40’ High Cube Container for Sale

40’ high cube container for sale

Do you need a new or used shipping container? We have a wide variety of 40ft high cube containers for sale at affordable prices.

 It is one of the longest and tallest sizes available, making it a top choice for a variety of applications, both residential and commercial. Explore the features and benefits of shopping for 40ft high cube shipping containers for sale.

40’ High Cube Shipping Container Features

The extra height is one of the main features of a high-cube container. A 40ft high cube steel container is a foot taller compared to a standard 40ft unit. While standard containers stand 8’6” tall, a high-cube container has a maximum height of 9’6”. Other features include:

  • Made with high-quality steel construction
  • Includes a double door 
  • Some options available with a side opening
  • Offers twice the space compared to a 20ft container
  • Suitable for a wide range of projects
  • Refrigerated containers may be available
  • Offers close to 2,700 cubic feet of storage

40-foot HC Weight and Dimensions

high cube containers for rural storage applications

Use the following table to get a better sense of the max cargo weight and dimensions of a 40ft high cube cargo container:

Exterior Dimensions40’ x 8’ x 9’6”
Interior Dimensions39’6” x 7’8” x 8’10”
Door Size7’8” x 8’5”
Tare Weight8,755 pounds
Maximum Gross67,200 pounds
Maximum Payload58,425 pounds
Total Volume2,696.9 cubic feet

A 40-foot high-cube shipping container gives you more interior space compared to most other sizes, most notably, the 20ft high cube shipping container.

The storage capacity and specifications of a container is often based on the size of a standard pallet, which measures 40×48 inches.

For example, a 40ft standard 2-pallet wide container has enough capacity to hold up to 20 standard pallets or 23 Euro pallets. A high-cube version can hold the equivalent of 21 standard pallets and up to 25 Euro pallets.

When used for storage, a 40-foot high-cube container should offer enough space to store furniture and possessions from a four-bedroom house.

Need more space? Check out the 53-ft high cube container!

Best Uses for a 40’ High-Cube Container

water tight one trip shipping container for transporting light dry cargo

There are a variety of industrial and commercial uses including transporting general cargo, equipment storage, . The containers are watertight and built to protect items against the elements. Here are a few common uses for a 40ft high cube container.

Ship or Store a Large Volume of Items

A 40 high cube container gives you more storage space compared to other sizes. Forty feet is the longest length available for standard shipping containers. With a high-cube container, you also get an extra foot of height.

Build a Large Container Home

A 40-foot high-cube container gives you more space inside to work with when planning a container home or office. You can incorporate larger rooms into your design without needing to combine containers.

Pop-up Shop or Café

A 40-foot container offers plenty of space for setting up a temporary shop, café, or even a remote clinic. The container is long enough to provide space for storage and a front area for serving customers.

New vs Used 40’ High Cube Shipping Containers

Purchasing a new 40ft high cube shipping container costs more but offers longer life. Containers used for shipping often have a service life of 10 to 12 years due to harsh ocean conditions.

A well-maintained container can offer 25 years or more of life before requiring major refurbishment. Yet, you can also reinforce and refurbish used containers to restore them to like-new condition.


Can You Stack 40ft HC Steel Containers?

As with standard units, 40’ high cube shipping containers are stackable. You can also stack containers with the same width, such as placing a 20ft standard or high cube container on top of a 40ft unit.

How Much Does a 40ft High-Cube Container Cost?

The average cost of a 40ft high cube shipping container can range from around $4,100 to $8,000 or more, depending on the condition of the unit. As-is 40ft HC containers are typically around $3,900 – $4,500, whereas new 40ft HC shipping containers are usually around $7,200 – $8,200.

How Do You Buy 40’ High Cube Shipping Containers?

If you want the best price on 40’ high cube shipping containers for sale, request a quote from Container Addict. We offer access to a wide range of new and used containers to fit your budget and project. You can arrange for a trailer to deliver your container at a location of your choice.

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