53′ High Cube Shipping Container for Sale

53ft shipping containers are considered high cube containers because they only come in high cube dimensions which is one foot taller than standard containers (8ft 6″).

A high cube container allows extra space for those who have a need for additional storage, or for those seeking to utilize a container for domestic purposes such as building a home.

With 60% more volume than a 40ft container, you might consider purchasing a 53ft storage container for maximizing your internal space. If you’re in the market for a quality 53 high cube shipping container for sale, we have all the information you need to know about these large containers below.

53 Foot Shipping Container Weight and Dimensions

53′ High cube containers are commonly used for domestic over the road and rail service. Their large size is not desirable for ocean transportation but is becoming more desirable for building projects. Here are the dimensions of a 53ft container:

  • Exterior Width: 8ft 6″
  • Exterior height: 9ft 6″
  • Interior length: 52ft 6″
  • Interior width: 8ft 2″
  • Tare weight: 11,110lbs
  • Maximum gross weight: 67,200lbs
  • Maximum payload weight: 56,090lbs
  • Cubic capacity: 3,857 cubic feet
  • Square feet: Around 416 square feet

How do Steel Storage Containers Compare to PODS?

PODS are generally used for local storage solutions and are typically much smaller and lighter than steel storage containers.

Storage containers range in size from 10ft up to 53ft whereas PODS only range between 7ft with a maximum of 16ft. For that reason, alone PODS would be a better option for those only needing to store smaller objects and furniture items for less than three months as they are cheaper to rent for the short term than containers are.

Another difference between containers and PODS is the doors. PODS have roller doors which can make access easier due to the lightweight design rather than the heavy-duty lockable double doors of a shipping container.

Buying vs Renting

One of the best ways to help you make a decision on buying or renting a shipping container is to judge by the timeframe of the project.

For a short period, renting a container may save you more money. But when considering the delivery, pickup, and length of time you need the container for, purchasing a container could save you more. If you need a container for longer than 6 months to a year, purchasing the container will work out cheaper for you.

How Much Does a 53′ Shipping Container Cost?

A 53ft high cube container is considered a “rare” shipping container size and it can be difficult to find them as they are limited in availability. 20ft and 40ft containers are more popular as they are easier to have delivered, are cheaper, and are much easier to find than 53ft containers.

New 53ft Containers

You can purchase a new, one-trip, 53ft shipping container for US$22,995. The price is much higher than any standard container due to 53ft containers having specialized delivery and storage requirements.

Used 53ft Containers

Used 53ft containers can be found for almost half the price of a new, or one trip, container and you can purchase a used 53ft storage container from approximately US$8,299 to US$12,999 depending on its condition.

How Do You Buy 53′ Shipping Containers?

You can contact us for a container quote by filling in the quote form provided with your requirements.

Once you have filled in the form, just like our happy customers before you, the team at Container Addict will find what you’re looking for, no matter the size, and get back to you with the best value and quality containers in your area.

Benefits and Common Uses of 53ft Steel Shipping Containers?

If you have a project in mind but need some inspiration to get you motivated, below are some examples of how others have designed and built their 53ft container developments.

Pre-made Container Cabin

Pre-made container cabin

If a DIY project isn’t something you’re up for, you might consider going with a pre-made container that can be delivered straight to your chosen and permitted block of land. If you find a company that agrees, you can choose the design while they build the cabin.

Living in a Storage Container

Stacked storage container home

53ft high cube containers can be stacked just like standard height containers. With its 9ft 6in a tall frame, doubled or tripled, these 53 ft corrugated steel units will drastically enhance the available space for any type of project.


A 53ft container has the overhead space to add additional storage shelves and cupboards in a workshop or studio.

Container Art Park

City art development

Various-sized used containers make up this colorful and creative outdoor, interactive art development. What once was a barely used car park is now providing an area for 25 artists to showcase their talents among 100 cargo containers.

Retail Outlet

puma retail outlet using 53 foot containers
Used containers are an ideal way to optimize more services in retail were minimizing your carbon footprint is important to you. This Puma retail depot known as Puma City, has been constructed from 24 53-ft units.

What Types of 53ft Shipping Containers Can I Purchase?

Looking for the best container option for you? There are numerous types of containers to choose from, here are your options and the differences between each:

One Trip

One-trip containers have only been used once before reaching their destination. They would be filled with cargo for their journey one time since being manufactured and then are available for purchase as a one-trip container.

Because they are considered almost new, prices are typically more expensive than other types of containers. They have a longer life span and will most likely only have some minor dents from their journey.

Cargo Worthy

Mainly used for overseas shipments, these containers must meet the International Convention for Safe Containers (CSC) requirements before being approved as cargo-worthy. Once inspected and approved, the port authority will issue the owner a certificate that proves the container is secure for cargo shipment.

Containers that have too much damage and cannot be stacked on or under other containers on a cargo ship without jeopardizing the other shipping containers will not be given approval as cargo worthy. These containers are generally 10 years old or above and are cheaper than one-trip containers.

Wind and Water Tight

When wind and water cannot penetrate a container they are classified as such when yard inspectors can guarantee there will be no water leaks in the container.

Wind and water-tight (WWT) containers are not cargo worthy and may have some damages from previous shipping conditions. They are typically 10 – 15 years old and are ideal for on-site storage options.

Moving/Delivery Costs

Depending on the delivery address, container depot location, truck availability, and any other equipment needed (i.e., forklift, crane, etc) delivery costs may differ between each US state. The more equipment and handling needed, primarily the more expensive the services.

You can find more information on moving and delivery prices here. If you have the resources, it may work out cheaper for you to pick up this size container at the depot.


Are One trip containers brand new?

One trip containers have been in service one time only and as such are sold at almost-new prices. You can purchase brand new containers but they are typically much more expensive than one-trip containers.

Are 53ft high cube containers used for overseas shipping?

53ft containers are too large and heavy to fit on ships and as such are not used for overseas shipment. 40ft containers are the maximum size used for cargo ships. Due to their size, they have only been used in the US and Canada as rail and road transport containers.

Can I get a standard 53ft container unit?

53 ft containers are only available as high-cube units. Their standard height is 9ft 6in.


If you’re in the market for new or used containers, Container Addict has the solution for you. If you fill in the form provided on our website our sales team will start the search based on your container requirements and shipping address and will be in touch shortly.

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