20’ High Cube Container for Sale

A 20-foot high-cube container is one of the most popular sizes of storage containers. The dimensions are perfect for storing business or personal items or building a container home.

With a high-cube container, you get an extra foot of height compared to standard shipping containers. The extra height can accommodate oversized objects and gives you more room when converting a storage container into a house.

Features of a 20ft High Cube Shipping Container

20’ high cube shipping container

A 20ft high cube shipping container includes the same features as a standard 20ft unit but with an extra foot of height. Instead of an exterior height of 8’6”, a high-cube container stands 9’6” tall. Additional features include:

  • Manufactured to comply with ISO standards
  • Watertight construction
  • A double door
  • Some options available with a side opening
  • Made with anti-corrosive steel
  • Offers close to 1,320 cubic feet of storage

Weight and Dimensions

Here is a closer look at the weight and dimensions of the typical 20 high cube container:

Exterior Dimensions20’ x 8’ x 9’6”
Interior Dimensions19’4” x 7’7” x 8’8”
Door Size7’8” x 8’4”
Tare Weight4,630 pounds
Maximum Gross67,200 pounds
Maximum Payload62,425 pounds
Total Volume1,320 cubic feet

A standard 20ft storage container can fit about 10 standard pallets and 11 Euro pallets. As a high-cube container is an extra foot taller on the inside, you can pack slightly more into the interior. The extra height increases the volume of the container by about 160 cubic feet.

Best Uses for 20ft High Cube Units

Cargo containers are built to hold cargo when shipping items overseas. However, containers are also suitable for a wide range of projects, such as building a container home or setting up a field office on a remote worksite. Here are a few examples.

Build a Container Home

Choosing a 20-foot high-cube cargo container gives you more clearance compared to a standard 20-foot container.

The extra height can help make a container home seem more spacious and gives you more flexibility when adding windows and doors. However, you will likely need several containers to create a livable space. Another option is to start with a 40-foot container.

Erect a Field Office

A 20’ high cube shipping container is a great size for a field office on a remote worksite. As with a container home, you can reinforce the container and finish the interior. After adding a desk, chair, and a few filing cabinets, you have a new office.

Extra Storage Space

Twenty-foot high-cube units may offer a more efficient storage solution compared to building a shed or garage on your property. Using a container eliminates the need to build a frame and add walls and roofing.

Transport Larger Oversized Items

Sometimes when you have irregular shaped or bulky items, standard height containers just won’t cut it.  The additional height capacity that HC shipping containers offer is ideal for transporting equipment, machinery, and other unusual items.

New Versus Used 20-Foot High-Cube Shipping Containers

new containers
Source : abccontainers.com
as-is used shipping container
Source : containers4u.ca

The choice between new and used containers often comes down to cost. Yet, a new shipping container should hold up longer compared to a used one.

The average service life of a container is 10 to 12 years at sea. If you plan on buying used, look for one-trip containers. A new container used for storage or as a permanent structure may offer at least 25 years of use before showing signs of major wear.


How Is a 20 High Cube Container Delivered?

The method for container delivery will vary slightly depending on your location, but we can usually offer fast delivery times that range between 7-10 business days. Most companies we work with use a tilt bed truck or a roll-off style truck to deliver the container directly to your property. Plus, we’re usually able to waive the transportation price or at least get you a discount!
Truck drivers typically need a space measuring triple the length of the container for easy delivery. For example, with a 20-foot container, you should provide at least a 60-foot space for the driver to back up, drop off the container, and safely pull out.

Do I Need to Prepare the Ground Before Having a Container Delivered?

Shipping containers should be placed on hard, level ground. A 20ft high cube container weighs over 4,600 pounds, which can cause the soft ground to shift. If you plan on creating a permanent structure, consider erecting a concrete foundation.

How Do I Buy a 20’ High Cube Shipping Container?

At Container Addict, we can ensure that you receive the best value on 20ft high cube shipping containers for sale. Choose from new and used containers for any of your commercial or residential projects.

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