20’ High Cube Container for Sale

20’ high cube shipping container-1

With a high-cube container, you get an extra foot of height compared to standard shipping containers. The extra height can accommodate oversized objects and gives you more room when converting a storage container into a house. Features of a 20ft High Cube Shipping Container A 20ft high cube shipping container includes the same features as a standard 20ft unit […]

40’ High Cube Container for Sale

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Do you need a new or used shipping container? We have a wide variety of 40ft high cube containers for sale at affordable prices. 40’ High Cube Shipping Container Features The extra height is one of the main features of a high-cube container. A 40ft high cube steel container is a foot taller compared to a standard 40ft unit. […]

24ft Shipping Containers

24ft shipping containers

While 20ft and 40ft storage containers are the most popular shipping container sizes to purchase, there is also the option to purchase “cut down” sizes for those projects and developments that require more specific sizing. 24 Foot Shipping Container Size, Weight, and Dimensions With 1,391 square feet of space offered within its interior dimensions, 24ft […]

53′ High Cube Shipping Container for Sale

53′ High Cube Shipping Container for Sale

53ft shipping containers are considered high cube containers because they only come in high cube dimensions which is one foot taller than standard containers (8ft 6″). A high cube container allows extra space for those who have a need for additional storage, or for those seeking to utilize a container for domestic purposes such as […]

10ft Shipping Containers for Sale

10ft shipping containers for sale

Although widespread preference rates the 20ft and 40ft containers the more popular choices for projects such as tiny homes, large office spaces, log cabins, restaurants, and more, 10ft shipping containers are easier to transport, store on smaller blocks of land, and are more conspicuous than larger containers. 10 Foot Shipping Container Size, Weight, and Dimensions […]

20ft Shipping Containers for Sale

20ft Shipping Containers for Sale

Whether it’s because you need more durable storage space, you’re learning to care about climate change, hurricane-proofing your home is more important than ever, or you need a space for your workers to have a break on their job site, new and used shipping containers are providing storage solutions for new and happy customers every […]