Best Shipping Container Shelving in 2024

If you’re looking to store extra stuff in your container, you must maximize the available space. This requires you to invest in good-quality shipping container shelving. Most shipping containers are 8’ 6’’ high. If you don’t organize your storage space properly, there will be dead space, which would otherwise serve a great purpose.

This article explores some of the best options for container shelves that you can use to transform your container from a chaotic floor to a tidy storage space with easily reachable content.

Best Shipping Container Shelving & Brackets

Below is a review of the best shelves and brackets, as well as accessories you may need for your shelves.

Seabox Adjustable Brackets
source: sea box

Cargo Container Shelving Brackets/Pipe Racks

These are rectangular wood brackets that hang from the tie-down “D” rings. Every bracket arm has a rating of 550 pounds and every bracket 1100 pounds. Therefore, two brackets total 2200 pounds, loading capacity.

With this shelving bracket, you can store items up to 32’’ tall under it because no bracket touches the container floor. Each of these three-shelf units requires two pieces of construction-grade wood measuring 2” by 10”. Upon installation of the boards, the shelf is 18.5 “deep. 

It’s worth noting that this product doesn’t include wood. But don’t worry because you can find it in any lumber yard.

Seabox Adjustable Brackets


The SB2108 is available as a single 2-tier unit. However, you need two units at a minimum to build a single-shelf system. The unit includes two bracket arms and one 80’ backbone. Overall, this 2-tier shelf bracket is 14.875” deep.

Its adjustability offers you the necessary flexibility you need when configuring storage space in your shipping container.

This modular system allows you to use several assemblies mixing and matching your shelving space. When shelving, use two standard wood blocks 2” by 8” to create shelves with a depth of 14.872”. These are available separately.

You require no tools to install this 2-tier container shelf bracket system, nor do you have to modify your container. Better, you can use the system again and again.

Each bracket arm is rated 600 pounds, while the total bracket load is 1200 pounds. 


The SB3110 ConExtra Container Shelf Bracket is similar to the 2-tier system. However, there are several differences. Similarities include individual bracket arms rating at 600 pounds and the maximum bracket load (1200 pounds). The load capacity of a two-bracket shelf is 2400 pounds.

The other features of the 3-tier system include:

  • The shelf system is 18.875” deep.
  • It’s available as a single 3-tier unit with three bracket arms and a single 80” backbone.
  • To create your container shelves, you require standard wood boards, each 2” by 10”.

Note that it’s not recommendable to use Pressure Treated lumber. You require no modifications to your container or any tools to help install this container shelf bracket system.

Outback Storage Shelving Brackets

Two Shelf Bracket
source: outback storage containers

Two-Shelf Bracket

These outback storage shelving brackets provide you with a container shelf depth of 22.5”. Each shipping container bracket is sold individually and comes with a load rating of 1,000 pounds. You require a minimum of two brackets to make a shelf this deep. Lumber comes separately.

One arm has a load limit of 500 pounds. Two brackets will get you a load capacity of 2,000 pounds, three and four brackets a maximum capacity of 3,000 and 4,000 pounds, respectively.

Three-Shelf Bracket

Three-shelf brackets provide users with a shelf depth of 18.5’. Each arm has a load limit of 550 pounds, while an individual bracket has a rating of 1,100 pounds. To achieve a shelf depth of 18.5 “, you require at least two brackets, which means you’ll have a maximum load capacity of 2.200 pounds. 

The more brackets you use, the higher the load capacity, meaning you can store more content. 

Four-Shelf Bracket

The shelf depth of a four-shelf bracket is a bit more than that of a three-shelf bracket. This one is 22.5” deep. However, the load limit for a single arm is a bit lower at 450 pounds.

Each bracket has a rating of 1,000 pounds, and you need to utilize two to achieve the above shelf depth. With two brackets, you’ll have a load capacity of 2,000 pounds, while four brackets will give you 4,000 pounds.

Not that wood blocks are not included in these systems, meaning you’ll have to buy them separately. Remember to avoid Pressure-treated lumber with your shipping shelves always.

Shelving Accessories

External Bracket Mount
source: outback storage containers

External Bracket Mount

The external bracket mount is a shelving accessory that attaches to the exterior corner cube of your shipping container, allowing you to use pipe racks and shelving on the container’s external walls.

T-Bar D Ring Drop

A T-bar (bottom stabilizing bar) is a replacement component. You position it behind the stray tap, and it comes with each bracket when you purchase one.

The D ring drop is usable with high cube containers, including 2208, 2210, 2212, 3208, 3210, 3212, and 4210, as well as 1212, 2000ab, and 10008.

Stay Strap

Stay trap is a shelving accessory that makes it easy for users to hold a bracket’s lower arm as you tighten it down with the lower lashing ring. It’s recommended to use stay straps when transporting your stuff. They come in handy in keeping your shipper container shelves stable.

You don’t need to use them for shelving brackets.


How do you hang things in a shipping container?

You can use screws to attach furring strips to your container walls and ceilings, allowing you to hang some of your stuff. Consider using magnets too for your hanger and lighters for penetration-free installation.

How do you connect a 2×4 to a shipping container?

You connect a 2×4 to a shipping container by running 2×4 joists between the two sides of your container’s ceiling. This gives you a four-sided structure tight against the ceiling and walls. You can brace it to avoid tilting.

How do you put studs in a shipping container?

If you’re using steel studs, you only need to use a welding apparatus to attach the studs to the inner walls of your container. Then, frame out your container’s interior partitions with the stud before covering the studding with drywall (magnesium oxide).

What type of wood is best for container shelves?

Mahogany wood is the best for making strong, durable container shelves that can hold bulky items. The wood is fine, even grain, straight, and free from voids and pockets. You can also use plywood – the manufactured wood.


Shipping Container Shelving 1
source: youtube

Shipping container shelving systems are simple, cost-effective methods of maximizing storage space in your container. The above shelving systems, as well as accessories, will go a long way in meeting your storage requirements.

The good news is that most of these shelves need no exterior or interior modifications to hang. Better, you can remove them easily when you no longer need them.

Without a doubt, container shelving is a great way of organizing your shipping container.

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