Building Shipping Container Homes in Florida + Builders and Prefab Houses for Sale!

Have you been searching for fast and affordable housing options in Florida?

Florida is an incredible place to live in, home to stunning landscapes, beautiful white sandy beaches, and warm weather year-round, providing you with a home that feels like a vacation space.

However, living in the state and enjoying its natural bliss comes at a surprisingly high cost. 

A recent report by Irina Ivanova from CBS news tagged Florida as – “the least affordable place to live in the US.” Housing costs are rapidly rising, even doubling in cities like Miami.

However, all hopes are not lost for Floridians looking out for budget-friendly homes in Florida.

Shipping container homes in Florida are one of the state’s fastest, most affordable, sustainable housing options.  

Shipping container houses offer you the versatility and trendy style options you need to match the glamor of Florida living, you’ll be amazed to see the plethora of options you have with container homes.

This complete guide walks you through everything you need to know to build a shipping container home in Florida, from the cost of shipping container homes to financing options, building permits, and a list of a few top shipping container home builders Florida has to offer.

Whether you’re taking the DIY route or you’re looking out for shipping container homes for sale in Florida, we’ve got you covered.

How much do container homes in Florida cost?

As with traditional buildings in Florida, the cost of shipping container homes in Florida varies depending on their size, design, insulation, doors, windows, etc.

Most people opt for popular styles when it comes to shipping container homes.

These contemporary styles are usually pre-built and offered by their manufacturers, they typically cost around $130 – $175 per sq ft. 

If you want Florida container homes designed to match your needs and style, some skilled builders offer container home designing and building services to their clients.

You can expect to spend $250 – $300 per sq ft to embrace a truly unique design. There are a few container homeowners that have dared to build their own container homes with their DIY skills.

If that sounds like a great choice for you, then you can reduce your cost significantly. 

There are DIY shipping container homes in Florida that even cost as low as $10,000 – $20,000.

Before setting out to determine how you want your container home built, consider important factors like the amount of space you need, the type of doors and windows you need, etc. 

4 Container homes for sale you can buy right now

Montana – Containers in Motion

  • $39,995
  • One 40′ shipping container
  • 320 square feet
  • 2 Bedroom
  • 1 Bathroom
  • 1 living room

The Montana is an exquisite container home designed by Containers in Motion. It’s a single-unit building with a living area split into two bedrooms, a bathroom, and a living space nicely putting up the kitchen in a contemporary open layout. 

The Montana design has three key factors, it is space-efficiency, comfortable, and environmentally friendly. Montana container home is designed to ensure the comfort and satisfaction of its users. 

Backyard Bedroom – Custom Container Living

  • $39,950
  • One 20′ shipping container
  • 160 square feet
  • 1 Bedroom
  • 1 Bathroom
  • 1 living room

This Backyard bedroom shipping container home from custom container living embraces a minimalistic and efficient structure.

The layout is made of a single 20’ container, nicely featuring the bright, chic look and feel you need for elegant Florida living. This container home is designed for temporary and permanent housing. 

The bedroom and studio living room are in one space, while the bathroom is on the other side.

The bathroom comes with a walk-in shower, a toilet, and a bathroom vanity with storage underneath.

Selecting some standard, multi-purpose furniture would make this simple studio space efficient and sustainable. 

The wood panels on the walls and flooring create a stylish and luxurious exterior pattern.

G320 – Giant Containers

  • Price: Available on request 
  • Two 20′ shipping containers 
  • 320 square feet 
  • 1 bedroom 
  • 1 bathroom

Giant Containers’ G320 is a CSC-certified, stormproof one-bedroom studio with one bathroom and an awe-inspiring interior. It has some of the latest electrical packages and custom glazing in the industry. 

It is also equipped with spray foam insulation to improve the indoor atmosphere and provide comfort.

Unlike most 1-bedroom shipping container apartments, the exterior view of this container home is just as magnificent as its interior.

This container apartment is a great choice for a guest house or a mini vacation home. 

Double Duo 2-Bedroom Floor Plan – Custom Container Living

  • Price: $131,900 
  • Two 40’ shipping containers 
  • 640 square feet 
  • 1 living space
  • 2 bedroom 
  • 1 bathroom
building shipping container homes Florida
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Double Duo combines two 40’ shipping containers to create an impressive two-bedroom container home that’s space-efficient.

This structure offers flexibility and convenience right from the large living room, to the kitchen, bedrooms, and down to the bathroom.

The two bedrooms in Double Duo have similar closets and large glass windows that add to the aesthetics and fine view of the space. 

The kitchen and bathroom are furnished to taste, bringing a luxury touch and appearance to your home.

Double Duo features a shiplap look for the interior walls and has vinyl sheets for the flooring.

The glass doors and windows add a traditional feel to the exterior of this brightly-painted container home. 

Family Matters 3-Bedroom Floor Plan – Custom Container Living

  • Price: $180,900 
  • Two 20′ & two 40’ shipping containers 
  • 960 square feet 
  • 1 living space
  • 3 bedroom 
  • 2 bathroom

Family matters 3 bedroom is one of the largest layouts designed by Custom container living builders.

The floor plan of this container home offers plenty of open spaces, making it a great fit for family living. The plan features a main living space, a fully-furnished kitchen, three bedrooms, and two bathrooms. 

Two of the bedrooms are designed in the same way, each having a simple closet, while the master bedroom has a decent bathroom and a large walk-in closet for comfort.

The second bathroom comes right after the living room. It’s a complete bathroom furnished with a 5’ bathtub, toilet, high-quality vanity, and laundry space. 

With the family matters floor plan, you get a dining space, premium countertops, and all the appliances you’ll need to get things going in the kitchen.

The exterior of this home reveals the natural appearance of the nicely painted containers, however, you have the option of selecting a different kind of siding.

There are a good number of windows and doors to bring in the much-needed lighting and ventilation to your space. 

5 best container home builders in Florida 

Giant Containers

Giant Containers is a Toronto-based company with an office in Florida. This company is considered an industry leader and one of the best shipping container home builders in the world.

They are worldwide suppliers of pre-built, and custom shipping container structures and top-notch container home designers.

Giant containers are highly recognized for their quality and affordable prefab shipping container homes in Florida.

You can rest assured of their credibility, skills, and experience in designing and building efficient container homes.

If you want a simple, prefab container home, you can contact them online, and give them a call to sort out your project.

However, if you’re going for a custom shipping container home, you’ll want to request a free quote with their online form and visit their physical address in Florida to discuss your dream container home.

Containers in Motion

Containers in Motion is a leading global brand headquartered in Florida. They deal exclusively in all kinds of container modification, they are well-known for building unique and innovative shipping container homes.

They use state-of-the-art technology to give their clients the best possible outcome at a reasonable price.

With these builders, you get in-house experts who will clarify and offer answers to your pressing questions.

Containers in Motion builds for life. Their goal is to meet the ever-changing lifestyle needs of their customers from an exquisite lifestyle perspective and an environmental standpoint. 

They have a reputation for building some of the finest container homes with affordable prices and impressive weather resistance, this has made people from different walks of life invest in the brand.

Custom Container Living

Customer Container Living is another outstanding container home builder in Missouri with over 7 years of experience and 100+ shipping containers to their credit.

They are known for their quality custom home building with high construction standards. These builders follow strict shipping container building codes that’ll be very instrumental when getting municipality approvals.

Most of their floor plans are also “Certified Manufactured Homes.”  

They ensure their structures are built with high-quality, durable steel containers, subjected to several quality checks.

Check out Custom Container living FAQ page to learn more about their services before reaching out to them with any of their contact information below: 


CEPODS, LLC is a design and build company based in Florida that transforms shipping containers into commercial, residential, pop-up, and hospitality buildings.

They have built over 200 shipping container structures. Their team’s expertise is in design, architecture, engineering, and real estate.

CEPODS, LLC promises that their shipping container homes provide high-quality, durability, and resistance to earthquake, hurricane, fire, and tornado.

Just like other builders, they can deliver pre-modified container homes to the site of construction. CEPODS, LLC also offers in-house financing and helps their clients get help from financing companies.


Hitek Truss is one of the shipping container home builders Florida that is reputed for lasting structures that withstand Florida’s tropical storms and hurricanes.

These builders factor in the Floridian weather and environmental conditions, enabling them to create properly structured and long-lasting container houses. 

Hence, their shipping container homes are designed to be water-tight and fully insulated. 

They begin each of their container home projects with customized plans for every client intending to create truly unique spaces.

With their knowledgeable team, they design and create shipping container homes that suit your lifestyle, values, and personality. You can reach them with any of their contact information below: 

  • Phone: +352-656-6222
  • Website: HITEK
  • Email address: [email protected]
  • Office address: 6179 Nature Coast Blvd, Brooksville, FL 34602

Are container homes legal in Florida?

Yes, shipping containers are legal in Florida. Florida is one of the many states in the U.S that approves shipping container homes. As expected, you’ll need to get permits for your container home before you start building. 

To obtain a building permit for your container home, submit your building plan (after you must have paid all the necessary bills attached).

Building permits are used as a regulator to ensure compliance with all the building codes. Hence, it is vital that shipping container homes Florida are built according to the state’s required building codes and zoning laws.  

Speak with the local authorities about your plans, and the benefits to the surrounding and confirm that all building codes and other rules have been strictly adhered to.

You can learn more about the Florida building codes here. However, keep in mind that building and zoning laws differ based on what city you live in. For example, the building and zoning codes in Palatka vary from those in Columbia County.  

Financing your container home in Florida

While there are no mortgage companies for shipping container homes, you can consider alternative options for financing your shipping container home.

Consider a home equity line of credit if you already own a home and you’re looking to build another, there are great options for you in Florida such as the Florida Credit Union. They offer low-interest rates and quick funding to their clients. 

Unsecured personal loans can also be very instrumental in financing your Florida container house. A really good credit score can qualify you for a low-interest, personal loan in a short time.

Companies like Loanstart can even connect you with trusted loan providers within an hour. 

Another source for financing is the container home builders themselves. There are a couple of builders mentioned here like Containers in Motion, Giant Containers, and CEPODS that help clients sort out loan options and even provide in-house financing for shipping container homes Florida based on certain conditions. 

Ryan Stetson

Ryan Stetson

Currently own two 20' and 40' containers converted into an office/workshop. Having worked in the shipping industry for 6 years, my goal is to share my personal experiences as well as connect potential container buyers with suppliers around the US.

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