

man cave cost

Depending on who you ask, how you plan to decorate it, and the size of your man cave and/or she shed prices will vary.

According to Man Cave Know How you can expect to pay anywhere between US$5,000 and US$20,000 (not including the cost of a used container) for a typical man cave, but that includes numerous things a shipping container already has like weatherproofing.

According to She Shed Living you can expect to spend as little as US$600 for a she shed and up to US$30,000 for a luxury top-of-the-line shed.

Which is generally the same price you’d be looking at if you were to renovate and add a room on to your house.

You can purchase used shipping containers for as little as US$1,800 so that’s where your starting costs for a man cave or she shed in a shipping container would begin.

You also need to consider:

  • Window, door, paneling, framing, and wall fittings
  • Delivery
  • Painting, insulation, flooring and ceiling materials
  • Electricity and air circulation
  • Labor and equipment hire
  • Interior décor and furniture
  • Air conditioning, heating, and vents

Costs to build a man cave or she shed will vary widely though, depending on a variety of factors such as:

  • Will you be using new or used shipping containers?
  • What size container(s) are you using?
  • Is this a DIY project or do you need to hire help?
  • Fancy materials or bare bones?
  • Accessories you want for your man cave / she shed – here is a list of 10 man cave essentials

It’s hard to give an accurate depiction of how much it’s going to cost to build, but if you already have the container and want to go the DIY route, you should be able to build a nice space for under $2,500.

Man Cave and She Shed Container Design Ideas

Converting metal containers is growing in popularity and people around the world are using shipping containers as an environmental, affordable, and creative way to develop their innovative projects and ideas.

If you’re in need of some inspiration we have found some of the best man cave and she shed container ideas from around the world and put them right here for your convenience.

From wellness areas to sewing rooms and art studios, here are some ideal ways to use your man cave or she shed:

For the entrepreneur

She shed for writers

Sometimes we just need an area to escape to get our creativity flowing. Shipping container man caves and/or container she sheds provide the perfect spot for writers, artists, photographers, and more to let their creative juices flow freely.

Mechanic at heart
Mechanic shop as a man cave

Shipping containers can provide an exceptional rustic appeal for the mechanic at heart. Men or women that enjoy rustic, old-school westerns, might appreciate the corroded attraction of this man cave container that provides a workspace, a large bench for visitors, and a bar area.

No distractions

Simple shipping container she shed-man cave by E and S Developments.

Sometimes less is more and in the case of writers, you might find this simple design is just the right amount to have zero distractions yet some outside inspiration to prevent writer’s block.

A place for reading in peace

Backyard she shed for book lovers
source: Pinterest

If you’re a book lover, you might really appreciate having a whole outdoor/indoor container room to yourself to read a book in peace and quiet.

There’s nothing worse than trying to get through a good book in a busy and bustling household. Escape to your man cave or she shed to get in as many pages as you can before the kids notice you’re missing.

For the collectors

Drool-worthy man cave
source: airows

Some like to collect cards, others like to collect cars. If you want to keep your collectible car scratch-free you might consider a shipping container man cave in your backyard to park your car and sit and appreciate it in your downtime.

Floor to ceiling windows allow natural light to filter in and adding a comfy couch and some wall décor makes it a spot just for you and your much-loved car.

Let’s get creative

Shipping container studio in Canada

This backyard container studio in Vancouver, Canada is the perfect place for jewelry maker Judi Patson to spend her spare time designing and creating jewelry.

The container is fully equipped with electricity, plumbing, and heating, and Judi installed large sliding doors so that she has a view of the nearby beach while working in her she shed.

When there’s no room in the house

Spacious spare room in a shipping container

It’s not always about having a private man cave or she shed for relaxing and having alone time.

Container sheds provide ample space for additional cooking spaces too. If you don’t have the room you need inside the house and find that cooking can be a nice part of your day when you’re left alone for an hour or two, a container kitchen might be the solution.

This container has inbuilt windows across the long edge of the container for abundant natural lighting and the cabinets provide sufficient storage for extra baking and cooking equipment. The chair brings a nice touch for when you get a chance to sit and take a break.

Almost like a tiny home

man caves and she sheds for hunters

Being comfortable in your container is important so that you feel relaxed and at ease when in your man cave or she shed. That’s why some people choose to build their backyard containers into something almost like a tiny home.

This container shed allows for downtime, playing music, watching movies and sports, and even has a small kitchen area for those wanting to snack or feed guests while having a typical boys or girls night.

In the dog-house

Interior of a shipping container house or shed

You could almost kick your other half out of the house and into this man cave/she shed if you really wanted to. Or better yet, you could take yourself out of the picture and go and spend some quality time in the area you’ve made comfortable just for you.

Building with a 20 foot shipping container has provided enough room in Joshua’s cabin for a small fireplace, a bed/couch, generous storage, a small table for eating meals, and even an adult sized shower. A container like this could be great for those that just need to get away for a weekend.

Play as loud as you like

Shipping container music studio
source: cbc

If you’re needing your very own spot for playing music as loud as your like and recording it while you’re at it, a shipping container music studio man cave is the way to go.

You don’t need to do much in the way of construction because you’ll want your music studio to be sound proofed anyway, so you’ll keep costs down, you won’t annoy the family or the neighbors, and you’ll have a place to play your music as loud and as long as you like.

Of course, there is always the option to add more elements like bi-fold doors so you can open up the studio and play for a small audience in the backyard when your brand is ready to feature new music!

The décor is up to you

80's style shipping container shed
source: renaissanceronin

We’re almost positive this 80’s themed she shed shipping container is just for girls nights in and we love it.

Complete with a jukebox, a telly, comfy couches, and plenty of seating, this is a she shed you can’t help but feel like dancing in. What’s better for a healthy mindset and free time than dancing with friends?

Getting messy

Artists cave in a shipping container
source: art shine

Another great thing about having a shipping container man cave or she shed is that you can be as messy as you like and there’s no one to tell you off. It’s your space, you’re the boss.

Shipping containers can provide a creative place for artists to work and have no fear of getting paint or other substances on the carpet and walls inside the house.

Arts and crafts

Maker Space digital studio and 3D printing

Shipping containers can be used by artists of all trades including those who enjoy arts and crafts, card making, sewing, crocheting, etc.

If this is your profession then you have a quiet place to be able to get plenty done.

Likewise, if you work in an office but occasionally like to work from home, you can work off-site in a shipping container conversion on your own property.

Girlie for girls

Back yard shipping container she shed
source: pinterest

However you decide to decorate your man cave or she shed, make it yours.

No one gets to tell you how to decorate your dedicated space and it’s up to you what you want to use it for.

This girlie container is the perfect place for reading, drawing, listening to music quietly, enjoying the sun on the deck, and providing some self TLC.

Features and Accessories to Add to your Man Cave or She Shed

Keeping in mind that shipping containers have limited space, if you’re looking for that extra pizazz for your man cave or she shed here’s a few bonus features and accessories to add to the place you’re planning on spending some valuable “you” time:

  • Dartboard
  • Ping pong table
  • Duke box
  • Bar refrigerator
  • Pool table
  • Custom neon signs
  • Reading chair
  • Plants
  • Enclosed fireplace
  • Cocktail bar
  • Massage chair
  • Bean bags for kids
  • Mini golf strip
  • Pinball machine
  • Working desk


Are shipping container man caves or she sheds expensive?

Shipping container prices start from as little as US$1,800 in some areas, so, depending on your budget, shipping containers can be a cheap way to build a man cave or she shed. The average price is approximately US$5,000 for a man cave.

How much are delivery charges for shipping containers?

Delivery charges for shipping containers vary depending on the area you live in and how far the truck needs to travel to deliver your container. You can find more information about charges for moving shipping containers here.

What sizes do shipping containers come in for man caves/she sheds?

20-foot containers are a good size to consider for constructing a space for yourself to have a man cave or she shed. You can fit a lot in a space that provides 160 square feet.


she shed
source: pinterest

While building your man cave in a shipping container can save you money it also provides members in the family with a dedicated zone separate from the house to explore their creativity and to focus on their work, emotions, and hobbies.

Storage containers allow for a secure site for you to create the interior man cave or she shed of your dreams in a cost-and time-effective manner while giving yourself a much-needed retreat to loosen up and spend some time on yourself and the things you love to do.

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