10ft Shipping Containers for Sale

Need small shipping containers? We have 10ft shipping containers for sale at affordable pricing. With shipping containers being available in a whole assortment of sizes, 10ft containers provide a foolproof option for those seeking a quality shipping container where the next size up is just too large.

Although widespread preference rates the 20ft and 40ft containers the more popular choices for projects such as tiny homes, large office spaces, log cabins, restaurants, and more, 10ft shipping containers are easier to transport, store on smaller blocks of land, and are more conspicuous than larger containers.

10 Foot Shipping Container Size, Weight, and Dimensions

10ft containers are one of the smallest standard containers available for rent or purchase. Although compact in size with limited storage space, they are still equal to the durability and strength of their larger counterparts, and in some cases come with much higher prices than 20ft and 40ft containers.

Here are the dimensions of a standard 10ft shipping container:

External Height: 8ft 6″ (2.59m)

External Width: 8ft (2.44m)

External Length: 10ft (3.48m)

Internal Height: 7ft 10″ (2.38m)

Internal Width: 7ft 8″ (2.35m)

Internal Length: 9ft 3″ (2.81m)

Tare Weight: 2,850lbs (1,300kg)

Max Cargo Weight: 19,530lbs (8858.7kg)

Max Volume: 563 cubic feet

10-foot containers also come in high cube sizes. Their external length and width are the same as a standard 10ft container but 10ft high cube containers have a whole foot added to their internal and external height, giving the high cube container a higher ceiling, greater volume, and a tare weight of approximately 3,100lbs (1,406kg).

How Do 10ft Steel Storage Containers Compare to PODS?

PODS are a great option for that moving house or redecorating and needing to store their smaller household items. PODS are cost-effective for a short amount of time and can easily fit in most spaces.

PODS are delivered to your chosen address, loaded, and moved to the new destination when customers request. Some PODS services also include removalists, meaning you can pay to have someone load the household items for you.

If you need more time to store your belongings but need the POD moved off-site, they can be stored at a convenient PODS location.

Both PODS and containers have fast delivery options (depending on availability).

Where PODS are a reasonably secure storage design, 10ft shipping containers are much sturdier than PODS due to their strong steel manufacturing.

Shipping containers also come in a broader range of sizes compared with PODS and may suit those needing to transport goods further interstate or out of state where PODS are not guaranteed to keep goods secure from the elements.

Buying Vs Renting

When considering whether to buy or rent a shipping container, take into account the length of time you’ll be needing the container to help make your decision.

As a general rule, if you need shipping containers for a job site, a DIY project, or for storage purposes, and plan to use the container for a year or more, pricing will usually work out cheaper for you if you buy the container.

However, if you’re

How Much Does a 10′ Shipping Container Cost?

Due to the lack of available 10ft containers prices are generally similar to larger 20ft and sometimes even 40ft containers, depending on their condition. Prices for 10ft standard and high cube containers range between US$2,995 and US$3,995 but will vary depending on availability and condition.

New 10ft Containers

New 10ft shipping containers can cost you between US$3,000 and up to US$5,000. They can be made to order or bought as one-trip containers.

Used 10ft Containers

Used 10-foot containers, though still expensive for their size when compared with larger containers, can be purchased for less than US$3,000. Again, prices are determined by the condition of the used containers as well as your location.

How Do You Buy 10′ Shipping Containers?

If you want to go ahead and purchase a 10-foot shipping container you can fill out our form below with your requirements. We’ll then reach out to our network of 5,000+ shipping containers and have a rep reach out to you, making sure to set you up with storage containers that suit your project.

Benefits and Common Uses of 10ft Steel Shipping Containers

Smaller containers have numerous benefits over the larger, standard 20ft and 40ft containers. Not only are they typically cheaper to have delivered, they easily fit in most or any location.

Here are some other benefits:

  • Easy to have moved to a new site
  • Provides adequate space to be used as a personal, business, or worksite shed
  • Doors are easy to secure for the security of valuable equipment

Here are some ways that people have used 10-foot containers around the world:

A Small Café

Beany Green Stall at the Southbank Centre using 10ft shipping containers for sale
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Beany Green Stall is a small café in London run from the open doors of a 10ft storage container.

Miniature Popup Shop

small shipping containers for sale used for a Pop-up shop
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Have something you want to sell but need a shopfront to sell it from as well as somewhere to store your inventory? A 10ft shipping container can provide the perfect storage and sale space for you to run a small shopping outlet.

Tiny Beach Hut

Beachside lockers using small containers
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If you’re a fond lover of the beach and have bought a small block of land to keep a shed/space for your water activity and beach gear, consider a secure container rather than a simple shed. Security is stronger, there’s a place to escape the sun when it’s too hot, and storage is ample.

An Ideal Shed

Spacious shipping container shed
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A shipping container can provide you with the ideal garden shed. 10ft shipping containers have small enough dimensions to fit in most backyards, are durable and weather-proof, and you can fill them with your garden equipment, pool cleaners, and more.

Portable Offices

Shipping container office
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Whether it’s for a permanent or temporary job site, a shipping container can easily put a roof over your companies employees’ heads. These units can be split in half with walls if privacy is needed for staff members.

Outdoor Gym

Outdoor container gym
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Working on your fitness but don’t have the space inside for the gym equipment? A 10ft shipping container might be your solution. With some renovations and additions you can turn a 10ft shipping container into the ideal space for a gym.

What Types of 10 Foot Shipping Containers Can I Purchase?

Shipping containers come in numerous sizes from 10ft up to 53ft. They also come with various industry standards that you can read about below.

One Trip

A one-trip container is classed as “almost new” because it has only been in transportation one time before being sold.

Cargo Worthy

Cargo-worthy containers are mainly used for overseas shipping and must meet the requirements outlined by the International Convention for Safe Containers (CSC) to be classed as cargo worthy. These types of containers are also classed as seaworthy and are wind and watertight storage vessels.

Wind and Water Tight

A wind and watertight storage container is guaranteed by the CSC to not leak water internally. They may or may not be eligible for overseas shipping depending on their condition and do not need to be checked by the CSC as cargo worthy if they are not being transported overseas.

Moving and Delivery Costs

Because of their smaller size, 10-foot containers are easier to transport and deliver over-land with cheaper and smaller trucks. Customers might find that although 10ft shipping containers can be pricey to purchase for their size, the delivery truck price can be considerably cheaper.

You can check out our blog here on the moving and delivery costs of all shipping containers.

Are 10ft Shipping Containers Right for You?

As you can see above, 10-foot containers are a great option for numerous projects and storage solutions. Large enough to store the contents of a standard one-bedroom flat, 10ft shipping containers are an optimal storehouse when 20ft containers are just too big.

Ryan Stetson

Ryan Stetson

Currently own two 20' and 40' containers converted into an office/workshop. Having worked in the shipping industry for 6 years, my goal is to share my personal experiences as well as connect potential container buyers with suppliers around the US.

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  1. Hi Ryan, Any leads on where to buy a 10′ container right now in this restricted market? I need delivery to Atlanta by Sept 15 2022. Thanks!

    1. 10ft containers are super hard to come by right now! If it’s for a customization such as an office, workshop, cafe, etc., it’s a bit easier, but if you’re just looking for the container only, times are tough lol. If you shoot me an email at ryan(@)containeraddict.com with your zip code, budget, use case, and condition you’re looking for, I’ll see what I can find.


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