20ft Shipping Containers for Sale

Whether it’s because you need more durable storage space, you’re learning to care about climate change, hurricane-proofing your home is more important than ever, or you need a space for your workers to have a break on their job site, new and used shipping containers are providing storage solutions for new and happy customers every day.

If you’ve been considering a shipping container for your latest construction project idea, 20ft cargo units can grant you or your business access to additional office spaces, meeting rooms, structurally sound storage solutions and so much more.

20 ft Shipping Container Weight and Dimensions

The dimensions of 20ft shipping containers provide enough space to build all kinds of affordable structures. You could fill 48,000 bananas inside a 20ft container… if you really love bananas that is.

Here are the dimensions of a 20 foot shipping container:

  • External length: 20ft
  • External Width: 8ft
  • External Height: 8ft 6″
  • Internal Length: 19ft 4″
  • Internal Width: 7ft 9″
  • Internal Height: 7ft 10″
  • Usable Capacity: 32.6 cubic meters
  • Empty Weight: 5,070lbs (2,300kg)
  • Maximum Weight: 55,997lbs (25,400kg)

How do Steel Storage Containers Compare to PODS?

Compared with PODS, storage containers are heavier, stronger, weather-proofed steel units that can provide water-tight and secure inventory options.

But the main difference between PODS and steel storage containers is that new or used containers can provide a roof over your head and can be transported across oceans.

PODS are a great option for on-demand, fast delivery, cheap repository options if you need to store smaller items and want to keep them on your property. PODS are also useful for moving to a new destination within the same county or country.

Where cargo containers are large and heavy, the largest PODS size is 16feet and the maximum load capacity is 4,200lbs (1,905kg). You might consider PODS if you need a short-term storage option.

Buying Vs Renting

If you need a heavy-duty option, are moving freight overseas, or need a short-term solution to holding goods, you might consider renting a container for your inventory rather than buying one.

Depending on the purpose, most rentable containers come with fixed cargo doors, interior walls will be insulated, and come with a climate control option. This would be an ideal space to rent if you need temporary office spaces while renovations are being completed.

If the plan is more long-term, and you want to make adjustments to the container, it will more often than not work out cheaper to buy instead of rent. You can buy units that come ready-installed with insulation and custom-built designs, or you can get them completely empty for your own DIY project.

How Much Does a 20-foot Shipping Container Cost?

Costs vary between each container provider and finding the right shipping containers for sale for your project can be a long process if you don’t know what prices to look for.

The cost will also differ depending on where the container is to be delivered, any extra materials used in the delivery process, the condition of the container, availability of the required size, and whether it’s new or used.

New 20ft Containers

New 20ft container prices range from as low as US$3,000 depending on its condition. Some one-trip containers can occasionally be delivered with dents so although they are considered almost-new, after inspection they may be sold for cheaper than originally discussed.

Used 20ft Containers

A used 20 foot container, also known as cargo worthy containers, can be bought for as little as US$1,100 as long as it still meets industry standards after being used as a transport vessel across harsh sea conditions.

How Do You Buy 20ft Shipping Containers?

You can buy a 20ft shipping container by filling out the Container Addict inquiry and quote form!

Container Addict find and deliver the best value containers across the US and have happy customers all the way from Florida to California. Whether you’re looking for freight units, refrigerated containers, insulated or empty storage containers, we’ll find what you’re after and we’ll find it for the right price.

Benefits and Common Uses of 20ft Steel Shipping Containers

If you’re looking for some inspiration and ideas for your own 20 foot container development, take a look at the below examples we’ve compiled for you.

Not only are containers an affordable option for business and home use, they’re also durable, weather-proof, and eco-friendly.

The Tiny Home

20ft shipping container tiny home
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Made from a standard-sized 20 foot shipping container, tiny homes like this can be moved to different locations. These portable tiny homes are easily loaded up and towable to change up the scenery.

Granny Flat or Spare Bedroom

20ft shipping container Granny Flat
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20-foot shipping containers are an ideal choice for a small backyard “granny flat”, also known as an accessory dwelling unit.

Pool House

Pool house built from a 20ft steel cargo container
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Another great use for a 20-foot shipping container is a pool house. You can customize them to be open or closed pool houses like this example where the side doors have been removed to create a more spacious and open area.

Café, Retail, and Bar Spaces

Shipping container cafe in Coffs Harbour
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This container café was constructed with a 20ft shipping container in Coffs Harbour NSW Australia. Complete with a small kitchen, a serving bench, full-size double refrigerator, a coffee machine and numerous other kitchen amenities, a 20ft container provides more than enough space for the needs of a small café.

Urban Farming

Urban Farms shipping container green house
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People around the world are using shipping containers to cultivate and farm crops for urban areas using a greenhouse and hydroponics approach. It’s a more sustainable way to grow crops while saving water and producing fewer carbon emissions.

What Types of 20ft Shipping Containers Can I Purchase?

One Trip

A one-trip, or single-trip, the container has made one previous trip for transporting shipments. A container like this is essentially new and can be purchased much cheaper than brand new containers for sale.

Cargo Worthy

A cargo-worthy shipping container is a sealable container that meets industry standards for suitable international transport conditions. To be deemed cargo worthy a container has to be inspected and approved by qualified container inspectors.

Wind and Water Tight

There is little difference between wind and watertight (WWT) containers and cargo worthy containers.

Both will come with rust and dents, but wind and water will not be able to invade a WWT container if it’s used in the right way. What this means is that not all WWT containers are cargo worthy but can be used for storage.

Moving/Delivery Costs

Moving and delivery costs will depend on your container dimensions, availability, and where you request to have the container delivered.

Delivery prices shouldn’t cost you more than US$1,000 if done right and to a reasonable location.


Do 20ft containers come with high cube dimensions?

Yes, some companies also have 20ft high cube containers. They have similar dimensions except they are 9ft 6″ in external height, 8ft 10″ in internal height, and have a usable capacity of 37.4 cubic meters with a maximum weight of 55,997lbs (25,400kg).

Should I get a new or used shipping container?

Purchasing a new or used shipping container is completely up to you and your budget. Both have their advantages but used shipping containers will come cheaper because they have endured harsh weather conditions throughout their lifetime in transport.

Do containers come with modifications?

There are numerous companies that provide modification services for shipping containers. You can purchase empty or prefabricated containers.


Shipping containers are providing safe and convenient options for home owners, builders, and business owners around the world. You could start your container project by the end of the week by getting in contact with Container Addict using the inquiry form provided. You don’t want to miss out on this affordable trend!

Ryan Stoltz

Ryan Stoltz

Ryan worked for one of the largest shipping container companies in the US for three years, building their online presence, before branching out and starting Container Addict. He is well-versed in container pricing, sourcing, and container home plans.

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