24ft Shipping Containers

While 20ft and 40ft storage containers are the most popular shipping container sizes to purchase, there is also the option to purchase “cut down” sizes for those projects and developments that require more specific sizing.

When 20ft containers are too small, and 40ft containers are too large, a 24ft container is the perfect option for you whether it be for storage space, a construction project, or even housing purposes.

24 Foot Shipping Container Size, Weight, and Dimensions

With 1,391 square feet of space offered within its interior dimensions, 24ft shipping containers deliver ample storage and living space for plenty of supplies and projects.

Here are the dimensions of a 24 ft shipping container:

External Height: 8ft 6″ (2.60m)

External Width: 8ft (2.43m)

External Length: 24ft (7.31m)

Internal Height: 7ft 10″ (2.39m)

Internal Width: 7ft 8″ (2.33m)

Internal Length: 23ft 5″ (7.13m)

Tare Weight: 5,842lbs (2,650kg)

Max Gross Weight: 53,410lbs (24,226kg)

Max Volume: 1,391 cubic feet

How Do 24ft Steel Storage Containers Compare to PODS?

Giving yourself the best option to get your furniture, household, or office supplies stored while moving or renovating will make your life much easier. If you’re not sure whether to search for storage PODS or corrugated steel storage containers, let us help you to save money with the below guidelines.

  • PODS only come in limited sizes, generally, the largest PODS size is up to 16ft with the smallest being 8ft. The 16ft PODS unit is ideal for a two-bedroom home but may struggle to store more equipment than that.
  • Just like PODS, storage containers can be delivered and moved upon request to any location and right to your front door.
  • Customers will find that PODS are cost-effective for shorter periods.
  • Shipping containers are ideal for longer-term, heavy-duty, storage options, especially for homes larger than two bedrooms.
  • Many on-site PODS and storage unit sites both offer security services for your peace of mind and a great experience.

Buying Vs Renting

Deciding whether to buy or rent a shipping container usually comes down to how long you need the storage space for vs a good sale and/or rent deal. You may find it helpful to consider buying over renting if your require the service of a shipping unit for longer than a year.

Depending on the size, modifications, and additional features like doors, windows, partitions, and bathrooms, to rent a shipping container could cost you up to US$500 a month.

How Much Does a 24ft Shipping Container Cost?

Because 24ft metal containers are cut down to their size for more specific sizing requirements they aren’t as commonly available as standard shipping container sizes. Due of the lack of availability, lower demand, and requested modifications, a 24 ft storage container can cost slightly more than expected.

New 24ft Containers

New 24ft shipping containers can be purchased for US$6,000 or less but will also depend on demand as mentioned above. They are harder to find than standards sized shipping containers so you may be charged slightly more if the company you purchase from doesn’t already have this size in stock.

Used 24ft Containers

A used shipping container will always sell for less than a new one due to wear, tear, and some possible damages. Depending on the condition of your unit, you should be able to find a 24 foot container for sale for less than US$3,000.

How Do You Buy 24ft Shipping Containers?

If you want to purchase a 24 foot storage container you can fill out our form below with your desired requirements. Container Addict will reach out to our network of 5,000+ shipping containers and have a representative get in touch with you with a free quote, making sure to set you up with a storage container that suits your needs.

Benefits and Common Uses of 24ft Steel Shipping Containers

24ft containers are most commonly used on construction sites to store jobsite equipment, higher security purposes, and also used as office, meeting, and lunch break units.

Below are some others ways that people around the world have used 24ft shipping containers:

Cost-Effective Shipping Container Bar

24-ft Custom built storage container coffee bar

Smaller, environmentally-friendly, custom-built cafes are providing happy customers with some of the best coffee and customer service there is to offer and it’s all thanks to a more personal and passionate approach.

Pop-Up Cafes, Bars, and Retail Spaces

shipping container pop-up stores

According to Brett Bowell, CEO of Barista Technology Australia, a shipping container pop-up is a third of the cost it takes to open a traditional café.

Shipping container jewellery shop

A shipping container can be used as a small retail outlet to sell your designs, or even as a workshop where you can design, create, and make your designs in your very own studio.

Recycled Shipping Container Home

Solar-powered and recycled container unit

Not only are storage containers ideal for their upcycling benefits, but they’re also a joy to live in for those seeking a minimalistic lifestyle. Saving on energy, especially with the implementation of solar panels. The container units can be designed as guest houses, pool houses, granny-flat living arrangements, and more.

One-bedroom, one-bathroom 24ft container house

Construction and Business Site Convenience

Pandemic COVID care units

Shipping containers have been used over the course of the COVID-19 pandemic to provide safe and convenient smart testing and screening for affected COVID patients and residents.

What Types of 24 Foot Shipping Containers Can I Purchase?

Shipping containers come in various sizes that typically range from 8ft up to 53ft. They also come with numerous industry standards that you can read about below.

One Trip

One-trip containers are classed as “new” containers because they have only been used for transportation once before being sold. These containers rarely come with wear and tear damages like used shipping containers.

Cargo Worthy

Cargo-worthy containers are mainly used for overseas shipping and must meet the requirements outlined by the International Convention for Safe Containers (CSC) to be classed as cargo worthy. These types of containers are also wind and watertight and are deemed as seaworthy storage vessels.

Wind and Water Tight

Although all containers are built with international shipping in mind, a wind and watertight (WWT) storage container is guaranteed by the CSC to not leak water internally. Unlike cargo-worthy containers, WWT are not always eligible for overseas shipping and do not need to be checked by the CSC as cargo worthy if they are not being transported overseas.

Moving and Delivery Costs

24ft containers are designed so that they are easier to transport than larger containers, as well as to fit in smaller spaces. If drivers are available to complete the delivery to your specified location, 24 ft containers can easily fit on a large trailer or truck and be delivered directly to your property without any hassles.

Luckily Container Addict offers FREE DELIVERY when you purchase a 24ft container! Contact us today to learn more. Are you ready to purchase the perfect 24 foot steel shipping container for your project? Container Addict is ready to help.

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