7 Best Shipping Container Wheels in 2024

When it comes to lifting, loading, packing, or moving shipping containers off the ground, it is essential to invest in the proper shipping container wheels to make them mobile. A shipping container on wheels allows you to move your container around the workplace with far less effort.

Without the right equipment for your truck or trailer, you’re going to have a tough time getting your storage containers to move at all.

But before buying shipping container wheels, you will want to research the various products on the market. This search is vital because there are specifications that you should match up with your needs.

For example, some wheels mount while the container is on the ground while others require lifting using a jack lug. And different wheels and transport kits will have specific weight limitations.

In addition, some wheel designs only work on smooth/paved surfaces. If you need to move your containers on uneven ground, you’re going to have a problem. So, heavy-duty wheels can roll over rocks and even curbs. 

Whether you are a container rental company, DIY container homeowner, a manufacturer with facilities, or a contractor with a worksite, keep reading to learn all about the best shipping container wheels in 2024.  

Best Shipping Container Wheels for Easy Transport

The best shipping container wheels for you will mostly depend on your specific needs. Some are heavier duty and require a more intense installation, while others install in less than a minute.

You’ll also want to pay attention to a few other questions before deciding on your shipping container wheels. What is the size and weight of your storage containers? Will you need to take the wheels on and off frequently? Is swiveling going to be essential for you?

With those questions in mind, let’s get into the details on the most popular shipping container wheels for sale.

1. Clip-On Shipping Container Wheels, 8000# Spindle Kit (1 Set)

full transport kit and jack lug container wheels for storage containers

Key features:

  • set of (2) clip-on dolly spindles
  •  6.5″ x 8 bolt pattern hubs
  • 8000lb bearings

storage containers full transport kit seller’s listing undamaged item

If you’re looking to move empty shipping containers and you already have rims and tires, then this set of clip-on dolly spindles might be suitable for you. 

With the Clip-On Shipping Container Wheels, 8000lb Spindle Kit (1 Set), you don’t need to rely somebody else to come move your container for you. Built on sturdy steel construction and an extra heavy duty bearing system for added safety, the Clip-On Shipping Container Wheels simplify moving your containers short distances.

With one-inch steel plates and a 6.5“x8“ bolt pattern, this shipping container wheel kit can support up to 8000 pounds. For reference, an empty 40-foot shipping container weighs 6000 pounds. 

With this kit, just be aware that you will need to buy rims and tires separately.

Overall, if you just want to move your container across your property, this is a great option.

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2. Superior Quick-Set Shipping Container Wheels, 8 x 6.5 Lug Spindle Kit (1 Set)

shipping container wheels kit with jack lug

Key features:

  • set of (2) clip-on dolly spindles
  •  6.5″ x 8 bolt pattern hubs
  • 8000lb bearings

This kit does not contain a braking system, so they are designed to be used only at low speeds. As with the previous kit, rims and wheels need to be purchased separately. 

Fulfill your shipping/storage container moving needs with these lug kits, designed to install on the bottom of a container. Similar to the kit above, this product is another hub spindle/wheel lug kit for shipping containers. Made of carbon steel material, these lug spindles can support up to 8000 pounds.

All units are assembled by certified welders following ASME approved procedures and are designed to ensure that the lugs cannot rotate when its carrying weight after making contact with flat surfaces.

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3. Shipping Container Wheels & Jack Lug “Full Transport KIT” Move 20+40ft Container

kit for lifting containers

Key features:

  • 1 x FREE Lifter INC (Hooks onto the corner of the Container, Lift with bottle jack to Lift Container) 
  •  Hubs & Bearings are Installed/Assembled/Greased/Fitted for you
  • 1 x Pair of “Hub Hooks”
  • 1 x Pair of 6 or 5 Stud Hubs
  • 2 x Sets of Japanese Bearings
  • 1 x Pair of Welded Container Chains

Made with multiple trucks and trailer brands in mind, this full transport kit has everything you need to move your containers. If you want to put your shipping container on wheels in a more heavy-duty way, this full transport kit might be what you need.

This transport kit can handle up to 9,260 pounds, which means either a partially loaded 20-foot container or an empty 40-foot container. Depending on what type of truck you have, you can choose from either the 6 Stud 139.7mm (5.5″ PCD) or the 5 Stud 114.3mm (4.5″ PCD). Check out the listing for full details.

Overall, this kit includes a lot of customization, and the hubs and bearings are fitted, installed, and greased for you. It’s also worth noting that if you are buying multiple kits, you will get a discount. You’ll save 10% on each transport kit off the standard cost when you purchase more than four kits.

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4. Container Caster 6” Swivel Wheels 4 Pack

container caster wheels

While the previous kits were lugs kits for stationary wheels, this pack of swivel wheels rotates a full 360 degrees. The material is polyurethane over a steel wheel, and the wheels have a 6-inch diameter. 

The wheels also lock in place at the north, south, east, and west positions. One important note for this shipping container wheel kit is the lower weight limit: it can only support up to 6000 pounds.

5. Removable Container Wheels

removable container wheels

Key features:

  • 18″ Tires with Two 1″ Dexter Spindles
  • Each spindle is Rated at 2,000 lbs
  • Outside to Outside Width of Wheels 20″
  • 2″ x 2″ O.D. Square Hitch Receiver
  • Bottom of Hitch to Ground 5 1/2″ to 6″
  • 14″ Hitch Length
  • Total Length 36″
  • Manual Swivel Turn 20 degrees
  • Removable Hitch Pins
  • Weight 80 lbs each
  • Baked Black Finish

If you need large and removable wheels, these Mobile Container Sales wheels are worth considering. These wheels have a width of 20 inches with a hitch length of 14 inches.

Put simply, these wheels are large enough to roll over unpaved and unlevel surfaces, including rocks and curbs. And not only that, they support the most weight of any of the previous versions, up to 10,000-pound loads.

And since they can be removed and installed quickly, you can buy only one set and use it for all of your containers. 

6. ContainGo End Wheels

applicable shipping container wheels with jack lug  in non retail packaging

Unlike the wheel lug kits, which required you to buy separate rims and tires, the ContainGo End Wheels are an all-in-one kit for putting your shipping container on wheels. Some of the other kits require the container to be lifted off of the ground for installation. But ContainGo wheels mount directly on the end of the container in less than a minute.

These end wheels have a different weight limit depending on whether it’s moving or not. The weight limit is 8000 pounds static and 3500 pounds dynamic. Also, note that these wheels are metal and designed for smooth surfaces only.


low cost wheels unopened item provide easy loading and unloading

While the ContainGo wheels were fast, they are limited to smooth/paved surfaces. But these heavy-duty Ezy wheels are designed with strength in mind. These wheels are good for up to 8000 pounds and safe for heavy-duty industrial use. 

Ezy Engineering also has other wheel models besides the heavy-duty model. For lighter loads, like a 20-foot container, you can buy the standard model. And if the heavy-duty model’s 8000-pound limit is not enough, you can go with the Ezy Wheels Extreme. That model can safely support up to 6.5 tons per axle.


When it comes to buying shipping container wheels, there are a lot of details to think about. Some kits only come with the lugs and plates, and you need to buy tires and rims separately. But other models, like the Ezy Wheels, are complete sets that install quickly and easily.

You will probably want to list out your specific requirements before choosing which direction to go in. Hopefully, this breakdown of the best shipping container wheels in 2021 will make that process of putting your shipping container on wheels a lot simpler!

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    1. Looking for a wheel set to attach to a 20’ empty shipping container that will allow a light truck with 2×2” square hitch to attach & pull. Empty weight around 4800 pounds. Would like to go on interstate at 55 mph for 110 miles.

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